20 June 2011

Why is River Song in prison?

There are different theories out on the web why River Song is in prison.
I think the one which most of the people believe in is, that she was the one who killed the Doctor. But was it really her in this spacesuit in the episode "The Impossible Astronaut"? I really don't know. It could have been her because they are always meeting in the wrong order and she must have been a child when they've met for the first time.
River seems to have Timelord DNA but is she also able to regenerate or maybe regenerate just once? That's also something that puzzles me and I have heard different theories about it. Is River the girl we have seen in "Day of the Moon"?
I have read a comment lately that it's possible that we haven't seen the real Doctor die but a Ganger of him. That makes some sense but the technology must be more advanced then because normally the Gangers just disintegrate when they die.
Well, there are still a lot of questions we need and want an answer to concerning River and the Doctor. Please, vote in my new poll which is also about this theme.
One thing that also won't go out of my mind is how sad it must be for the Doctor to know how River dies all the time. That must be quite a burden for him.


  1. She was originally sent to prisson for a minor act (like stalling artifacts) but everytime she escapes they extend her prison term till now she is in jail forever.

  2. She says she killed the greatest man she ever knew. Since River is Rory's daughter, and there is a under-running theme this series of Amy talking bout Rory in the same light we would expect of the Doctor. (That "silly face" thing in the opening two-parter and the beginning of A Good Man. If we apply this to River then my theory is that she somehow kills Rory.

  3. When River meets Rory in 'A GooD Man', she acts as if she's just meeting him. This leads me to believe that he dies for good before he meets her again. Or that he gets left at the fish and chip shop for good.
    But the Doctor's bodies have always aged and died like normal mortal human bodies, so how can he show up and be 200 years older without having visibly aged unless he is a plastic replica?

  4. Amy Kingston is a fine actress and I think that she was told to play seeing Rory in Stormcage in "A Good Man..." a specific way as if she has seen a ghost as if she is seeing a man that she never was expecting to see again. I've watched that seen a few times and there is am overwhelming sadness when she sees him. I'm sure that she kills him to save others and he even tells her to do it its justifying her actions. We've already seen telegraphed Rory's heroic side many times already. As far as the Doctor that is killed being Ganger, we are told in "The Almost People" that the Tardis' energy solidifies Gangers and makes them human which makes me believe even more that the Doctor who is killed is a Ganger

  5. Thank you for all your comments. They definitely gave me something to think about.

  6. Because she likes living in a gated community.