30 December 2011

Eleven Doctors Wallpaper

I've planned for a long time now to make a wallpaper of the eleven Doctors and now I have thought why not make it animated. So, here is my first animated wallpaper. I hope you'll like it.

29 December 2011

Happy Birthday, Bernard and Mekhi!

Today we have two birthdays to celebrate.
The first one is Bernard Cribbins and English actor and voice-over artist whom we know as Donna's grandfather Wilfred Mott in Doctor Who. He has been in show biz more than half a century now and during this time he has played in several movies, TV series and theatre plays. In 2011 he was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire.
The second is Mekhi Phifer is an American actor who played Rex Matheson in Torchwood: Miracle Day. He played in TV series like ER or Lie to Me but he had also roles in movies like 8 Mile.
Happy Birthday to the boys who couldn't be more different.

28 December 2011

Quotes from "Evolution of the Daleks"

It is quote time again and this one will be the last in 2011. I have some quotes from "Evolution of the Daleks for you".

The Doctor: (to the Dalek Sec Hybrid) Is it me or are you becoming a little bit more human?

Tallulah: New York City - if aliens had to come to Earth, no wonder they came here.

The Doctor: Daleks are bad enough at any time, but right now they're vulnerable - and that makes them more dangerous than ever...

Frank: One man down and we haven't even started.
Martha: It's not looking good, Frank.
Frank: Nope.
Martha: We're gonna get slaughtered.

Dalek Caan: I shall have the privilege of exterminating the Doctor!

Dalek Caan: (to the Dalek Sec Hybrid) You asked us to imagine. We imagined your irrelevance!

Tallulah: Doctor, can't you do something?
The Doctor: Oh, Tallulah with 3 "l"'s and an "h". Just you watch me. What do I need, oh I dunno, how about a great big genetic laboratory? Oh look, I've got one. Laszlo, just you hold on! There've been too many deaths today; way too many people have died. Brand new creatures and wise old men and age old enemies, and I tell you, I tell you right now, I am NOT having one more death!

The Doctor: Tallulah, out of the way! The Doctor is in!

26 December 2011

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

That was such a Christmassy Christmas episode and I really liked it. Now I wish that I could have snow here as well.

The Doctor is on an exploding spaceship and tries to get off of it. He lands on Earth in a spacesuit and Madge brings him to the Tardis. Three years later Madge gets the news that the plane of her husband won't come back from the war but she doesn't want to tell her children on Christmas. They land in a country house where the Doctor acts as the caretaker. Cyril can't wait to open the big blue present in the sitting room and vanishes into a snowy forest. When the Doctor and Lily follow him, the Doctor notices that something is wrong. Will they be able to find Cyril, get out of the forest and be home for Christmas? Does Madge have to tell her children that their father is dead?

Naturally, the episode reminds you a bit of Narnia because of the title and the snowy forest but that's fine for me.  The Doctor was mad as ever and I really loved the scene at the end. I somehow had the feeling that the story was still a bit short and there could have been so much more in it but maybe that is just me feeling this way. It could have gone forever...that's probably the Christmas feeling and because this is the last new episode for quite a while.
I liked the "companions" of the Doctor, especially the kids were great. Some characters would probably have been better with a bit more of screen time. The story was very sweet and the Doctor had some great moments and everything was very christmassy. I think, the story lets you sigh and call for more and it is perfect for Christmas. Sometimes I would really like to know if Matt is so sweet in reality too but that will probably never happen. I have to say again that I like how he plays his Doctor and I can't understand the people who whine about him. For me they are no real Doctor Who fans. Well enough of that. Merry Christmas everyone.
You can watch the episode online here:
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

25 December 2011

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe trailer

I hope you will enjoy this years Christmas special "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe". I'm looking forward to it. :)

24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all of you and we have just one more night to sleep until we can watch this years Christmas Special of Doctor Who. Whoho! I hope it will be great.

Thanks very much for this Christmas card I got from a friend. ;)

Merry Christmas. I hope you'll have a calm time with your family and friends and that you have time to watch Doctor Who. ;)

23 December 2011

21 December 2011

Quotes from "Daleks in Manhattan"

It is quote time again and today you'll get some from the episode "Daleks in Manhattan"

The Doctor: We've been to New New York. Well, there's the genuine article. So good they named it twice. Mind you, it was New Amsterdam originally. Harder to say twice, no wonder it didn't catch on. New Amsterdam, New Amsterdam.

Tallulah: (to Martha) It's the Depression, sweetie. Your heart might break but the show goes on cos if you stop, you starve.

Martha: This is insane, it's inhuman!
Dalek Thay: We are not human!

The Doctor: (referring to the Daleks) They always survive while I lose everything...

Dalek Sec Hybrid: I...am...a human...Dalek...I...am your future!

19 December 2011

Series 1 Episode 2: The End of the World

The first episode in which the Doctor takes Rose into another time.

The Doctor takes Rose into the future onto a space platform. They will see how the earth will burn because the sun expands. It is hard for Rose to comprehend that she is in the future but it is also difficult for her to see all the aliens. Now, Rose is aware of that she doesn't know the Doctor and that she hasn't thought about her decision to go with him. They soon find out that someone wants to sabotage the platform and that all people are going to die when the Doctor can't find a solution for the problem. What has Cassandra to do with everything and is she really the last human?

In this episode Rose starts to think about her decision to go with the Doctor and that she doesn't know him. Here we see some of the other sides of the Doctor, the deep pain that is within him because he is the last Time Lord but he still goes on. He still tries to save everyone who needs help but he can also be merciless. I like the episode because it tells more about the background of the Doctor, especially when you don't know any of the older episodes. It is interesting to see how the writers think the future will look like and how the people have evolved in that time. Definitely a great second episode.

18 December 2011

I'd come for you - A Doctor/River video

Today I have a really beautiful video with the Doctor and River for you, which has been made by BlacksGodDaughter. Enjoy.

17 December 2011

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Today is the birthday of the actor Bill Pullman who played Oswald Danes in Torchwood: Miracle Day. He was born in Hornell, New York and started his acting career in the 1980s on stage in different theatres. Bill played in different movies and television shows but people will probably remember him as the President in "Independence Day". He is a creative writer as well.
Happy Birthday, Bill!

16 December 2011

Doctor Who bookmark

I had some creative energy this week and I finally found a tutorial how to do letters for these friendship bracelets. Normally, I don't use them as bracelets but as bookmarks and I think the letters don't look that bad for a first try. What do you think of my Doctor Who bookmark?

Don't start to read the lines you can see in the picture because it has nothing to do with Doctor Who. I just took a random book out of my shelf for the picture. Maybe I try some other Doctor Who related designs soon.

14 December 2011

Quotes from "Gridlock"

It is time for some quotes again and today I have some from the episode "Gridlock" for you.

The Doctor: (describing Gallifrey) It's quite like Earth but at night the sky is a burnt orange and the leaves on the trees are bright silver.

The Face of Boe: (to the Doctor) Everything has its time. You know that, better than most.

The Face of Boe: (his final words) But know this, Time Lord: you are not alone.

The Doctor: There was a war. A Time War. The Last Great Time War. My people fought a race called the Daleks for the sake of all creation. And they lost. We lost. Everyone lost. They're all gone now. My family. My friends. Even that sky. Oh, you should have seen it, that old planet... the second sun would rise in the south, and the mountains would shine. The leaves on the trees were silver, when they caught the light, every morning it looked like a forest on fire. When the autumn came, a brilliant glow through the branches...

Valerie: (referring to the Doctor) He's crazy!
Brannigan: And a bit magnificent.

The Face of Boe: He has arrived...

The Doctor: If it's any consolation, Valerie, I'm having kittens!

The Doctor: Don't go dying on me, you big old face!

Brannigan: (to the Doctor) You're very well dressed for a hitch-hiker!

12 December 2011

Series 1 Episode 1: Rose

Now that I have all the episodes of the first four series on DVD, I want to start with reviews of these episodes and I'll start with the episode "Rose".

Rose Tyler is a normal girl with a normal job until one day she sees how mannequins become alive and want to kill her. This mysterious man who calls himself the Doctor saves her life and blows the shop up in which she has worked. She meets him again and he tells her that he is an alien who wants to save earth because the Nesteen Consciousness wants to use the planet as food. Together they find the hiding of the alien but will they be able to talk it out of destroying the earth or do they have to destroy it?

Rose was my first ever episode of Doctor Who and I soon got addicted to it. I wasn't born or too young when the episodes with the former Doctors aired and it is always this thing with series being broadcast on German TV. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
I still like Christopher Eccleston's Doctor because he has this brilliant smile and he behaves a bit like a child but on the other side he can be very serious as well. Rose was a great choice for a companion because the Doctor gives her a chance to have the time of her life and she takes it without further thinking about it. The character of Jackie is great too but I didn't like Mickey very much in this first episode. I think the character gets better in later episodes.
"Rose" was a brilliant episode to relaunch Doctor Who and bring it back onto our TV screens.

11 December 2011

I guess, I have told you...

I guess, I have told you that I had my eye on the Doctor Who DVD box with the first four series and now I have finally bought them as an early Christmas gift for myself together with the specials box. Here is the proof if you don't believe me.

I am so excited about it and I've already watched the episode Rose and the extras on DVD 1 of the first series. Now I have at least something for the Wholess year that is in front of us because it will be quite a long waiting period for all Whovians before new episodes will air after the Christmas special.
I guess I can now do the reviews of these episodes as well and use them for the episodeguide. Some of the descriptions from the page I am using now for the guide aren't that good. Well, now I have something to look forward to and you too. :)

09 December 2011

Tenth Doctor video

Solamenn put together some great moments of the Tenth Doctor in this video. I hope you'll enjoy it.

07 December 2011

Waiting for Christmas/Eleven Wallpaper

Today I have a Christmas-sy wallpaper for you with a picture of the Eleventh Doctor. As you probably know, it is from the upcoming Christmas special "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe". Hope you like it.

06 December 2011

Happy Birthday, Noel!

Today is Noel Clarke's birthday whom we know as Mickey Smith in Doctor Who. Noel is an English actor and has appeared in different TV shows and movies but he also writes and directs.
Happy Birthday, Noel!

05 December 2011

Quotes from "The Shakespeare Code"

It is Monday again and today you get some quotes from "The Shakespeare Code".

Martha: Magic and stuff, that's a surprise. It's all a bit Harry Potter.
The Doctor: Wait till you read book seven. I cried.

Martha: (to Shakespeare) Your breath doesn't half stink!

The Doctor: Just think. When you get back, you could tell everyone that you've seen Shakespeare.
Martha: Yeah! And then I could get sectioned!

Martha: Expelliarmus!
The Doctor: EXPELLIARMUS! Good old J.K.!

The Doctor: How to explain the temporal flux...It's like Back to the Future.
Martha: What, the film?
The Doctor: No, the novelisation. Of course the film!

Shakespeare: How can a man so young have eyes so old?
The Doctor: I do a lot of reading.

The Doctor: All the world's a stage...you can have that one!

Shakespeare: This play must stop immediately!
Kempe: Everyone's a critic!

Lilith: Such sweet music shows your blood to be afire. Why wait beyond stale custom for consummation?
Wiggins: Oh, yes! Tonight's the night!

Shakespeare: (admiring Martha) Such unusual clothes. So... fitted...
Martha: Um, verily. Forsooth. Egads!
The Doctor: No, no, don't do that. Don't.

Shakespeare: To be or not to be... Ooh. That's quite good.
The Doctor: You should write that down.
Shakespeare: Maybe not. Bit pretentious?
The Doctor: Meh.

02 December 2011


This video is really cool. I don't know if you have seen one of the CSI series but here is the CSI:Gallifrey version.

30 November 2011

More Doctor Who T-shirts

Today I have a couple of new T-shirt designs for you, which have shown up on Redbubble lately.

28 November 2011

Happy Birthday, Karen!

Today is the birthday of lovely Karen Gillan. The Scottish actress is best known for her role Amy Pond in Doctor Who. She has appeared in several TV shows and movies but her role in Doctor Who is her biggest success until now. Karen worked as a model before she started her acting career.
Happy Birthday, Karen!

Quotes from "Smith and Jones"

Today I start with quotes from the first episode of series 3 "Smith and Jones" where we meet Martha Jones, the new companion of the Doctor.

Mr. Stoker: There's a thunderstorm moving in, and lightning is a form of static electricity, as was first proven by...anyone?
The Doctor: Benjamin Franklin.
Mr. Stoker: (surpised) Correct.
The Doctor: My mate Ben, that was a day and a half. I got rope burns off that kite. And then I got soaked--
Mr. Stoker: Quite.
The Doctor: --and then I got electrocuted.
Mr. Stoker: Moving on. (to one of the medical students) I think perhaps a visit from Psychiatric.

Martha: We're on the moon. We're on the bloody moon!

The Doctor: We might die.
Martha: We might not.
The Doctor: Good.

The Doctor: It's not "Smith." That's not my real name.
Martha: Who are you then?
The Doctor: I'm the Doctor.
Martha: Me too if I ever pass my exams. What is it then, Dr. Smith?
Doctor: Just "the Doctor."
Martha: How do you mean, "just 'the Doctor?'"
The Doctor: Just "the Doctor."
Martha: What, people call you "the Doctor?"
The Doctor: Yeah.
Martha: Well, I'm not. As far as I'm concerned you've got to earn that title.
The Doctor: All right, better get started then.

(The Doctor notices the hospital shop while he and Martha are observing the Judoon)
The Doctor: Oh, you have a shop! I like a little shop.

Martha: Haven’t you got back-up? You must have a partner or something,
The Doctor: Humans. We’re stuck on the Moon running out of air with Judoon and a blood-sucking criminal and you’re asking personal questions!

Martha: Your spaceship's made of wood.

The Doctor: Welcome aboard, Miss Jones!
Martha: (laughs) It's my pleasure, Mr. Smith!

25 November 2011

Parachute - an Eleven/Amy video

I have another video for you and this time it is "Parachute" from blackiebrens with Amy and the Eleventh Doctor.

23 November 2011

Doctor Who postcards

Have you ever wanted to send a Doctor Who Greeting card? Here are some which you can also us for Christmas. Happy sending.

21 November 2011

Quotes from "The Runaway Bride"

Today you get quotes from the series 2 special "The Runaway Bride".

Donna: Who are you?
The Doctor: I am the Doctor. And who are you?
Donna: Donna.
The Doctor: Human?
Donna: Yeah. Is that optional?
The Doctor: It is with me.

The Doctor: Weird, you're not special, you're not powerful, you're not connected, you're not clever, you're not important...?
Donna: This friend of yours, just before she left, did she punch you in the face?

The Doctor: Only a madmen talks to thin air and trust me, you don’t want to make me mad.

The Empress of the Racnoss: Prepare your best medicines, Doctor-man!

The Doctor: Oh but I'm not from Mars.
The Empress of the Racnoss: Then where?
The Doctor: My home planet is far away and long since gone. But its name lives on...Gallifrey.

The Doctor: It was all in the job title: head of human resources.
Lance: This time, it's personnel.
(Lance and the Empress of the Racnoss start laughing)

The Doctor: (referring to the TARDIS) I've got to park her properly or she might drift off to the Middle Ages.

Donna: Will I see you again?
The Doctor: If I'm lucky.
Donna: Just promise me one thing. Find someone.
The Doctor: I don't need anyone.
Donna: Yes, you do. Because sometimes, I think you need someone to stop you.
The Doctor: Yeah.

19 November 2011

Doctor Who - Children in Need 2011

You have probably already seen this video everywhere but I want to post it too. Here is the Children in Need clip with a striptease of Matt Smith as the Doctor and the first trailer of the upcoming Christmas special, which has the title "The Doctor, the widow and the wardrobe". Sounds very promising.

Happy Birthday, Naoko!

We have another Torchwood birthday this month and this time it is the one of Naoko Mori. Naoko has appeared in different movies and TV series including "Absolutely Fabulous", "Casualty" and of course "Torchwood". She also appeared in the musical "Avenue Q" in the role of Christmas Eve.
Happy Birthday, Naoko!

17 November 2011

River Song/The Impossible Astronaut Wallpaper

I was in the mood to make another wallpaper and you seem to like the ones with River a lot, so here is another one with River in "The Impossible Astronaut".

16 November 2011

Happy Birthday, Alexa!

Today is Alexa Havins' birthday, the actress we know from Torchwood: Miracle Day where she played Esther Drummond. Before she became an actress, Alexa was a professional dancer. The American actress started her second career in 2003 and already got a Daytime Emmy Award for her role Babe Cary Chandler in the series "All my children".
Happy Birthday, Alexa!

14 November 2011

Quotes from "Doomsday"

Today you get quotes from "Doomsday", the last episode where Rose appeared as the Doctor's regular companion.

Cyber Leader: This broadcast is for humankind. Cybermen now occupy every land-mass on this planet. But you need not fear. Cybermen will remove fear. Cybermen will remove sex and class and colour and creed. You will become identical. You will become like us.

Cyber Leader: I ordered surrender.
The Doctor: They're not taking instructions! Don't you understand? You're in every street, you're in their homes, you've got their children. Of course they're gonna fight!

(The Daleks have just killed Rajesh Singh)
Rose: You didn't need to kill him!
Black Dalek: Neither did we need him alive.

Dalek Thay: Identify yourself!
Cyberman: You will identify first...
Dalek Thay: State your identity!
Cyberman: You will identify first.
Dalek Thay: Identify!
Mickey Smith: It's like Steven Hawking meets a speaking clock.
Cyberman: Demands are illogical. You will modify!
Dalek Thay: Daleks do not take orders!
Cyberman: You have identified as Daleks.

The Doctor: (referring to Rose) She's answered, she's alive. Why haven't they killed her?
Jackie: Don't complain!

Cyber Leader: Daleks, be warned. You have declared war upon the Cybermen.
Dalek Sec: This is not war. This is pest control!
Cyber Leader: We have five million Cybermen. How many are you?
Dalek Sec: Four.
Cyber Leader: You would destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?
Dalek Sec: We would destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek! You are superior in only one respect.
Cyber Leader: What is that?
Dalek Sec: You are better at dying.

Cyber Leader: You are proof.
The Doctor: Of what?
Cyber Leader: That emotions destroy you.
The Doctor: Yeah, I am. Mind you, I quite like hope. Hope's a good emotion. And here it comes...

Pete Tyler: Doctor... help us!
The Doctor: What?! Close the breach; stop the Cybermen; defeat the Daleks? Do you believe I can do that?
Pete Tyler: Yes.
The Doctor: Maybe that's all I need. Off we go then!

The Doctor: Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Tyler!
Pete Tyler: She's not my wife.
The Doctor: I was at the wedding. You got her name wrong.

The Doctor: At last. The Cult of Skaro. I thought you were just a legend.
Rose: Who are they?
The Doctor: A secret order. Above and beyond the Emperor himself. Their job was to imagine. Think as the enemy thinks. Even dared to have names. All to find new ways of killing.

The Doctor: Time Lord science. It's bigger on the inside.
Mickey Smith: The Time Lords put those Daleks in there? What for?
The Doctor: It's a prison ship.
Rose: How many Daleks?
The Doctor: Millions!

The Doctor: You may never see her again, your own mother!
Rose: I made my choice a long time ago and I’m never gonna leave you.

The Doctor: You're dead, officially, back home. So many people died that day and you'd gone missing. You're on the list of the dead. Here you are, living your life day after day. The one adventure I can never have.

Rose: I love you.
The Doctor: Quite right, too...And I suppose, if it's my last chance to say it... Rose Tyler...
(The Doctor's holographic transmission cuts off and his image disappears)

(The Doctor finds a woman wearing a wedding dress in the TARDIS)
The Doctor: What?
The Bride: Huh?
The Doctor: What?
The Bride: Who are you?
The Doctor: What...?
The Bride: Where am I?
The Doctor: What?
The Bride: What the hell is this place?!
The Doctor: What?!

11 November 2011

I need a Doctor!

It is video time today and I have a Amy/Eleven video for you with the title "I need a Doctor!". It was made by greyskiesproduction.

09 November 2011

Doctor Who iPhone cases

I don't know if you have an iPhone or not but there are pretty cool Doctor Who iPhone cases out there. I really like the ones Tom Trager makes. Brilliant. You should be able to get to the Redbubble page when you click onto the pictures.


07 November 2011

Quotes from "Army of Ghosts"

Today you get some quotes from the episode "Army of Ghosts".

Rose: (voiceover) Planet Earth. This is where I was born. And this is where I died. The first nineteen years of my life, nothing happened. Nothing at all, not ever. And then I met a man called 'The Doctor'. A man who could change his face. And he took me away from home in his magical machine. He showed me the whole of time and space. I thought it would never end.
The Doctor: How long are you going to stay with me?
Rose: Forever. (voiceover) That's what I thought. But then came the army of ghosts, then came Torchwood and the war. That's when it all ended. This is the story of how I died.

Jackie Tyler: You’re always doing this. Reducing it to science. Why can’t it be real? Just think of it, though. All the people we’ve lost. Our families coming back home. Don’t you think it’s beautiful?
The Doctor: I think it’s horrific.

Jackie Tyler: What happens when I’m gone?
Rose: Don’t talk like that!
Jackie Tyler: No, but really. When I’m dead and buried, you won’t have any reason to come back home. What happens then?
Rose: I don’t know.
Jackie Tyler: Do you think you’ll ever settle down?
Rose: The Doctor never will so I can’t. I’ll just keep on travelling.
Jackie Tyler: And you’ll keep on changing. And in forty years time, fifty, there’ll be this woman, this strange woman, walking through the marketplace on some planet a billion miles from Earth. She’s not Rose Tyler. Not any more. She’s not even human.

Rose: Doctor, they've got guns.
The Doctor: And I haven't. Which makes me the better person, don't you think? They can shoot me dead but the moral high ground is mine.

(passing Jackie off as Rose)
The Doctor: Here she is, Rose Tyler! She's not the best I've ever had... a bit too blonde. Not too steady on her pins, she's like that. Just last week she stared into the heart of the Time Vortex and aged 57 years... but she'll do!
Jackie Tyler: I'm 40!
The Doctor: Deluded... bless! I'll have to drag her in. Do you need anyone? She's very good at tea! Well, I say very good, I mean not bad... well, I say not bad...

Yvonne Hartman: The Torchwood Institute has a motto. "If it’s alien, it’s ours." Anything that comes from the sky, we strip it down and we use it, for the good of the British Empire.
Jackie Tyler: For the good of the what?
Yvonne Hartman: The British Empire.
Jackie Tyler: There isn’t a British Empire.
Yvonne Hartman: Not yet.

The Doctor: All those times I’ve been on Earth, I’ve never heard of you.
Yvonne Hartman: Well, of course not. You’re the enemy. You’re actually named in the Torchwood Foundation Charter of 1879 as an enemy of the crown.
The Doctor: 1879? That was called Torchwood. That house in Scotland.
Yvonne Hartman: That’s right. Where you encountered Queen Victoria and the werewolf.
Jackie Tyler: I think he makes half of it up.
Yvonne Hartman: Her Majesty created the Torchwood Institute with the express intention of keeping Britain great and fighting the alien horde.
The Doctor: If I’m the enemy, does that mean I’m a prisoner?
Yvonne Hartman: Oh yes. But we’ll make you perfectly comfortable.

The Doctor: So, you find the breach, probe it, this sphere comes through, six hundred feet above London, Bam! It leaves a hole in the fabric of reality. And that hole, you think, "Oh, shall we leave it alone, shall we back off, shall we play it safe?" Nah, you think, "Let's make it bigger!"

Yvonne Hartman: They're invading the whole planet.
The Doctor: It's not an invasion, it's too late for that. It's a victory.

Dalek: Location - Earth! Lifeforms detected! Exterminate! Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!

04 November 2011

We could've had it all (Ten/Rose)

Today I have a great Ten/Rose video for you. It is not so long but quite fast paced and has music from Adele. Have a look at it.

02 November 2011

What do you do when...?

Have you already been in the situation when you stand in front your favourite actor and you don't know what to say? Before the meeting you think about all the things you can say, funny jokes and so on but when you stand in front of him or her your mind is blank.
Maybe this shirt from kostolany244 can help you in this situation.

31 October 2011

Quotes from "Fear her"

Today you'll get some quotes from the episode "Fear her".

Rose: So, near future, yeah?
The Doctor: I had a passing fancy. Only it didn't pass, it stopped.

The Doctor: (describing the Olympics) It only seems like yesterday, a few naked Greek blokes were tossing a discus about, wrestling with each other in the sand and the crowd stood around... no, wait a minute, that was Club Med.

The Doctor: In those days, everyone had a Tea Party to go to! They had those little cakes, with the crunchy ball bearings on top. You know those, those things? Nobody else in the galaxy has ever bothered to make edible ball bearings! Genius!

The Doctor: Ha... tickles
Tom's Dad: What's your game?
The Doctor: My um ... Snakes and Ladders ... quite good at squash... I-I'm being facetious. There's no call for it.

Chloe: (to her drawings) I’ve given you friends and you still moan. Moan, moan, moan. You’re lucky. You’re all together. You don’t know what it is to be alone. If you did, you’d be thanking me

The Doctor: Get out of here!
Rose: What's it say?
The Doctor: It is. It's graphite. Basically the same material as an HB pencil.
Rose: I was attacked by a... pencil scribble?

Rose: The girl!
The Doctor: Of course!...What girl?

The Doctor: Hello! I'm the Doctor and this is Rose. Can we see your daughter?
Trish: No, you can't.
The Doctor: Okay, bye.

Rose: Have you seen those drawings move?
Trish: I haven’t seen anything!
The Doctor: Yes, you have. Out the corner of your eye.
Trish: No.
The Doctor: And you dismissed it. Because what choice do you have, when you see something you can’t possibly explain? You dismiss it, right? And if anyone mentions it, you get angry. So it’s never spoken of ever again.
Trish: She’s a child.
The Doctor: And you’re terrified of her. And there’s no one to turn to. 'Cause who’s going to believe what you see out of the corner of your eye? No one. Except me.
Trish: Who are you?
The Doctor: I'm help.

The Doctor: I can't stress this enough. Ball-bearings you can eat. Masterpiece!

Rose: You know what? They keep on trying to split us up, but they never ever will.
The Doctor: Never say "never ever."
Rose: Nah, we'll always be okay, you and me. Don't you reckon, Doctor?
The Doctor: Something in the air. Something coming.
Rose: What?
The Doctor: A storm's approaching.

29 October 2011

Do you remember..?

Do you remember the episode "Fear her" from series 2 where Ten and Rose were still together?
I have to think about it quite a lot lately because it plays in 2012, which is coming closer and closer, and in this episode the Doctor light the Olympic flame.
How cool would it be if this would happen in reality?
It had to be David Tennant as Ten and not Matt Smith as Eleven who would do this and it would be so great. I don't know if there are more people than me who would think it would be amazing to watch. Normally, it's only guys from sorts who light the flame but couldn't the make an exception.
Do you think it's possible to make a petition for it? But I really have no idea who is responsible for all the organization and who decides who lights the flame.
Just leave me a comment if you think it would be cool that David Tennant as Ten lights the Olympic flame.

28 October 2011

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Matt Smith turns 29 today. We all know him as the current Doctor in Doctor Who or as everybody calls him: Eleven.
So Happy Birthday Matt!

Torchwood video

Today I have a funny Torchwood video for you. It's in the style of the TV show "Friends". I hope you'll like it, too.

26 October 2011

"You'll be in my heart" Ten/Rose Wallpaper

I have a new wallpaper for you today. This one is with the Tenth Doctor and Rose. I hope you'll like it.

24 October 2011

Quotes from "Love & Monsters"

It's Monday and you get some new quotes. This time, they are from the episode "Love & Monsters".

Elton Pope: That's what it did. It went "Rawwrr"! And if you think that was the most exciting day of my life, wait till you hear the rest. Oh boy.

The Doctor: (talking to the Hoix) Here boy! Eat the food! Come on! Look at the lovely food! Isn't that nice? Isn't it? Yes it is... (to Elton) Get out of here quickly - (to the Hoix) that's a boy how'd-ya-like-a-porky-choppy-then... I said run!
(Rose runs in with a blue bucket)
Rose: Aaaaahhh!!!!!
The Doctor: Wrong one! You made it worse!
Rose: You said blue!
The Doctor: I said not blue!

Elton Pope: That wasn't the first time I met the Doctor, and it certainly wasn't the last. Oh no. I just put that at the beginning because it's a brilliant opening.

Ursula Blake: His name is the Doctor.
Elton Pope: Doctor what?
Ursula Blake: That's all anyone knows.

Elton Pope: And so it began. The impossible task. To scour the mean streets, to search a major capital city for an unknown girl. To hunt down that face in a seething metropolis of lost souls. To find that one girl in ten million.
(first person he shows Rose's photo to)
Mrs. Croot: Oh, that’s Rose Tyler. She lives just down there. Butland House, number forty-seven. Her mum’s Jackie Tyler. Nice family. Bit odd.

Elton Pope: (voiceover) I’d been trained for this. Victor Kennedy’s classes covered basic surveillance and espionage. Step one: engage your target. Find some excuse to start a conversation. But how was I going to do this? How?
Jackie Tyler: Excuse me, love. You couldn’t give us a quid for two fifties, could you?
Elton Pope: Yeah, I’ll just, uh...
Jackie Tyler: Oh, lovely, cheers.
Elton Pope: (voiceover) Step Two: without provoking suspicion, get on first-name terms with the target.
Jackie Tyler: My name’s Jackie, by the way.
Elton Pope: I’m Elton.
Jackie Tyler: Oh, you don’t meet many Eltons, do you? Apart from the obvious. (laughs)
Elton Pope: (voiceover) Step Three; ingratiate yourself with a joke or some humorous device.
Jackie Tyler: I tell you what, Elton, here we are, complete strangers, and I’m flashing you my knickers. (laughs)
Elton Pope: (voiceover) Step Four: find some subtle way to integrate yourself into the target’s household.
Jackie Tyler: Mind you, I’m only down here 'cos my washing machine’s knackered. I don’t suppose you’re any good at fixing things, are you?

Jackie Tyler: I went in your coat. For once in my life I thought, ‘I’ll pay’. I thought, ‘he’s such a nice man, he won’t accept anything, so I’ll just slip a tenner in his pocket’. And look what I found. A photograph of my daughter.
Elton Pope: No, no, no, it’s not like that. I can explain.
Jackie Tyler: I bet you can.
Elton Pope: I wasn’t being pervy or anything. I wasn’t after her. I was looking for the Doctor.
Jackie Tyler: Oh, I know that. I worked that out. 'cos it’s never me, is it?
Elton Pope: No but that’s how it started. But I changed my mind…
Jackie Tyler: Let me tell you something about those who get left behind. Because it’s hard. And that’s what you become. Hard. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I will never let her down. And I’ll protect them both until the end of my life. So whatever you want, I’m warning you… back off.

Rose: You upset my mum.
Elton Pope: <em>(indicates the Abzorbaloff)</em> Great big absorbing creature from outer space, and you're having a go at me?
Rose: No-one upsets my mum!

Rose: Is it me or is he a bit...Slitheen?
The Doctor: Are you from Raxacoricofallapatorius?
The Abzorbaloff: No, I'm not! They're swine, I spit on them! I'm from the twin planet.
The Doctor: Really? What's the twin planet of Raxacoricofallapatorius?
The Abzorbaloff: Clom!
The Doctor: Clom?
The Abzorbaloff: Clom, yes.

The Abzorbaloff: You’ll surrender yourself to me, Doctor. Or this one dies. You see, I’ve read about you, Doctor. I’ve studied you. So passionate. So sweet. You wouldn’t let an innocent man die. And I’ll absorb him unless you give yourself to me.
The Doctor: Sweet, maybe. Passionate, I suppose. But don’t ever mistake that for nice. Do what you want.

Elton: But the thing is ... but what I wanted to say is, you know when you're a kid, they tell you it's all "Grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid" and that's it. Nah. The truth is the world is so much stranger than that. It's so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.

23 October 2011


We have a quite Who-less period in front of us, which is the reason why I probably won't post something every day now.
You'll still get quotes, Fan art and videos once a week but it gets a bit boring when I post it more often than that. So you have to hope that the inspiration strikes me and I write about some Doctor Who related theme. I really have to buy some Doctor Who DVDs, so I can review some of the older episodes. Well, Christmas is already near.
I really hope they won't wait with new Who episodes until the end of 2012. At the moment we only have the Christmas special to look forward to. Maybe they make another one for Easter?
Oh well, we will see.

22 October 2011

Never let go

Today I have a Doctor/Rose video for you, which is really great. It was made by Dawnofthedusk.

21 October 2011

More T-Shirt designs

I have two new T-Shirt designs for you instead of Fan Art. 
The first one is Sarah Jane's famous sentence "Mr Smith I need you!". Well, you could probably also use this when you want to get the attention of Matt Smith. ;)
The second is called "Have you seen this man?" and asks the Doctor to return the Sonic Screwdriver of the wearer. 

20 October 2011

Quotes from "The Satan Pit"

Today you get some quotes from the episode "The Satan Pit", which is the second part of a two-parter.

Ida Scott: We should go down. I’d go. What about you?
The Doctor: Oh, oh… in a second. But then again… That is so human. Where angels fear to tread. Even now, standing on the edge. It’s that feeling you get, yeah? Right at the back of your head. That impulse. That strange little impulse. That mad little voice saying "Go on. Go on. Go on. Go over. Go on." Maybe it’s relying on that… For once in my life, Officer Scott, I’m going to say… retreat.(considers) Now I know I’m getting old.

The Doctor: What, then, you're the truth behind the myth?
The Beast: This one knows me, as I know him. The killer of his own kind.

The Doctor: How did you end up on this rock?
The Beast: The disciples of the light rose up against me and chained me in the pit for all eternity.
The Doctor: When was this?
The Beast: Before time.
The Doctor: What does that mean?
The Beast: Before time.
The Doctor: What does "before time" mean?
The Beast: Before time and light and space and matter. Before the cataclysm. Before this universe was created.
The Doctor: That’s impossible. No life could have existed back then.
The Beast: Is that your religion?
The Doctor: It’s a belief.

The Beast: You know nothing. All of you. So small. The captain, so scared of command. The soldier, haunted by the eyes of his wife. The scientist, still running from Daddy. The little boy who lied. The virgin. (referring to Rose) And the lost girl, so far away from home. The valiant child who will die in battle so very soon...

The Doctor: If you want to listen to voices in the dark, then listen to mine.

Rose: (behind Danny) Not your best angle, Danny.
Danny Bartock: Oi! Stop it!
Toby Zed: (behind Rose) Could be worse.
Rose: Oi!

The Doctor: (to the Beast) I accept that you exist. I don’t have to accept what you are. But your physical existence, I give you that.

(contemplating the Beast's plan to stop him at the cost of Rose's life)
The Doctor: If I kill you, I kill her. Except that implies, in this big grand scheme of gods and devils, that she’s just a victim. But I’ve seen a lot of this universe. I’ve seen fake gods and bad gods and demigods and would-be gods. And out of all that, out of that whole pantheon, if I believe in one thing, just one thing… I believe in her.

Ida Scott: Hang on though, Doctor. You never really said. You two. Who are you?
The Doctor: Oh…the stuff of legend.

19 October 2011

SJA: The Man Who Never Was, Part 2

This is it. The last episode of "The Sarah Jane Adventures".

Sarah Jane, Luke and Sky are captured after they find out that Mr Serf is a hologram, which is operated by aliens. The aliens are slaves and are punished when they don't do what they should. Rani and Clyde sneak into the launch of the computer and can get the punishment pen but loose it again shortly afterwards. Mr Smith call for help for the aliens and in the end the can be rescued.

The second part of this episode was great too and I really liked the scene when Sky and Luke controlled the hologram. The alien were cute as well and they weren't bad, which you thought after the first part. It is really sad that the series is over now but it wouldn't have worked without Elisabeth Sladen and I'm glad that they haven't tried to do it without her. I really liked that they showed scenes from the whole series at the end of this episode to get a nice ending and they had a scene with David Tennant too. We will miss you Liz!
You can watch the episode online.
The Man Who Never Was, Part 2

18 October 2011

"The Man Who Never Was, Part 2" Trailer

And here is the trailer for the final episode of "The Sarah Jane Adventures".

SJA: The Man Who Never Was, Part 1

That was a fun episode but at the same time it's sad because it's nearly the last one.

Luke comes home from university and he and Sky meet for the first time. Sarah Jane is invited to a rehearsal of the launch of a new computer and takes Luke and Sky with her. Both see a glitch in the man who invented it and so Sarah Jane tries to get an interview with Mr Serf to find out what he is. During her interview she tries to touch him but he is a hologram. Sky and Luke go into the cellar of the building and find out that he is operated by aliens.

I really like this episode and it was nice to see how Sky and Luke reacted during their first meeting. Poor Rani and Clyde had to stay home while the family was out to investigate but that's not bad because we had the Clyde episode last week. I hope we get to know more about the aliens and if this other guy is an alien too or just a human who uses the aliens for his purpose. Well, I will know soon.
You can watch the episode online here.
The Man Who Never Was, Part 1

17 October 2011

"The Man Who Never Was, Part 1" Trailer

The end of the Sarah Jane Adventures comes closer and here is the trailer for the episode "The Man Who Never Was".

15 October 2011

Happy Birthday, Katy Manning!

Today is the birthday of Katy Manning, an English actress, who played the role of the companion Jo Grant. She appeared once again in her role as Jo Grant in the Sarah Jane Adventures. Katy also played in different theatres.
Happy Birthday, Katy.

"Written in the Stars" Video

Here is another Amy/Eleven video, which I really like. It's called "Written in the Stars" and was made by xdarkwizardcatcher09. I hope you like it.

14 October 2011

"River Song" T-Shirt

I don't have a new Fan Art this week, so you'll get a t-shirt design to look at instead. I really liked this of River Song. You can buy it on RedBubble if you like it.

13 October 2011

Quotes from "The Impossible Planet"

It's time for some quotes again and today you'll get some from the episode "The Impossible Planet".

Rose: if you think there's gonna be trouble, we could always get back inside and go somewhere else.
(she and the Doctor laugh hysterically)

The Doctor: A black hole is a dead star. It collapses in on itself. In, in, in, in, in, until the matter’s so dense and tight, it starts to pull everything else in too. Nothing in the universe can escape it. Light, gravity, time. Everything just gets pulled inside and crushed.
So they can’t be in orbit. We should be pulled right in.
The Doctor: We should be dead.
Ida Scott: And yet… here we are. Beyond the laws of physics. Welcome on board.

The Doctor: There we go! D'you see? To generate that gravity field, and the funnel, you need a power source with an inverted self-extrapolating reflex of six to the power of six every six seconds.
Rose: That's all the sixes.
The Doctor: And, it's impossible.
Zachary Cross Flane: It took us two years to work that out.
The Doctor: I'm very good.

The Ood: The Beast and his armies shall rise from the pit to make war against God.
Rose: I'm sorry?
The Ood: Apologies. I said I hope you enjoy your meal.

Rose: Don't forget to breathe! Breathing's good.

Ida Scott: We’ve come this far. There’s no turning back.
The Doctor: Oh, did you have to? "No turning back"? That’s almost as bad as "nothing could possibly go wrong" or "this is going to be the best Christmas Walford’s ever had".

12 October 2011

SJA: The Curse of Clyde Langer, Part 2

I was right, that the curse has no effect on Sky. Luckily.

Clyde meets Ellie who lives on the street. She is the only one who helps him and shows him save places to sleep or where he gets something to eat. Sky tries everything to find out why everyone suddenly hates Clyde and she finds out that it is because of his name. The totem pole is something alien and only Clyde can help them to destroy it.

I liked the second part of this episode because it also showed something of real life. People living on the streets are normally nothing the people like to talk about. Here the people probably where all actors but they have shown it at least. So, Clyde activated the totem pole when he got the splinter and I guess we don't really want to know what would have happened if the gang wouldn't have been able to stop what ever was in this pole. Maybe Sky is too much an alien that she wasn't effected by the curse. It would have been nice if Clyde had found Ellie again.
If you want to watch the episode online, you can do that here.
The Curse of Clyde Langer, Part 2

11 October 2011

The Curse of Clyde Langer, Part 2 Trailer

And here is the trailer for the second part of the episode "The Curse of Clyde Langer".

SJA: The Curse of Clyde Langer, Part 1

Poor Clyde. That's really not fair what happened to him.

When Sky and Sarah Jane sit in Haresh's office in the school it suddenly starts to rain fish. The gang finds out that there are some totem poles in the museum and investigate them. Sarah Jane can't detect anything alien but Clyde touches the statue and gets a splinter in his finger. The next day, everyone turns against Clyde when they say his name and Clyde think he is cursed. He has nowhere to go to.

I don't know if this is a curse or if it's something alien but I feel a bit sorry for Clyde. He can be annoying from time to time but he hasn't deserved this. Sky seems to be the only one who isn't affected by the curse and I hope she will help Clyde to make everything right again. I liked the part with the fish raining from the sky. I hope they haven't killed innocent fish for that.
You can watch the episode online here.
The Curse of Clyde Langer, Part 1

10 October 2011

The Curse of Clyde Langer, Part 1 Trailer

Today I have the trailer for the next Sarah Jane Adventures episode "The Curse of Clyde Langer" for you. Looks interesting. Have fun watching the episode today.

09 October 2011

The Scales of Injustice by Gary Russell

"The Scales of Injustice" by Gary Russell is my third Doctor Who novel, which features the Third Doctor, Liz Shaw and UNIT.
The Brigadier gets news about strange deaths in a small village, a small boy missing and a police woman who draws pictures like the ancestors of the humans. The Silurans seem to be back and the Doctor is captured by them, when he investigates alone. There is a sub-department of C19, which collects all things alien in the Vault but nobody really knows about them or knows what they are planning. They want to capture a Silurian for there experiments. Liz Shaw helps them unknowingly and is captured like the Doctor. Can the Doctor and Liz help the Silurians to survive and avoid a war?
The book wasn't bad but I didn't think it was really exciting. It reminded me a lot of the episode "The Hungry Earth" with the Eleventh Doctor. This book added something to my Doctor Who knowledge about the "older" Doctors but I guess you always have to see yourself how the books fit into the events of the TV show. I liked the fact that the Brigadier was in the book and that the Doctor can't travel anywhere because his Tardis is damaged. That's a bit of a change because I only know him with a working Tardis.
If you want to read the book you can download it here for free in different formats.
The Scales of Injustice

08 October 2011

"I'd come for you" Amy/Eleven Video

Today I have a nice Amy/Eleven video for you, which was made by Liisakee, and has the title "I'd come for you". Enjoy it.

06 October 2011

Quotes from "The Idiot's Lantern"

Alright, now it is time for some quotes again. Today, they are from the episode "The Idiot's Lantern".

Grandma Connolly: I heard it rots your brains... rots them into soup and your brains come pouring out your ears... that's what television does.

Mr. Magpie: I finished it. As you instructed.
The Wire: That’s awfully good of you, Mr. Magpie.
Mr. Magpie: Say you’ll go soon. Leave me.
The Wire: We’ll see. If you’re a very good boy.
Mr. Magpie: Please. You’re burning me. Inside. Behind my eyes. It hurts. Even my memories hurt. I just want things back like they used to be.
The Wire: But this world of yours is busy, busy, busy. Forging ahead into a brand new age. You can never go back. That’s your tragedy. But now… the time is almost ripe, Magpie. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Or lady.

Rose: That's the Union Flag. It's the Union Jack only when it's flown at sea.
Eddie Connolly: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry, miss. I do apologize.
Rose: Well, don't get it wrong again. There's a good man. Now get to it!

Eddie Connolly: I am talking!
The Doctor: And I'm not listening!

Rose: And as for you, Mr.Connolly, only an idiot hangs the Union flag upside down. Shame on you!

Detective Inspector Bishop: Start from the beginning, tell me everything you know.
The Doctor: Well, for starters, I know you can't wrap your hand around your elbows and make your fingers meet.

The Doctor: The thing is, Detective Inspector Bishop...
Detective Inspector Bishop: How do you know my name?
The Doctor: It's written inside your collar.

The Doctor: They did what?
Detective Inspector Bishop: I'm sorry?
The Doctor: They left her where?
Detective Inspector Bishop: Just... in the street.
The Doctor: In the street. They left her in the street. They took her face and just chucked her out and left her in the street. And as a result, that makes things simple. Very, very simple. You know why?
Detective Inspector Bishop: No.
The Doctor: Because now, Detective Inspector Bishop, there is no power on this Earth that can stop me. Come on.

The Doctor: It's never too late, as a wise person once said. Kylie, I think.

(The Doctor and Tommy are running past a policeman)
Policeman: Wait, where do you think you're...
(The Doctor shows him the psychic paper but does not stop running)
Policeman: Oh, very sorry, sir. Shouldn't you be at the coronation?
The Doctor: They're saving me a seat.
Tommy: Who did he think you were?
The Doctor: The King of Belgium, apparently.

The Doctor: (to Tommy) I think I just invented the home video, thirty years early. Betamax.

Rose: (referring to the Wire) That thing, is it trapped for good on video?
The Doctor: That's right. But just to be on the safe side, though, I'll use my unrivaled knowledge of trans-temporal extrapolation methods to neutralise the residual electronic pattern.
Rose: You'll what?
The Doctor: I'm gonna tape over it.
Rose: Just leave it to me. I'm always doing that.