23 September 2013

Season 5 Episode 10: Vincent and the Doctor

The Doctor takes Amy to different places after she has forgotten Rory and they end up in the Musée d'Orsay where they have a look at the exhibition of Vincent van Gogh. In one of Vincent's pictures, the Doctor sees a monster and he decides to visit Vincent to find out what he has seen. Amy and the Doctor find Vincent in a café, where he can't pay for his drinks. When Amy buys him a bottle of wine, they try to find out what Vincent knows about the monster but he is more interested in Amy. Then a young girl is attacked and killed and the villagers blame Vincent for it. Soon they find out that the monster is invisible and that only Vincent can see it. Back in the Tardis, the Doctor tries to find out what kind of alien is in the village with a strange gift from his godmother. He identifies the alien as a Krafayis, which is deadly and so they decide to hunt it. Therefore, they go to the church and in the evening, the alien appears in the window. Are they able to defeat it? Has Amy changed Vincent's life?

I like this episode, although the alien is a bit boring and more like a side story. The main focus is on Amy and that she can't remember Rory after he vanished in the crack but there is still some part of her that feels sad. That's also one thing that Vincent sees and maybe that's the reason why they connect so easily. I think Vincent is portrayed brilliantly and it's strange to see his different moods but it fits what we know about the painter. Today you would be able to treat something like that but not in his time. It's fascinating how they explain why he paints like he does and how he sees nature around him. Vincent's death is probably a fixed point in time and that's the reason why Amy couldn't change the time of his death. Nonetheless, she has changed something for him and he has painted the sunflowers for her. A really nice episode to catch your breath a bit before the finale hits us.

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