31 October 2012

Quotes from "Time"

The Doctor: Okay, when does this Amy step inside the box? We need to maintain a timeline.
Amy-2: Ah, as soon as she slapped Rory.
Amy: Okay.
Rory: Huh. No, why do I get slapped?
The Doctor: Because we have to stick to the established chain of events. One mistake and the whole timeline could collapse. We'd end up with two Amy Ponds forever, and then what would you do?
(Rory thinks about it, Amy slaps him) 

Amy: Do I really look like that?
Amy-2: Yeah. Yeah, you do.
Amy: Umm. I'd give you your driver's license.
Amy-2: I bet you would.
The Doctor: Ohhh, this is how it all ends. Pond flirting with herself. True love at last. Oh, sorry Rory.
Rory: Absolutely no problem at all.

The Doctor: Okay, we're back in normal flight. The TARDIS is no longer inside itself, the localized time field is no longer about to implode and rip a hole in all casualty. But just in case... Pond, put some trousers on.

29 October 2012

Series 3 Episode 12: The Sound of Drums

The Doctor, Martha and Jack manage to get back to earth with the help of Jack's vortex manipulator. There, Martha finally recognises the voice of the Master, who is no other than Harold Saxon, the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. He seems to know that the three are back because there is a bomb in Martha's flat and they have to go into hiding. Martha's mother has helped Saxon to find her daughter but when they are all taken, she shows some bravery and tells her daughter to run. Jack reveals that he's the leader of Torchwood but he can convince the Doctor that the organisation has changed. The three are able to follow the Master with a perception filter in form of the Tardis key and soon land on a UNIT spaceship. There they find the Tardis but the Master has turned it into a paradox machine and the Doctor has to find out what it is for before he can do anything. The Master is able to rip a whole into time and imprison everyone on board of the ship except Martha, who uses Jack's vortex manipulator to teleport back to earth.

The interaction between the Doctor and the Master is just brilliant in this episode. They are perfect enemies because they know each other so well and you just feel that there was a good chemistry between the actors. This episode leads to the final episode of the tree-parter and produces just the right setting for a brilliant series finale. There are so many hints about what will happen but not so many that you can find out everything easily. We can see what a cruel person the Master is but maybe he would have been different without the drumbeat in is head. I think the Doctor, Martha and Jack are great together and it just feels right that they are fighting together. David Tennant in the mask of an old man looks amazing and he still manages to keep the essentials of the Doctor in this form. A great episode, which wants you to know what happens next

28 October 2012

All of this is all that I can take (video)

Here's a Captain Jack Harkness video for you, which was made by xOnceEAgainx.

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Matt Smith turns 30 today.
We all know him as the current Doctor in Doctor Who or as everybody calls him: Eleven. Meanwhile he also appeared in a couple of films like "Bert&Dickie".
So Happy Birthday Matt!

26 October 2012

24 October 2012

Quotes from "Space"

Amy: Listen, can we talk?
The Doctor: Rory!
Amy: No, shut up, I just got a quick question, that's all.
Rory: I didn't get that.
The Doctor: Yep, fine, no problem.

The Doctor: It's fine, we're entering conceptual space. Imagine a banana, or Ithaca. Well, actually, don't, because its not curved or like a banana. Forget the banana.

Amy: How come he gets a go? You never let me have a go at it.
Rory: Uh, Doctor, don't. Seriously, I let her drive my car once.
Amy: Yeah, to the end of the road.
Rory: Where, according to Amy, there was an unexpected house.

Amy: He's jealous because I passed my test first time.
Rory: You cheated. You wore a skirt.
Amy: I didn't wear a skirt. (the Doctor glances at her legs)
Rory: Luck would have worked to.
Amy: No, no, I did wear a skirt. But it was any old skirt.
Rory: Have you ever seen Amy drive, Doctor?
The Doctor: Nope!
Rory: Neither did her driving examiner.

The Doctor: How did you do that? I told you, don't drop them. I specifically mentioned not dropping them.
Amy: It-it was my fault.
The Doctor: Of course it wasn't your fault.

Rory: It kind of was her fault.
The Doctor: How could it be her fault?
Amy: Because it was my skirt, and my husband, and your glass floor.
The Doctor: Ohhh, Rory!
Rory: Sorry.

Amy: Doctor, what's happened?
The Doctor: Safest spot available. The TARDIS has materialized inside of itself.
Rory: Is that supposed to happen?
The Doctor: Take a guess.
Rory: No?
The Doctor: That's the one.

22 October 2012

Series 3 Episode 11: Utopia

The Doctor and Martha land in Cardiff to refuel the Tardis. Jack jumps at the Tardis when they are just leaving and suddenly the Tardis brings them to the end of the universe. They land on a strange planet where humans are hunted by the Futurekind. The three of them manage to get to the silo where they meet Professor Yana, who tries to make the rocket work. In the silo are the last humans who want to leave the planet and find Utopia. Even the Doctor doesn't know how to fix the engine of the rocket at first but then he just tries something out and it helps. One of the Futurekind has managed to get into the silo and sabotages the start and now the only man who can help is Jack, who can't die anymore. Martha sees the same watch the Doctor owns at the Professor and knows that he has to be a Time Lord in human form. Unfortunately the Professor opens the watch and knows again who he is, the Master. He lets the Futurekind into the silo and leaves in the Tardis. Martha, Jack and the Doctor are stuck at the end of the universe.

"Utopia" is the first part of the final three-parter of series 3. I think it's great to have Jack back. He just brings another dynamic into the show. It's great to see that he is able to talk to the Doctor and that they can settle some of the things that stand between them. I like the idea of an episode at the end of the universe and that the humans still try to find a way out, that they still try to survive. The Futurekind are really creepy and I wonder if they were humans once or if they are a totally different race. I don't think that's ever really explained. The Master is also kind of scary with the drum beats in his head and that he's so ruthless when he finally knows who he is. You can see that the Doctor knows him from the past and that he's not really happy to have him here, especially when the Master steals the Tardis and leaves the others at the end of the universe. Definitely a great start for a three-parter.

21 October 2012

A Study in Blink (video)

I felt like posting a Wholock video today and this is a great combination of Sherlock and the Weeping Angels. It was made by EllenRebecca3.

17 October 2012

Quotes from "A Christmas Carol"

Kazran Sardick: On every world wherever people are, in the deepest part of the winter, at the exact midpoint, everybody stops and turns and hugs. As if to say, "Well done! Well done, everyone! We're halfway out of the dark." Back on Earth, we call this Christmas, or the Winter Solstice. On this world, the first settlers called it the Crystal Feast. You know what I call it? I call it expecting something for nothing!

The Doctor: Ah. Yes. Blimey. Sorry. Christmas Eve on a rooftop, saw a chimney, my whole brain went, "What the hell?" Don't worry, fat fellow will be doing the rounds later. I'm just scoping out the general chimneyness. Nice size, good traction. Bit tick.
Eric: Fat fella?
The Doctor: Father Christmas. Santa Claus. Or, as I've always known him, "Jeff."
Boy: There's no such person as Father Christmas.
The Doctor: Oh, yeah? (whips out a photo) Me and Father Christmas, Frank Sinatra's hunting lodge, 1952. See him at the back with the blonde? Albert Einstein, the three of us together. Rrrmm. Watch out. Okay? Keep the faith.

The Doctor: Ooh, now what's this then? I love this. A big flashy lighty thing. That's what brought me here. Big flashy lighty things have got me written all over them. Well, actually, give me time, and a crayon.

The Doctor: Who's she?
Kazran Sardick: Nobody important.
The Doctor: Nobody important? Blimey, that's amazing. Do you know, in 900 years of time and space, I've never met anyone who wasn't important before.

The Doctor: Tamed the sky. what does that mean?
Kazran Sardick: It means I'm Kazran Sardick. How can he possibly not know who I am?
The Doctor: Well, just easily bored, I suppose.

Kazran Sardick: Whoa, look at you, you're tough now.
The Doctor: There are four thousand and three people I won't allow to die tonight. Do you know where that puts you?
Kazran Sardick: Where?
The Doctor: Four thousand and four.
Kazran Sardick: Was that a sort of threaty thing?
The Doctor: Whatever happens tonight, remember... you brought it on yourself.

Amy: Have you got a plan yet?
The Doctor: Yes, I do.
Amy: Are you lying?
The Doctor: Yes, I am.
Amy: Don't treat me like an idiot.
Rory Williams: Is he lying?
Amy: No, no.

The Doctor: Okay, the good news. I've tracked the machine that accesses the cloud belt. I can use it to clear your flight corridor and you can land, easily.
Amy: Hey, hey, that's good news.
The Doctor: But I can't control the machine.
Amy: That's great.
The Doctor: But I met a man who can.
Amy: Ah, well, there you go?
The Doctor: And he hates me.
Amy: Were you being extra charming and clever?
The Doctor: Yeah, how did you know?
Amy: Lucky guess.

The Doctor: Oh, I won't bother calling your servants. They quit. Apparently they won the lottery at exactly the same time. Which is a bit lucky when you think about it.
Kazran Sardick: There isn't a lottery!
The Doctor: As I say, lucky.

Kazran Sardick: Who are you?
The Doctor: Tonight... I'm the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Young Kazran: Who are you?
The Doctor: Hi! I'm the Doctor. I'm your new babysitter.
Young Kazran: Where's Mrs. Montebuoni?
The Doctor: Ahh, you'll never guess. Clever old Mrs. Montebuoni. She only went and won the lottery.
Kazran Sardick: There isn't any lottery!
Young Kazran: There isn't any lottery.
The Doctor: I know! What a woman!
Young Kazran: If you're my babysitter, why are you climbing in the window?
The Doctor: Because if I was climbing out the window, I'd be going in the wrong direction. Pay attention. 

The Doctor: Cupboard! Big cupboard! I love a cupboard! Do you know, there's a thing called a face spider. It's just like a tiny baby's head with spider's legs. And it specifically evolved to scuttle up the backs of bedroom cupboards. Which... I probably shouldn't have mentioned.

Young Kazran: Are you really a babysitter?
The Doctor: I think you'll find I'm universally recognized as a mature and responsible adult. (flashes his psychic paper) 
Young Kazran: It's just a lot of wavy lines.
The Doctor: Yeah, shorted out. Finally a lie too big. Okay, no, not really a babysitter. But it's Christmas Eve. you don't want a real one. You want me.
Young Kazran: Why? What's so special about you?
The Doctor: Have you ever seen Mary Poppins?
Young Kazran: No.
The Doctor: Good. Because that comparison would have been rubbish.

The Doctor: You want to see one fish? We can do that, we can see a fish.
Young Kazran: But aren't you going to tell me it's dangerous?
The Doctor: Dangerous? Come on, we're boys. And you know what boys say in the face of danger.
Young Kazran: What?
The Doctor: "Mummy!"

Adult Kazran: Abigail's crying.
The Doctor: Yes.
Adult Kazran: When girls are crying, are you supposed to talk to them?
The Doctor: I have absolutely no idea.

Adult Kazran: I've never kissed anyone before. What do I do?
The Doctor: Well, try and be all nervous and rubbishy and a bit shaky.
Adult Kazran: Why?
The Doctor: Because you're going to be like that anyway, you might as well make it part of the plan. Then it'll feel on purpose. Off you go, then.
Adult Kazran: Now? I kiss her now?
The Doctor: Kazran, trust me. it's this or go to a room and design a new kind of screwdriver. Don't make my mistakes.

Captain: Sir, I understand you have a machine that controls this cloud layer. If you can release us from it, we still have time to make a landing. Nobody has to die.
Kazran Sardick: Everybody has to die.
Amy: Not tonight.
Kazran Sardick: Tonight's as good as any other night. How do you choose?

Rory Williams: Uh, got anymore honeymoon ideas?
The Doctor: Well, there's a moon that's made of actual honey. Well, not actual honey, and it's not actually a moon. And technically, it's alive and a bit carnivorous. But there are some lovely views.
Rory Williams: Yeah. Great. Thanks.

Amy: It'll be their last day together, won't it?
The Doctor: Everything's got to end sometime. Otherwise nothing would ever get started.

15 October 2012

Series 3 Episode 10: Blink

Sally Sparrow enters an old abandoned house and finds a message on the wall, which warns her about the Weeping Angels. The message is signed by the Doctor and dated 1969. The next day, Sally takes her friend Kathy to the house who vanishes and she gets a strange letter from her, saying that she was transported back into the past and lived a good life. Sally doesn't know what to think about this and therefore she goes to the police where the cop Billy tells her about the empty cars, which were found in front of the house. There is also a police box and Sally comes back when she remembers that the key she has found could fit. The police box is gone and Billy as well but then she gets a call from an old Billy who tells her what happened and that she has to save the phone box from the Angels to save the Doctor. Sally returns to the house to find the phone box but can she really defeat the Angels? How can the Doctor know what will happen?

I think this is the first Doctor-light episode in the show but it's one of the best ones nonetheless. The Weeping Angels are just creepy creatures and you see statues in a totally different light when you've watched this episode. The episode has a dark feeling about it and it's a bit of holding your breath before the big three parter at the end of the series starts. Maybe that's also a reason why we don't see a lot of the Doctor and Martha because the actors were busy filming other scenes and they didn't have enough money left. Well, putting this aside I can only say that this is a brilliant episode and the explanation of time which the Doctor gives on the DVDs is just great. Definitely an episode you have to watch.

14 October 2012

Happy Birthday, Katy!

Today is the birthday of Katy Manning who played the Doctor's companion Jo Grant. She was born in the UK but is now a citizen of Australia.
Beside her TV and film career she also worked for different audio plays connected to Doctor Who.
Happy Birthday, Katy Manning!

Skinny Love (video)

This is a Doctor & Rose video by WIRWENxx. I think the music fits perfectly.

12 October 2012

Jack Harkness Wallpaper

I thought you wanted a change from Doctor Who, so here Is something from Torchwood. The wallpaper was made by Kaito42.

10 October 2012

Quotes from "The Big Bang"

Rory: What are they?
The Doctor: History has collapsed. Whole races have been deleted from existence. These are just like afterimages. Echoes, fossils in time, the footprints of the neverwhere.

Rory: How could I leave her?
The Doctor: Why do you have to be so... human?
Rory: Because right now, I'm not.

Amy: What are we doing?
The Doctor: Well, we are running into a dead end, where I'm going to have a brilliant plan, which basically involves not being there anymore.

River Song: Amy! And the plastic Centurion?
The Doctor: It's okay, he's on our side now.
River Song: Really? I dated a Nestene duplicate once. Swappable head. Do keep things fresh.

River Song: Right, then, I have questions, but number one is this. What in the name of sanity have you got on your head?
The Doctor: It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezs are cool.

The Doctor: When you wake up, you'll have a mom and dad. And you won't even remember me. Well, you'll remember me a little. I'll be a story in your head. That's okay. We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? Because it was, you know. It was the best. A daft old man who stole a magic box. Anyway, did I ever tell you that I stole it. Well, I borrowed it, I was always going to take it back. Oh, that box. Amy... you'll dream about that box. It'll never leave you. Big and little at the same time. Brand new and ancient and the bluest blue ever. And the times we had, eh? We had, never. In your dreams, I'll still be there. The Doctor and Amy Pond. And days that never came.

Amy: Do you feel like you've forgotten something really important? Do you feel like there's a... great, big thing in your head, and you feel like you should remember it, but you can't?
Rory: Yep.
Amy: Are you just saying "yes" because you're scared of me?
Rory: Yep.
Amy: Love you.
Rory: Yep. I mean, I love you, too.

The Doctor: Hello, everybody! I'm Amy's imaginary friend! But I came anyway.
Amy: You absolutely, definitely may kiss the bride.
The Doctor: Amelia, from now on I shall be leaving the kissing duties to the brand new Mr Pond.
Rory: No, I'm not Mr Pond. that's not how it works.
The Doctor: Yes. it is.
Rory: Yeah, it is.

The Doctor: River... who are you?
River Song: You're going to find out very soon now. And I'm sorry, but that's when everything changes.

08 October 2012

Series 3 Episode 9: The Family of Blood

The Family of Blood has found the Doctor and now war breaks out a year too early. John Smith, Joan and Martha get back to the school and prepare the boys for a fight but Joan doesn't know if they do the right thing. She doesn't want to loose John through the war like her first husband. The Family of Blood reaches the school with an army of scarecrows that can't be killed and soon everyone tries to escape and not to fight anymore. Martha still tries to convince John Smith to turn back into the Doctor when they find the watch again which holds the essence of the Time Lord. Finally, Joan is the one who convinces him to do the right thing and the Doctor is able to trick the Family and defeat them. When he returns to Joan he isn't John Smith anymore and so he leaves her behind and travels on with Martha.

I liked the second part of this two-parter because it was a good closing to the story. The Doctor is finally himself again but at the same time it was a bit sad to see Joan in this situation. He's the second man she loved and lost in such a short time. It was a great idea to have a narrative of Son of mine for this episode and it gave it another feeling. The short trip into the future was great too when Martha and the Doctor visit their old friend again when he's an old man. Martha was really great in this episode and she was able to fight back. She's now a real companion of the Doctor and I think he trusts her, which you can see when he puts his life into her hands. A great two-parter close to the end of this series.

07 October 2012

04 October 2012

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

Today is the birthday of Daniel Anthony, best known as the actor of Clyde Langer in "The Sarah Jane Adventures".
He played different roles in several TV shows but he also appeared on stage in musicals and he works as a voice actor as well.
Happy Birthday, Daniel!

03 October 2012

Quotes from "The Pandorica Opens"

The Doctor: You graffitied the oldest cliff face in the universe.
River Song: You wouldn't answer your phone.

The Doctor: One day it would just drop out of the sky and tear down the world.
Amy: How did it end up in there?
The Doctor: You know fairy tales. A good wizard tricked it.
River Song: I hate good wizards and fairy tales. They always turn out to be him.

Amy: That was my favorite pick when I was a kid. What's wrong?
The Doctor: Your favorite school topic. Your favorite story. Never ignore a coincidence. Unless you're busy, in which case always ignore a coincidence.

The Doctor: Yes, okay, okay, okay, okay. Dalek fleet, minimum 12,000 battleships, armed to the teeth. Ah, but we've got surprise on our side! They'll never expect three people to attack 12,000 Dalek battleships. 'cos we'd be killed instantly, so it would be a fairly short surprise... Okay, forget surprise.

River Song: Doctor, this once, just this one time, please, you have to run.
The Doctor: Run, where?
River Song: Fight, how?

Amy: It's weird, I feel.. I don't know, something.
The Doctor: They fall out of the world sometimes, but they always leave traces. Little things you can't quite account for. Faces in photographs, luggage, half-eaten meals. Rings. Nothing is ever forgotten, not completely. And if something can be remembered... it can come back.

The Doctor: Hello again.
Rory: Hello.
The Doctor: How've you been?
Rory: Good, yeah. Good. I mean, Roman.
The Doctor: Rory, I'm not trying to be rude. But you died.
Rory: Yeah. I know. I was there.
The Doctor: You died and then you were erased from time. You were never born at all. You never existed.
Rory: Erased. What does that mean?
The Doctor: How can you be here?
Rory: I don't know. It's kind of fuzzy.
The Doctor: Fuzzy?
Rory: Well, I died and turned into a Roman. It's very distracting.

Doctor: Come on, look at me! No plan, no back up, no weapons worth a damn, oh, and something else I don't have, anything to lose! So, if you're sitting up there in your silly little space ships with all your silly little guns, and you've got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who's standing in your way! Remember every black day I ever stopped you, and then, and then, do the smart thing! Let somebody else try first.

The Doctor: Go get her.
Rory: But I don't understand. Why am I here?
The Doctor: Because you are. The universe is big, it's vast and complicated, and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles. And that's the theory. Nine hundred years, never seen one yet, but this would do me.

Amy: Why am I crying?
Rory: Because you remember me. I came back. You're crying because you remember me.

01 October 2012

Series 7 Episode 5: The Angels take Manhattan

A private detective in Manhattan gets the job to search for living statues. When he comes to the address he was given, he sees himself dying and is zapped back in time. The Doctor, Amy and Rory are in Central Park in New York and enjoy a day off but then Rory doesn't come back and they start to search for him. Soon they find out, that the book the Doctor was reading is true and was written by River. Rory was zapped back in time and meets his daughter there who works as a private detective and investigates the angels. They get kidnapped but the Doctor can lock into Rivers signal and he and Amy land in the correct time. When they get there River is held captive by an angel and Rory was brought somewhere else. Soon they find out that the angels rule Manhattan and that they can only save Rory when they create a paradox. So, he and Amy jump off a house and therefore save everyone else. When everyone thinks all is normal again, a single angel appears and takes Rory back in time. Is the Doctor able to fix everything this time?

Wow, what a brilliant episode and such a great way for Amy and Rory to leave. I was a bit surprised at the beginning because the episode doesn't start like a normal Doctor Who episode but it's kind of cool to first get a look at the story and then add the Doctor into it. It's totally crazy that all statues in New York are alive and it's really a creepy thought. The Weeping Angels are as scary as ever, maybe even scarier if that is still possible. I don't know if I can look at the Statue of Liberty no than I did before. I'll probably remember this episode when I see a picture of it in the future. I think it was a good decision that River is in this episode but that the main focus isn't on her but on Amy and Rory. Now we also know why she isn't in prison anymore and that she's really married to the Doctor. I don't know if that's only my impression but it feels like the Doctor and River are heading in the same direction in time right now but I'm not so sure about that. I really loved the ending although it was very sad and now we also know whom Amy really loved. She still loves the Doctor but she loves Rory more and in the end she can't live without him. A very sad but also a great ending for the Ponds.
You can watch the episode online here.