30 September 2011

Torchwood Poll

In my latest poll I wanted to know what you thought about Torchwood.

3 people (50 %) thought that Miracle Day was good, 2 people (33 %) thought it was OK and 1 person (16 %) thought it was brilliant.

Thanks to all the people who voted in my poll. Overall, it seems that the voters had a positive opinion of the Torchwood episodes, in contrary to all the bad comments, which I read after the episodes were on TV.

29 September 2011

Doctor Who T-shirts

I don't know if you know the page redbubble where you can buy a lot of Doctor Who related stuff. I really like to browse through the different Doctor Who T-shirts but also the paintings, some fan are doing.
You can find some really great and funny stuff there. I still think about buying a shirt there but I really don't know when I would wear it. I would probably need something subtle, so that people who don't know Doctor Who wouldn't notice.
Following I will post some links of stuff, that I really like:

Dr. Who Dalek Chromatic T-shirt
Doctor Who - Big Bang
A lot of Running to Do
My other car is a TARDIS
The Pandorica opens painting

28 September 2011

Amy Pond / The Lonely

This is a really nice Amy Pond video with beautiful music. It was made by caerdream and I hop you'll like it.

27 September 2011

I knew it was you!

I have a new Doctor Who wallpaper for you today and I just thought this picture needed a subtitle like this. Thanks to Jerry from Shadowhouse Creations for the texture.

26 September 2011

Quotes from "The Age of Steel"

Today you get some quotes from "The Age of Steel".

Mickey Smith: The Preachers know what they're doing. Ricky said he's London's most wanted.
Ricky Smith: Yeah, that's not exactly…
Mickey Smith: Not exactly what?
Ricky Smith: I'm London's most wanted… for parking tickets.

John Lumic: My everlasting children. Tell me, how does it feel?
Cybermen: We feel nothing.
John Lumic: But in your mind, what do you think?
Cybermen: We think the same. We are uniform.
John Lumic: But you think of what?
Cybermen: We think of the humans. We think of their difference and their pain. They suffer in the skin. They must be upgraded.

Mickey Smith: You’re just making this up as you go along!
The Doctor: Yep. But I do it brilliantly.

The Doctor: How did you get in to this, then? Rattling along with the Preachers?
Mrs. Moore: I used to be ordinary. Worked at Cybus Industries nine to five. Till one day I find something I'm not supposed to. A file on the mainframe. All I did was read it. Then suddenly I've got men with guns knocking in the middle of the night. A life on the run. Then I found the Preachers. They needed a techie so I just sat down and taught myself everything.

Cyber-Controller: This is the Age of Steel and I am its creator.

Cyber-Controller: You are proud of your emotions?
The Doctor: Oh yes.
Cyber-Controller: Then tell me, Doctor, have you known grief and rage and pain?
The Doctor: Yes. Yes, I have.
Cyber-Controller: And they hurt?
The Doctor: Oh yes.
Cyber-Controller: I can set you free. Would you not want that? A life without pain?
The Doctor: You might as well kill me.
Cyber-Controller: Then I take that option.
The Doctor: It's not yours to take; you're a Cyber-Controller. You don't control me or anything with blood in it's heart!

The Doctor: Good luck. Mickey the idiot.

Rose: You're alive!
(She throws her arms around Jackie)
Rose: Oh Mum, you're alive!
Jackie: Well, I was the last time I looked. What is it, what's happened, sweetheart? What's wrong? Where did you go?
The Doctor: Far away. That was... far away.
Jackie: Where's Mickey?
The Doctor: He's gone home.

Mickey Smith: I know it’s not easy with my face looking exactly like Ricky. But I’m a different man. I’m not replacing him. But we can remember him by fighting in his name. (Jake nods) With all those Cyber factories out there, do you think there’d be one in Paris?
Jake Simmonds: Yeah.
Mickey Smith: Then let’s go liberate Paris.
Jake Simmonds: What, you and me? In a van?
Mickey Smith: Nothing wrong with a van. I once saved the universe with a big yellow truck.

25 September 2011

Series 6 Episode 12: Closing Time

That was a really nice episode with the Doctor and Craig and some unexpected revelations at the end. As always, if you haven't watched the episode yet, stop reading now.

The Doctor visits Craig again before he has to die but then he finds out about some strange power issues and has to investigate these. Craig is alone with his baby for the weekend but he helps the Doctor with his investigations and soon they find out that the Cybermen are behind everything. Amy and Rory are in the same shop where the Doctor investigates but he doesn't go over and just watches them. The Doctor can catch a Cybermat which nearly kills Craig but they can deactivate it together. He wants to destroy the Cybermen on his own but Craig comes to help him and destroys the aliens in the end. After the Doctor says goodbye to Craig he goes back to America to die. A young River studies the Doctor but then is forced into the suit of an astronaut by the eye-patch lady.

I really liked this episode because it was funny and the Doctor talking with Craig's baby was just brilliant. It was a nice moment to see Amy and Rory in this episode even if the Doctor didn't talk to them. In this episode the Doctor must be older now then in the one before because he has just one day left until he dies in America which we have seen in the first episode of this series. I didn't think this episode would have any great revelations but now we know that it must haven been the adult River who shot the Doctor and that is the reason why she is in prison. I'm really looking forward to the last episode of this series now because we already know that there will be more Doctor Who and I really want to know how they manage to do this. Very exited.
If you want to watch the episode online, you can do it here.
Closing Time

24 September 2011

Closing Time Trailer

It's time for another Doctor Who episode and here is the trailer for "Closing Time".

23 September 2011

Looking into the future

Today I just want to ramble a bit about what I think will happen in the future of Doctor Who.
We already knew roughly what will happen in the last two episodes of series 6 and we also get some information about the Christmas episode but what will happen afterwards?
After last weeks episode I'm not so sure that we will see Amy and Rory all the time and in every episode. Karen and Arthur already said that they will be back when asked in different interviews but we don't know if they will be back full-time.
I would like to see more of River  but I guess we also have to wait for the episode "The wedding of River Song" to know if she will be back or if her story ends. Well, you never know with Steven Moffat as a writer.
I really hope Matt Smith will play the Doctor a bit longer because I really like his version of the Doctor now. It would be a shame when he would stop playing the Doctor after two series and they would need to cast another actor for the twelfth Doctor. Hopefully that won't happen any time soon.
Maybe we will see some Daleks during the next series or some other monsters we've met before. I really hope they plan something big for the anniversary. Cross your fingers.

22 September 2011

Happy Birthday, Billie!

Today is Billie Piper's birthday. She started her career as a singer and then changed to acting. We know her best as Rose Tyler on Doctor Who but she also had roles in other TV series and a couple of films.
Happy Birthday, Billie!

21 September 2011

Amy/Eleven Video

Today I have a video about Amy and the Eleventh Doctor for you, which was made by aramish182. It has the title "Let's meet in our dreams tonight". Enjoy!

20 September 2011

Amy Pond Wallpaper

Today I have a new wallpaper for you and this time it is with Amy Pond. I hope you like it.

19 September 2011

Quotes from "Rise of the Cybermen"

It is Monday and you get some quotes from the episode "Rise of the Cybermen". Enjoy!

John Lumic: Skin of metal, and a body that will never age or die. I envy it!

The Doctor: Umm... What are you doing that for?
Mickey Smith: ‘Cause you told me to.
The Doctor: When was that?
Mickey Smith: ‘Bout half an hour ago.
The Doctor: Umm... you can let go now.
Mickey Smith: Well how long's it been since I could've stopped?
The Doctor: Ten minutes... twenty... twenty nine...
Mickey Smith: You just forgot me.
The Doctor: No, no, no. I was just... I was... I was calibrating. I was just... nah, no, I know exactly what I’m doing.

(looking at her birthday banner)
Pete Tyler: What's wrong with that?
Jackie Tyler: Forty! It's says forty.
Pete Tyler: You are forty.
Jackie Tyler: I don't want the whole world telling, do I?
Pete Tyler: You're having a party tonight!
Jackie Tyler: My thirty ninth. My official biography says I was born on the same day as Cuba Gooding Jr., and that makes me thirty nine. Thank you very much.

The Doctor: I should get this thing to... (kicks the TARDIS console)
Mickey Smith: Does that help?
The Doctor: Yes.
Mickey Smith: Did that hurt?
The Doctor: Yes.

Pete Tyler: It's just that I promised I'd help the wife out tonight.
John Lumic: If the President of Great Britain can make this meeting, then so can you.
Pete Tyler: I don't know. He's not married to Jackie, is he?

John Lumic: Are you having fun, Mr. Crane?
Mr. Crane: No, no, no. Not at all, sir. It's just... well, it's... irresistible.
John Lumic: Then resist! And start the upgrade.
Mr. Crane: Did we get permission?
John Lumic: I am governed by greater laws, old friend. The right of a man to survive. Now, begin!

Mickey Smith: So, who are you lot?
Ricky Smith: We? We are the Preachers. As in gospel truth. See? No ear-pods. While the rest of the world downloads from Cybus Industries, we… we have got freedom. You're talking to London's most wanted. But target number one is Lumic and we are going to bring him down.
Mickey Smith: From your kitchen?
Ricky Smith: Have you got a problem with that?
Mickey Smith: No. It's a good kitchen.

(about the Cybermen)
Rose: They’re people?
The Doctor: They were. Until they had all their humanity taken away. It’s a living brain jammed into a cybernetic body with a heart of steel. All emotions removed.
Rose: Why no emotion?
The Doctor: Because it hurts.

Cybermen: We have been upgraded.
The Doctor: Into what?
Cybermen: The next level of mankind. We are human-point-two. Every citizen will receive a free upgrade. You will become like us.

The Doctor: We surrender! Hands up! There's no need to damage us. We're good stock. We volunteer for the upgrade program. Take us to be processed.
Cyberman: You are rogue elements.
The Doctor: But we surrender!
Cyberman: You are incompatible.
The Doctor: But this is a surrender!
Cyberman: You will be deleted.
The Doctor: But we're surrendering. Listen to me, we surrender!
Cyberman: You are inferior. Man will be reborn as Cyberman, but you will perish under maximum deletion. Delete! Delete! Delete! DELETE!

18 September 2011

Series 6 Episode 11: The God Complex

I didn't expect this to happen when I saw the preview of "The God Complex" last week. Now it is only two more episodes until the series finale and then we have to wait until Christmas to watch something new. Please, don't read further when you haven't watched the episode yet.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory land in a hotel that looks like one from earth but they can't be on earth. They meet other people there who tell them about the monster who will come and get them and that there is a room for everyone. Soon the first one is killed and the Doctor decides to catch the monster and talk to it. He finds out that the monster, which looks like a Minotaur, is in fact an alien and the hotel they are in is it's prison. The Doctor thinks the alien kills the people because of their fears but after the death of the nurse he realizes that they die because of their faith. When Amy is the next on the list, he tries everything to destroy her faith in him to save her life.

I don't know what to think of this episode yet. I really liked it but in some ways it was quite strange. Again the Tardis brings the Doctor, Rory and Amy to a place where they don't want to go and there they have to face different fears in the rooms of the hotel they are in. I liked the Minotaur, it looked really cool and it was a nice story. So Amy saw herself in her room because this had to be the one where they "defeated" the alien at the end of the episode. The Doctor's room had the number 11, which was a great insider, I think and I wonder what he has seen in his room. Maybe he has seen Amy's and Rory's death and that's the reason why he leaves them at the end of the episode or it was young Amy or River. Who knows? Maybe this question will be answered later or maybe not. Nonetheless, I think it's quite strange that the Doctor leaves Amy and Rory now after all the things they've been through but maybe it's also because what the alien has said before he died. Well, it was an episode that leaves me a bit uneasy and I really don't know what to think about it. It was really great but there are so many open questions now.
If you want to watch the episode online, you can do it here:
The God Complex

17 September 2011

The God Complex Trailer

It is time for Doctor Who again and here is the trailer for the episode "The God Complex". Looks fascinating.

16 September 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day

Now that Torchwood is over I would like to know what you thought about it.
You can leave a comment or just vote in my poll.

I have to say that I liked it but that's just my personal opinion. Some things were a bit strange and I think I would have chosen an ending where we get more information about the Blessing but I am not the writer.
Well, all in all it was really nice. I liked the Gwen/Jack moments and I even like the characters of Rex and Esther now. Maybe it helped a bit that I'm not British because I haven't noticed the Americanisation that much.
Torchwood had some great moments in this series but it probably would have been better to make it a couple of episodes shorter.
I really don't know if they can manage to produce another series. I would be really happy about seeing more of Jack but I don't know if it's very likely.

15 September 2011

Doctor Who Theme with lyrics

I know that nearly everyone has this video on their blogs, hey it was even on Steven Moffat's Twitter page but I have to show it to you too, in case you haven't seen it yet. I present the Doctor Who theme with lyrics. Enjoy!

14 September 2011

The Lonely God

Is it really a good life when you live as long as the Doctor?
He sees a lot, meets many people and there are always his companions but nobody can say if he is really happy deep inside. The Doctor had to kill his own race to end a war and I don't know how a person can live with that and still keep going.
He normally has companions but they either leave him at some point or he leaves them behind or they die because of him. How can you go on when all this blood is on your hands?
I know he has helped a lot of people but that's probably not enough to calm his conciousness and he can always remember everything. You could see some of the effects in the episode "Let's kill Hitler" when the Tardis showed different people as its interface. He feels guilty because of what happened to most of the people he met and I really don't know how he can stand it.
Yes, I know the Doctor is only fiction but if he would be real could he live with all the things he has done, the things he will do and the people he has hurt?

13 September 2011

Ten/Rose Wallpaper

Today you get one of my first Doctor Who wallpapers. I wasn't that good with Photoshop then but I still think it looks nice.

12 September 2011

Quotes from "The Girl in the Fireplace"

It's quote Monday again and today you'll get some quotes from the series 2 episode "The Girl in the Fireplace".

King Louis: We are under attack! There are creatures. I don't even think they're human. We can't stop them.
Reinette: The clock is broken. He's coming.
King Louis: Did you hear what I said?
Reinette: Listen to me. There is a man coming to Versailles. He has watched over me my whole life, and he will not desert me tonight.
King Louis: What are you talking about? What man?
Reinette: The only man, save you, I have ever loved. No, don't look like that. There's no time. You have your duties. I am your mistress. Go to your queen. (talks to the fireplace) Are you there? Can you hear me? I need you now. You promised. The clock on the mantle is broken. It is time. Doctor! Doctor!

Young Reinette: Monsieur, what are you doing in my fireplace?
The Doctor: Oh, it's just a routine... fire check. Can you tell me what year it is?
Young Reinette: Of course I can. Seventeen hundred and twenty seven.
The Doctor: Right, lovely. One of my favorites. August is rubbish though. Stay indoors. Okay, that's all for now. Thanks for your help. Hope you enjoy the rest of the fire. Night night.
Young Reinette: Good night, Monsieur.

The Doctor: Must be a spatial temporal hyperlink.
Mickey Smith: What's that?
The Doctor: No idea. Just made it up. Didn't want to say 'magic door.'

Young Reinette: Monsieur, be careful!
The Doctor: Just a nightmare, Reinette, don't worry about it. Everyone has nightmares. Even monsters under the bed have nightmares, don't you, monster?
Young Reinette: What do monsters have nightmares about?
The Doctor: Me!

The Doctor: Space-age clock-work, I love it! I've got chills! Listen, seriously, I mean this from the heart, and by the way, count those. It would be a crime, it would be an act of vandalism to dismantle you. But that won't stop me.

The Doctor: I'm the Doctor and I just snogged Madame de Pompadour!

Mickey Smith: What's a horse doin' on a spaceship?
The Doctor: Mickey, what's pre-revolutionary France doing on a spaceship? Get a little perspective.

The Doctor: Rose, take Mickey n' Arthur, get after it, follow it, don't approach it, just watch what it does.
Rose: Arthur?
The Doctor: Good name for a horse.
Rose: No, you're not keepin' the horse.
The Doctor: I let you keep Mickey. Now, go! Go! Go!

Mickey Smith: Huh! So that Doctor eh!
Rose: What are you talking about?
Mickey Smith: Well! Madame De Pompadour, Sarah Jane Smith, Cleopatra!
Rose: Oh, Cleopatra he mentioned her once.
Mickey Smith: Yeah, but he called her Cleo.

Reinette: Doctor. Doctor who? It's more than just a secret isn't it?
The Doctor: What did you see?
Reinette: That there comes a time, Time Lord, when every lonely little boy must learn how to dance.

The Doctor: Have you met the French? My God, they know how to party.
Rose: Oh, look at what the cat dragged in. The Oncoming Storm.
The Doctor: Ooh, you sound just like your mother.
Rose: What have you been doing? Where have you been?
The Doctor: Well, among other things, I think I just invented the banana daiquiri a couple of centuries early.

The Doctor: Always bring a banana to a party, Rose. Bananas are good!

The Doctor: Ohhoho, brilliant! It's you! You're my favourite, you are, you're the best! You know why? 'Cause you're so thick! You're Mr Thick Thick Thickity Thick Face from Thicktown, Thickania. And so's your dad.

Rose: You okay?
Reinette: No. I'm very afraid. But you and I both know, don't we, Rose, the Doctor is worth the monsters.

The Doctor: Madame de Pompadour. You look younger everyday.
King Louis: What the hell is going on?
Reinette: Oh. This is my lover. The King of France.
The Doctor: Yeah? Well I'm the Lord of Time. And I'm here to fix the clock.

Reinette: My dear Doctor, the path has never seemed more slow, and yet I fear I am nearing its end. Reason tells me that you and I are unlikely to meet again, but I think I shall not listen to reason. I have seen the world inside your head, and know all things are possible. Hurry, though, my love. My days grow shorter now and I am so very weak. Godspeed, my lonely angel.

11 September 2011

Series 6 Episode 10: The Girl Who Waited

This episode had some really great moments in it and I think it was nice to have an episode which was mostly about Amy. Don't read further when you haven't watched the episode yet.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory visit a planet but it is under quarantine. Amy pushes the wrong button and lands in a different time stream. Rory and the Doctor promise to help her but when Rory finds Amy, she is 36 years older and has spent this whole time alone. She had to fight the Handbots who would have killed her with kindness. The Doctor asks her to save the young Amy but first she doesn't want to. When she has talked to the young Amy and after the Doctor promises to save them both she agrees and they manage to get both Amys into one time stream. They are able to get back to the Tardis but can both versions of Amy be saved?

This is another episode where we see the Doctor lying. He does that a lot lately and I wonder if we get an explanation for this behaviour of his. Makes him a bit dislikeable but probably more human. The older Amy was great too. I wonder how long Karen had to sit in mask to get that done. As I said before it was a great episode for Amy and the scene between Rory and the older Amy at the end when she is outside of the Tardis is really sad. I wish they could have taken both Amys but that would probably have been a bit strange too. These robots were a bit freaky too. I don't want to stand in front of one of them.  I wonder if everybody in this facility is alone or if some are living with other people. Well, I really liked the episode but the end was so sad.
You can watch the episode here.
The Girl Who Waited 

10 September 2011

Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited Trailer

And tonight airs a new episode of Doctor Who. It is called "The Girl Who Waited" and here is the trailer for the episode for you.

Torchwood: Miracle Day: The Blood Line

So that was the final episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day. It's a bit sad that it's over now but it give possibilities for more stories. If you haven't watched the episode yet, please stop reading now.

Torchwood follows the trail of Jack's blood and so they are able to find where the Blessing is. Rex and Esther get into contact with the military in Buenos Aires who should help them to get into the house where the Blessing is. Gwen finds the entrance to the Blessing in Shanghai in an alley behind a restaurant. She calls Jack and Oswald to come and join her. Rhys is able to visit Gwen's father one last time before he is sent to the ovens. There is an explosion in Buenos Aires and everyone thinks Rex and Esther are dead which gives them the chance to get into the building without anyone knowing it but Jack's blood is lost. Oswald becomes a human bomb and so they can get in front of the Blessing. There they find out that they can only reverse the Miracle when they fed it with mortal blood from both sides. Is this still possible after Rex and Esther have lost Jack's blood and are they able to sacrifice the people they love for humanity?

I really liked the episode but I think I still don't really know what the Blessing is. Maybe it's just me not knowing it but it doesn't seem to be alien which is a bit disappointing but something that grew inside the earth for a long time and was fed by - I don't know - essence of humanity or something. As always I liked the Jack/Gwen moments and that she killed him instead him killing himself. Well, at least we are rid of Oswald now but part of the families still exist and they are planning their next steps. Jack is immortal again and Rex as well. Wow that was a nice twist at the end but it's a bit sad that Esther is dead. Well, that was Torchwood for now and it's not known if there will be any more Torchwood anytime soon. We will see.
Watch the last episode online here.
The Blood Line

09 September 2011

Miracle Day Trailer Episode 10

Now we are facing the final episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day and here is the trailer for the episode "The Blood Line".

08 September 2011

What is so special about Doctor Who?

Have you ever asked yourself why Doctor Who is so special beside all the other TV shows out there?

I guess the first thing is that it has been there for such a long time now. In 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and which series can claim that it was more or less constantly on TV for 50 years. Doctor Who is now a part of the British culture and I guess everyone who grows up in the UK knows at least what Doctor Who is.
Another thing for me is, that I like the mixture of great stories and even greater characters. The success of the series always depends on who plays the Doctor and who are his companions. That's a big part of it all. They could have brilliant stories but if the actors are rubbish nobody would watch the series.
And then there is the concept of time travelling which opens you a lot of doors. You can let the stories happen in the past, present or future and nobody can tell you this can't be real. They even reboot the universe sometimes and undo things that happened before this way. Everything is possible with Doctor Who.
There are probably a lot more reasons out there why Doctor Who is so special and I guess everybody has their own set of reasons.
Fell free to share your reasons with me and leave a comment.

07 September 2011

Blog stuff

I don't have anything interesting to say today, so you'll only get some updates on what I have done for this blog.
I have updated my timeline a bit and you can identify the different series now by colour. That should make everything a bit more clear when you are looking at the timeline. I think I will invest some time soon to add more from Torchwood into the timeline.
If you want to have a Doctor Who related actor in my birthday calender then just leave a comment and I will add this person.
Well, I hope you enjoy the Torchwood and Doctor Who episodes as much as I do and I will try to write something that is more interesting tomorrow.

06 September 2011

River Song Wallpaper

I know, I have a lot of River Song Fan Art at the moment but I really love Alex Kingston in this role. So here is another wallpaper but only with River Song this time.

05 September 2011

Quotes from "School Reunion"

It is quotes Monday again and today you get some from the episode "School Reunion" which was the return of Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith.

The Doctor: So... physics! Physics, eh? Physics! Phyyyysics! Physics. Physics. Physics. Physics. Physics. Physics. Physics. I hope one of you is getting all this down.

The Doctor: Correct-amundo! A word I have never used before and hopefully never will again.

Sarah Jane Smith: Hello.
The Doctor: Oh, I should think so.
Sarah Jane Smith: And you are?
The Doctor: Uh, Smith. John Smith.
Sarah Jane Smith: John Smith? I used to have a friend who sometimes went by that name.
The Doctor: Well, it's a very common name.
Sarah Jane Smith: He was a very uncommon man.

Sarah Jane Smith: I thought you died. I waited for you, you didn't come back and I thought you must have died.
The Doctor: I lived. Everyone else died.
Sarah Jane Smith: What do you mean?
The Doctor: Everyone died, Sarah.

The Doctor: And you decided to scream?
Mickey Smith: It took me by surprise!
The Doctor: Like a little girl.
Mickey Smith: It was dark! I was covered in rats!
The Doctor: Nine, maybe ten years old. I'm seeing pigtails, frilly skirt.

Sarah Jane Smith: I used to travel with the Doctor.
Rose: Oh! Well, he's never mentioned you.

(Rose and Sarah Jane have just met for the first time)
Mickey: (to the Doctor) Oh, mate. The missus and the ex. Welcome to every man's worst nightmare.

Sarah Jane Smith: You were my life. Do you know what the most difficult thing was? Coping with what happens next. You know, what doesn't happen next. You took me to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, you showed me supernovas, intergalactic battles and then you just dropped me back on Earth. How could anything compare to that?

Rose: I wouldn't touch that, though. That dinner lady got all scorched.
The Doctor: I'm no dinner lady. And I don't often say that.

Mickey Smith: So, what's the deal with the tin dog?
Sarah Jane Smith: The Doctor likes traveling with an entourage. Sometimes they're human, sometimes they're aliens, and sometimes they're tin dogs. What about you? Where do you fit in the picture?
Mickey: Me? I'm their man in Havana, I'm their technical support. I'm... Oh, my God. I'm the tin dog!

Rose: I've been to the year five billion, right, but this... Now, this is really seeing the future. You just leave us behind. Is that what you're going to do to me?
The Doctor: No. Not to you.
Rose: But Sarah Jane... you were that close to her once, and now, you never even mention her. Why not?
The Doctor: I don't age. I regenerate. But humans decay. You wither and you die. Imagine watching that happen to someone you...
Rose: What, Doctor?
The Doctor: You can spend the rest of your life with me... but I can't spend the rest of mine with you. I have to live on. Alone. That's the curse of the Time Lords.

Sarah Jane Smith: I saw things you wouldn't believe!
Rose: Try me.
Sarah Jane Smith: Mummies.
Rose: I've met ghosts.
Sarah Jane Smith: Robots. Lots of robots.
Rose: Slitheen. In Downing Street.
Sarah Jane Smith: Daleks.
Rose: Met the Emperor.
Sarah Jane Smith: Antimatter monsters!
Rose: Gas mask zombies!
Sarah Jane Smith: Real living dinosaurs!
Rose: Real living werewolf!
Sarah Jane Smith: The... Loch Ness... Monster!
Rose: Seriously?

Mickey Smith: You're working! Okay, no time to explain, we need to get inside the school. Do you have, like, I don't know, a lock-picking device?
K9: We are in a car.
Mickey Smith: Maybe a drill attachment.
K9: We are in a car.
Mickey Smith: Fat lot of good you are.
K9: We are in a car.
Mickey Smith: Wait a second. We're in a car.

Mr Finch: (referring to K9) Forget the shooty dog-thing.

The Doctor: Goodbye, old friend.
K9: Goodbye, master.
The Doctor: You good dog.
K9: Affirmative.

Rose: What do I do? Do I stay with him?
Sarah Jane Smith: Yes. Some things are worth getting your heart broken for.

04 September 2011

Happy Birthday, Kai Owen!

We have another birthday this week and this one is the one of Kai Owen. He is a Welsh actor and best known as Gwen Cooper's husband Rhys in Torchwood. He started his acting career in 2001 and appeared mostly in Welsh-language television or in BBC projects.
Happy Birthday, Kai!

Series 6 Episode 9: Night Terrors

From now on we know that "Monsters are real!" The newest Doctor Who episode was a bit creepy in my opinion and it had a nice twist. Stop reading now when you haven't watched the episode yet.

The Doctor gets a distress call from George, a small boy who is scared of the monsters in his closet. His parents don't know how to help George any more and his father his quite happy when the Doctor arrives at his doorstep to solve the monster problem. Meanwhile Amy and Rory are in an elevator but after it fell down several floors they are in a strange house where everything is made out of wood. The Doctor investigates the closet and finds out that there are really monsters inside and that George is not a normal boy. George is an alien who came to his parents because they wanted a child so badly and now he locks everything he is afraid of into the doll house in his closet. The Doctor and George's father land there as well and George is the only one who can save everybody.

I really liked the new Doctor Who episode and the dolls were so creepy. Who wants to be turned into a doll because of the fears of a small boy? I didn't expect the little boy to be an alien though. I like the two story lines with Amy and Rory in the doll house and the Doctor helping the little boy but it's most of the time Amy and Rory locked up somewhere and the Doctor has to save them. They could think about a different plot line soon. Anyhow it was a nice in between episode which gave us a pause from the big saving the universe thing the Doctor always does and he was back in his normal jacket. I loved the little boy. He was just brilliant.
If you want to watch the episode online you can do it here.
Night Terrors

03 September 2011

Doctor Who: Night Terrors Trailer

And here is the trailer for "Night Terrors", the next Doctor Who episode which airs today.

Torchwood: Miracle Day: The Gathering

After watching the ninth Torchwood episode, the first thing that came to my mind was: "What the hell is this and how long has it been there?" Stop reading now when you haven't seen the episode yet.

Two months after Jack was shot Torchwood is split up. Rex works for the CIA again, Gwen is back at home in Wales and Jack and Esther are hiding in Scotland. Gwen tries to hide her father but the authorities search her home. They don't find him but she is also under surveillance from unknown people. Rex knows there is a mole somewhere in the CIA but he doesn't know who he is so all his traces for the families lead to a dead end. Oswald finds Gwen and demands to talk to Jack, so he comes back and Oswald tells him what he knows about the miracle. Gwen's father is taken to the overflow camp and Torchwood splits up to travel to Buenos Aires and Shanghai to find out what the "Blessing" is.

I really like the episode and it had some great character moments. I don't know but I am not able to like Oswald. He is just creepy and I hate his mumbling voice. The same for Gilly. She sometimes gives my the creeps with her so perfect outside but you never know what she is like inside. It was good to see Gwen back with her family but Rhys feels a bit like a place holder at the moment. He is in the episodes but not really in the action and now he has to stay home again. Well, we know now what the blessing looks like but what the hell is it and how long has it been there? It could be something alien and I guess you have to ask yourself if earth is really just a stone in the universe or if it's something living. We will find out in the last Torchwood episode I guess. But the thing with Jack's blood at the end was quite cool. I hope it will be a great finale next week.
Watch the episode online here.
The Gathering

02 September 2011

Miracle Day Trailer Episode 9

Today is Torchwood time again in the USA and for those and all the other fans out there, here is the trailer for the ninth episode. We're close to the end now.

01 September 2011

Happy Birthday, Burn Gorman!

Today is the birthday of the actor Burn Gorman whom we all know best as Owen Harper from Torchwood.
He was born in the USA but moved to England as a child. His acting career started around 1998 and up till now his role in Torchwood is one of his biggest roles. Burn appeared in several TV series and movies which were mostly projects of the BBC.
Happy Birthday, Burn!