28 November 2012

Happy Birthday, Karen!

Today is the birthday of lovely Karen Gillan. The Scottish actress is best known for her role Amy Pond in Doctor Who. She has appeared in several TV shows and movies but her role in Doctor Who is her biggest success until now. Karen worked as a model before she started her acting career.
After Doctor Who Karen stars in different movies.
Happy Birthday, Karen!

Quotes from "The Doctor's Wife"

The Doctor: Oh, it's the warning lights! I got rid of those, they never stop.

Rory: What is happening?
The Doctor: We are leaving the universe!
Amy: How can you leave the universe?
The Doctor: With enormous difficulty.

Rory: What is this place, the scrapyard at the end of the universe?
The Doctor: Not end of. Outside of.
Rory: How can we be outside the universe? The universe is everything.
The Doctor: Imagine a great big soap bubble with one of those tiny little bubbles on the outside.
Rory: Okay.
The Doctor: Well, it's nothing like that.

Idris: Biting's excellent. It's like kissing, only there's a winner.

The Doctor: I see. This asteroid is sentient.
Auntie: We walk on its back, breathe its air, eat its food...
Amy: Smell its armpits.
House: And do my will.

Amy: What do you need from me?
The Doctor: My screwdriver, I left it in the TARDIS. It's in my jacket.
Rory: You're wearing your jacket.
The Doctor: My other jacket.
Rory: You have two of those?

Amy: I told you to look after him.
Rory: He'll be fine. He's a Time Lord.
Amy: It's just what they're called. Doesn't mean he actually knows what he's doing.

The Doctor: You gave me hope and then you took it way. That's enough to make anyone dangerous. God knows what it will do to me.

Idris: I'm the... oh, what do you call me? We travel. I go (makes dematerialization noise).
The Doctor: The TARDIS?
Idris: Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Yes, that's it. Names are funny. It's me. I'm the TARDIS.
The Doctor: No, you're not. You're a bitey mad lady. The TARDIS is... up and down, it's a big blue box.
Idris: Yes, that's me. A Type 40 TARDIS. I was already a museum piece when you were young. And the first time you touched my console...
The Doctor: I said you were the most beautiful thing I'd ever known.
Idris: Then you stole me. And I stole you.
The Doctor: I borrowed you.
Idris: "Borrowing" implies you eventually planned to return the thing that was taken. What makes you think I would ever give you back?
The Doctor: You're the TARDIS.
Idris: Yes.
The Doctor: My TARDIS.
Idris: My Doctor. Oh, we have now reached the point in the conversation where you open the lock.

Idris: You're the Doctor. Focus.
The Doctor: On what? How? I'm a madman with a box, without a box. I'm stuck in a black hole at the end of the universe in a stupid old junkyard! Oh.
Idris: Oh what?
The Doctor: I'm not.
Idris: Not what?
The Doctor: Cause it's not a junkyard. Don't you see, it's not a junkyard.
Idris: What is it, then?
The Doctor: It's a TARDIS junkyard. Come on. Oh, sorry. Do you have a name?
Idris: Seven hundred years and finally he asks.
The Doctor: What do I call you?
Idris: What you call me. Sexy.
The Doctor: Only when we're alone.
Idris: We are alone.
The Doctor: Oh. Come on then, sexy.

The Doctor: Burial field of half-eaten TARDISes. You thinking what I'm thinking?
Idris: I'm thinking all of my sisters are dead, they were devoured, and we are looking at their corpses.
The Doctor: Ah, sorry, no, I wasn't thinking that.
Idris: No. You were thinking you could build a working TARDIS console out of broken remnants of a hundred different models. And you don't care that it's impossible.
The Doctor: It's not impossible as long as we're alive. Rory and Amy need me, so yeah, we're going to build a TARDIS. 

The Doctor: Yes, I have actually rebuilt the TARDIS before, you know. I know what I'm doing.
Idris: You're like a nine-year-old trying to rebuild a motorbike in his bedroom. And you never read the instructions.
The Doctor: I always read the instructions!
Idris: There's a sign on my front door. You have been walking past it for seven hundred years. What does it say?
The Doctor: That's not instructions.
Idris: There's an instruction at the bottom. What does it say?
The Doctor: "Pull to open."
Idris: Yes, and what do you do?
The Doctor: I push!
Idris: Every single time. Seven hundred years, police box doors open out the way.
The Doctor: I think I have earned the right to open my front doors any way I want.
Idris: Your front doors? Do you have any idea how childish that sounds?
The Doctor: You are not my mother.
Idris: You are not my child.

Idris: You ever wonder why I chose you all those years ago?
The Doctor: I chose you. You were unlocked.
Idris: Of course I was. I wanted to see the universe so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away. And you were the only one mad enough.

The Doctor: You're doing it, you sexy thing.
Idris: So you do call me that! Is it my name?
The Doctor: You bet it's your name!

The Doctor: Uh, Amy, this is, well, she's my TARDIS. Except she's a woman. She's a woman and she's a TARDIS.
Amy: She's the TARDIS?
The Doctor: And she's a woman. She's a woman and she's a TARDIS.
Amy: Did you wish really hard?
The Doctor: Shut up, not like that.
Idris: Hello. I'm... Sexy.
The Doctor: Oh, still shut up.

House: Doctor. I did not expect you.
The Doctor: Well, that's me all over, isn't it? The lovely old unexpected me.

House: We are in your universe now, Doctor. Why should it matter to me which room you die? I can kill you just as easily here as anywhere. Fear me. I've killed hundreds of Time Lords.
The Doctor: Fear me. I've killed all of them.

Idris: Doctor, are you there? It's so very dark in here.
The Doctor: I'm here.
Idris: I've been looking for a word. A big, complicated word but so sad. I found it now.
The Doctor: What word?
Idris: "Alive." I'm alive.
The Doctor: Alive isn't sad.
Idris: It's sad when it's over. I'll always be here, but this is when we talked. And even that has come to an end. There's something I didn't get to say to you.
The Doctor: "Goodbye."
Idris: No. I just wanted to say... Hello, Doctor. It's so very, very nice to meet you.

Amy: Are you going to make her talk again?
The Doctor: Can't.
Rory: Why not?
Amy: It's spacey-wacey, isn't it?
The Doctor: Well, actually, it's because the Time Lords discovered that if you take an eleventh-dimensional matrix and fold it into a mechanical... (Rory shorts something out) Yes, it's spacey-wacey!

The Doctor: Two more minutes and we're off. The Eye of Orion's restful, if you like restful. I never really got the hang of "restful." (to the TARDIS) What do you think, dear, eh, where should we take the kids this time?
Amy: Look at you pair. It's always you and here, isn't it, long after the rest of us are gone. A boy and his box, off to see the universe.
The Doctor: Well, you say that if it's a bad thing. But honestly, it's the best thing there is.

The Doctor: The House deleted all the bedrooms. I should probably make you two a bedroom. You'd like that, won't you?
Amy: Okay, um, Doctor, this time could we lose the bunk bed?
The Doctor: No, bunk beds are cool. A bed with a ladder. You can't beat that.

26 November 2012

Series 4 Episode 1: Partners in Crime

Donna tries to find the Doctor and that is the reason why she investigates strange happenings. This time she is on the trail of Miss Foster and her diet pills. She can't believe that the people who take the pills loose their fat over night. At the same time, the Doctor is investigating the same case and soon he and Donna are reunited. Together they find out that the diet pills create new babies for the Adipose race. When they try to stop Miss Foster, who is the nanny of the Adipose, she turns on her machine and the people on earth who have taken the diet pills loose their weight faster than they want to. Miss Foster is willing to kill thousands of people just to give live to new Adipose but the Doctor and Donna are able to stop her. Will Miss Foster get away with murder?

I have to say I really love this episode. It's so brilliant when you watch how the Doctor and Donna miss each other time after time and how happy they are both when they finally find each other. I love the scene where the Doctor and Donna are on different sides of the room and have to pantomime so they could understand each other. That's such a funny moment. This episode totally brings Donna back into the show and it's a bit like she was never really gone. There's a great chemistry between the Doctor and Donna because she is never really impressed of what he does and doesn't see him as a love interest like his other companions before. In this episode you have action packed but also funny moments and I think it's a great mixture for an episode. Another point is, that you just can't resist to love the Adipose because they are just so cute. A brilliant first episode for series 4.

25 November 2012

21 November 2012

Quotes from "The Curse of the Black Spot"

The Doctor: Yo-ho-ho! Or does nobody actually say that?

The Doctor: Is laughing like that in the job description? 'Can you do the laugh?' Check. Grab yourself a parrot, welcome aboard.

Henry Avery: Take the doxie below, put her to work.
Rory: Hey!
Henry Avery: Set her to work, she won't need much feeding.
Amy: Rory! A little help.
Rory: Yeah, hey, listen, mate, she's not a doxie.
Amy: I didn't mean just tell him off. Thanks anyway.

Henry Avery: She can smell the blood on your skin. She's marked you for death.
Rory: She?
Henry Avery: A demon, out there in the ocean.
The Doctor: Okay, groovy. So you're just not pirates today, we've managed to bag us a ship with a demon popping in. Very efficient. I mean, if something's going to kill you, it's nice that it drops you a note to remind you.

Henry Avery: She's been hunting us ever since we were be calmed, picking off the injured.
The Boatswain: Like a shark. A shark can smell blood.
The Doctor: Okay, just like a shark. In a dress, and singing, and green. A green, singing shark in an evening gown.

Amy: Sure you want to go?
The Doctor: We have to get Rory and Toby away. She's out there now, licking her lips, boiling the saucepan, grating the cheese.
Amy: Okay, we'll remember. If you get an itch, don't scratch too hard.
The Doctor: We've all got to go sometime. There are worse ways than having your face knocked off by a dodgy mermaid.

Henry Avery: By all the...!
The Doctor: Let me stop you there. Bigger on the inside. Bit faster if you skip to the end of that moment. And sorry I lied, by the way, when I said yours was bigger. Kitchen that way, choice of bathrooms there, there, there.

(examining the TARDIS controls) 
Henry Avery: What's this do?
The Doctor: That is very, very complicated. That does sophisticated. That does... whoa, amazing. And that does whiz, bang, far too technical to explain.
Henry Avery: Wheel?
The Doctor: Atom accelerator.
Henry Avery: It steers the thing.
The Doctor: No. Sort of. Yes.
Henry Avery: Wheel. Telescope. Astrolabe. Compass. A ship's a ship.
The Doctor: Uh-huh.

The Doctor: Umm, it's stuck. Not responding.
Henry Avery: Becalmed?
The Doctor: Hmm-mm. Apparently. That's new. You have to gloat, didn't you?
Henry Avery: I'm not gloating.
The Doctor: I saw that look just now. 'Ha ha, his ship is rubbish.'
Henry Avery: True.

The Doctor: It can't get a lock on the plane.
Henry Avery: The what?
The Doctor: The space we travel in. The... ocean. Sort of ocean, but not water. The TARDIS can't see it. It's sulking because it thinks the space doesn't exist. Without that, we're not going anywhere.
Henry Avery: I'm confused.
The Doctor: Yeah, well, it's a big club. We should get t-shirts.

Amy: How can two ships be in the same place?
The Doctor: Not the same. Two planes, two worlds, two cars parked in the same space. There are lots of different universes, nested inside of each other. Now and again they collide, and you can step from one to another.
Amy: Okay. I think I understand.
The Doctor: Good, because it's not like that at all, but if that helps.
Amy: Thanks.

The Doctor: That's what killed it,didn't get its jabs... oh, look.
Amy: What is it?
The Doctor: Sneeze. Alien bogeys.

Amy: I thought I was an excellent pirate.
Rory: I thought you were an excellent nurse.
Amy: Easy, Tiger.

Amy: Good night, Doctor.
The Doctor: Good night, Amelia.
Amy: You only call me "Amelia" when you're worrying about me.
The Doctor: I always worry about you.

19 November 2012

Christmas Special: Voyage of the Damned

After a ship has crashed into the Tardis, the Doctor materializes on board and finds himself on a cruise ship. The people on it are from a far away galaxy and they have come to earth to celebrate Christmas. The Doctor mingles with the crowd and soon meets Astrid, who is a waitress on board. Together they go down to earth because the Doctor wants to show Astrid another planet. He wonders why London is so empty and soon finds out that nearly everyone has left the city because of the alien attacks the years before. Back on the ship, the captain lowers the shields and draw some asteroids towards it. The ship is hit and many people die but now the Titanic is moving towards earth. With the help of Astrid and some others, the Doctor tries to stop the crash of the ship but they are attacked by the hosts, angel like figures. Who is behind all this and can the Doctor save the lives of his friends?

The episode starts with such a brilliant moment when the Titanic crashes into the Tardis and the Doctor is just surprised how this could have happened. He looks very good in a smoking and he totally fits into the group of guests on the spaceship. It wouldn't be a normal Christmas episode of Doctor Who if there wasn't someone who wants to destroy the earth and this time it's the former leader of the cruise ship line who wants to retire comfortably. The hosts who are under his control are a quite scary version of the Christmas Angels but at least you are able to blink when you look at them. In Astrid the Doctor finds a new companion and it's sad to see that he has to loose her again so soon. I think Kylie Minogue plays her brilliantly and it would have been great to see her more often. The bit close to the end with the Queen is great and always makes me smile when I watch it. In the end we have another snowy Christmas in London with snow from the ashes of a space ship.

Happy Birthday, Naoko!

We have another Torchwood birthday this month and this time it is the one of Naoko Mori. Naoko has appeared in different movies and TV series including "Absolutely Fabulous", "Casualty" and of course "Torchwood". She also appeared in the musical "Avenue Q" in the role of Christmas Eve.
Happy Birthday, Naoko!

16 November 2012

Amy and Rory Fan Art

This is so cute. Made by xleeloo.

Happy Birthday, Alexa!

Today is Alexa Havins' birthday, the actress we know from Torchwood: Miracle Day where she played Esther Drummond. Before she became an actress, Alexa was a professional dancer. The American actress started her second career in 2003 and already got a Daytime Emmy Award for her role Babe Cary Chandler in the series "All my children".
Happy Birthday, Alexa!

14 November 2012

Quotes from "Day of the Moon"

The Doctor: These bricks--what are the made of?
Canton Delaware: She ran. Off the 50th floor.
The Doctor: I'd say zero-balance dwarf-star alloy. The densest material in the universe. Nothing gets through that. You're building me the perfect prison. And it still won't be enough.

(emerging from a body bag) Rory: These things could really do with air holes!
Canton Delaware: Never had a complaint before.

Canton Delaware: What about Dr. Song? She dove off a rooftop.
The Doctor: Don't worry--she does that.

Canton Delaware: How long have they been here?
Amy: That's what we've spent the last three months trying to figure out.
Rory: Not easy if you can't remember anything you discover.
Canton Delaware: How long do you think?
The Doctor: As long as there's been something in the corner of your eye, or creaking in your house, or breathing under your breath, or voices through a wall.

Canton Delaware: Are you armed?
The Silence: This world is ours. We rule it through the will and the fire. We have no need of weapons.
Canton Delaware: Yeah. (shoots it) Welcome to America.

Rory: Amy, can you hear me? We're coming for you. Wherever you are, we're coming, I swear.
The Doctor: She can't hear you. I'm so sorry, it's one-way.
Rory: She can always hear me, Doctor. Always. Wherever she is, she always knows that I'm coming for her, do you understand me? Always.

Rory: Can't you save her?
The Doctor: I can track that signal back, take us right to her.
Rory: Then why haven't you?
The Doctor: Because then what? I find her and what do I do? This isn't an alien invasion, this is their empire. This is kicking the Romans out of Rome.
Rory: Rome fell.
The Doctor: I know. I was there.
Rory: So was I.

The Doctor: Personal question.
Rory: Seriously? You?

The Silence: You are Amy Pond.
Amy: You're ugly. Has anyone mentioned that to you?

The Doctor: Now, stay where you are. Look at me, I'm confident. You want to watch out for me when I'm confident. Oh, and this is my friend, River. Nice hair, clever. Has a new gun, and unlike me, she doesn't really mind shooting people. I shouldn't like that, kind of do a bit.
River Song: Thank you, sweetie.
The Doctor: I know you're team players and everything, but she'll definitely kill at least the first three of you.
River Song: Well, the first seven, easily.
The Doctor: Seven, really?
River Song: Eight for you, honey.
The Doctor: Stop it.
River Song: Make me.
The Doctor: Maybe I will.
Amy: Is this really important flirting, because I feel I should be higher on the list right now.
The Doctor: Yes, right, sorry.

Rory: So what kind of doctor are you?
River Song: Archaeology. (shoots down an alien) Love a tomb.

The Doctor: You can let me fly it.
River Song: Or we could go where we're supposed to.

President Richard Nixon: So we're safe again.
The Doctor: Safe? No, of course you're not safe. There's about a billion other things out there, just waiting to burn your whole world. But, if you want to pretend you're safe just so you can sleep at night, okay. You're safe. But you know, really.

President Richard Nixon: This person you want to marry. Black?
Canton Delaware: Yes.
President Richard Nixon: I know what people think of me, but perhaps I'm a little more liberal...
Canton Delaware: He is.
President Richard Nixon: I think the Moon is far enough for now. Don't you, Mr. Delaware?
Canton Delaware: I figured it might be.

Amy: I traveled with you in this TARDIS for so long. All that time, if I was pregnant for some of it, wouldn't it have had an effect? I don't want to tell Rory the baby might have three heads, or like a time head, or something.
The Doctor: What's a time head?
Amy: I don't know, but what if it had one?
The Doctor: A time head?
Amy: Shut up.

12 November 2012

Time Crash: Children in Need Special

Martha leaves the Doctor and the Doctor wants to travel somewhere on his own. Suddenly the Tardis goes crazy and he faces his fifth incarnation. He knows exactly who is in front of him but the Fifth Doctor doesn't and he thinks that Ten is a fan who somehow got onto his Tardis. While Five tries to solve the problem of two Tardises in one place the Cloister bell rings. Then Ten whirls around the console and he manages to separate the two time stream because he has watched himself doing it before. Now the Fifth Doctor accepts that he's facing his future self and warns Ten to not forget to put up his shield again.

This episode is just brilliant when the two incarnations of the Doctor meet and one knows exactly who the other is but the other one doesn't. I really like the part when Five thinks that Ten is a fan and that he somehow sneaked into the Tardis to be close to his idol. Another great part is, that there would be a hole in the fabric of time of the exact size of Belgium when they can't solve the problem with the colliding timelines. That always makes me giggle. You don't need to watch the episode to know what happens in the Doctor Who universe but it's a great extra and very funny.

07 November 2012

Quotes from "The Impossible Astronaut"

Amy: "The personal intervention of the King, the unnamed Doctor was incarcerated without trial in the Tower of London."
Rory: Okay, but it doesn't have to be him.
Amy: "According to contemporary accounts, two nights later a magical sphere some 20' across was seen floating away from the Tower, bearing the mysterious Doctor aloft."
Rory: Okay, it's him.

Rory: Hey, nice hat.
The Doctor: I wear a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool.

Amy: So what's been happening? Because you've been up to something.
The Doctor: I've been running. Faster than I've ever run. And I've been running my whole life. Now it's time for me to stop.

Rory: So when are we going to 1969?
Amy: And since when do you drink wine?
The Doctor: I'm 1103, I must've drunk it sometime. (spits it out) Oh, white's horrid. I--I--I thought it would taste more like the gum.
Amy: 1103? You were 908 the last time we saw you.
The Doctor: And you've put on a couple of pounds. I wasn't going to mention it.

Amy: You're okay. How can you be okay?
The Doctor: Hey, of course I'm okay. I'm always okay, I'm the King of Okay. Oh, that's a rubbish title, forget that title. Rory the Roman, that's a good title. Hello, Rory.

The Doctor: Now, then, Canton Everett Delaware the Third. That was his name, eh? How many of those can there be? Well, three, I suppose.

The Doctor: I'm being extremely clever up here and there's no one to stand around looking impressed. What's the point in having you all?

The Doctor: Time isn't a straight line, it's all bumpy-wumpy. There's loads of boring stuff, like Sundays and Tuesdays, and Thursday afternoon. But now and then there are Saturdays. Big temporal tipping points when anything's possible. TARDIS can't resist them, like a moth to a flame. She likes a party, so I give her 1969, NASA, because that's space in the 60s. And Canton Delaware Everett III, and this is where she's pointing.

Amy: Trust me.
The Doctor: Okay.
Amy: You have to do this. And you can't ask why.
The Doctor: Are you being threatened? Is someone making you say that?
Amy: No.
The Doctor: You're lying.
Amy: I'm not lying.
The Doctor: Swear to me. Swear to me on something that matters.
Amy: Fish fingers and custard.
The Doctor: My life in your hands. Amelia Pond.

President Richard Nixon: You were my second choice, Mr. Delaware.
Canton Delaware: That's okay. You're my second choice for President, Mr. Nixon.

River Song: Richard Milhouse Nixon. Vietnam, Watergate. Some good stuff, too.
The Doctor: Not enough.
River Song: Hippie.
The Doctor: Archaeologist.

President Richard Nixon: Who are they? And what is that box?
The Doctor: It's a police box, can't you read? I'm your new undercover agent, on loan from Scotland Yard. Code name: The Doctor. (indicates Amy, Rory, River) These are my top operatives, The Legs, The Nose, and Mrs. Robinson.
River Song: I hate you.
The Doctor: No you don't.

Canton Delaware: How'd you get it in here? I mean, you didn't carry it in.
The Doctor: Clever, eh?
Canton Delaware: Love it.
Carl: Do not compliment the intruder!
Canton Delaware: Five minutes?
The Doctor: Five.
Carl: Mr. President, that man is a clear and present danger.
Canton Delaware: Mr. President, that man walked in here with a big blue box and three of his friends. (indicates Carl) And that's the man he walked past. One of them's worth listening to. I say we give him five minutes. See if he delivers.
The Doctor: Thanks, Canton.
Canton Delaware: If he doesn't, I'll shoot him myself.
The Doctor: Not so thanks.

The Doctor: I'm going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilise, street maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, twelve Jammie Dodgers, and a fez.
Canton Delaware: Get him his maps.

The Doctor: Jefferson isn't a girl's name. It's not her name, either. Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton, River!
River Song: Surnames of three of America's Founding Fathers.
The Doctor: Lovely fellows. Two of them fancied me.

The Doctor: And Doctor Song, you've got that face on again.
River Song: What face?
The Doctor: The "he's hot when he's clever" face.
River Song: This is my normal face.
The Doctor: Yes, it is.
River Song: Oh, shut up.
The Doctor: Not a chance.

Amy: Okay, but why would anyone want to trap us?
The Doctor: Ah, let's see if anyone tries to kill us and work backwards.

Amy: But why? If you can make it all the way to Earth, why steal technology that could barely make it to the Moon?
The Doctor: Maybe because it's cooler. Look how cool this stuff is.
Amy: Cool aliens?
The Doctor: Well, what would you call me?
Amy: An alien.

The Doctor: Be careful.
River Song: Careful. Tried that once. Ever so dull.
The Doctor: Shout if you get in trouble.
River Song: Don't worry. I'm quite the screamer. Now there's a spoiler for you.
Canton Delaware: What's going on?
The Doctor: Uhh, nothing. She's just a friend.
Rory: I think he's talking about the possible alien incursion.

The Doctor: Rory, would you mind going with her?
Rory: Yeah. A bit.
The Doctor: Then I'd appreciate it more.
Rory: Hang on, River. I'm coming too.

Rory: What's through there?
River Song: No idea.
Rory: Something bad?
River Song: Almost definitely.
Rory: You're going to open it, aren't you?
River Song: Well, it's locked. How's a girl supposed to resist?
Rory: Is this sensible?
River Song: God, I hope not.

Rory: What did you mean, what you said to Amy? "There's a worse day coming for you."
River Song: When I first met the Doctor, a long long time ago, he knew all about me. Think about that. Impressionable young girl, suddenly this man just drops out of the sky. He's clever and mad and wonderful, and knows every last thing about her. Imagine what that does to a girl.
Rory: I don't really have to.
River Song: Trouble is, it's all back to front. My past is his future. We're travelling in opposite directions. Every time we meet, I know him more, he knows me less. I live for the days when I see him. But I know that every time I do, I'm one step further away. The day's coming when I'll look into that man's eyes, my Doctor, and he won't have the faintest idea who I am. And I think it's going to kill me.

05 November 2012

Series 3 Episode 13: Last of the Time Lords

The Master rules the earth and has the power to decide who lives and who dies. The Doctor, Jack and Martha's family are his prisoners and he likes to torture him because they won't tell him where Martha is. Meanwhile Martha has travelled the world to find a weapon to fight the Master and now she has returned to England. There she meets with Professor Docherty to find out what's inside the metal shell of the aliens. Soon they see, that the humans from the future who wanted to find Utopia are inside and that the Master has made them into what they are now. The Professor betrays Martha and soon she is captured by the Master as well. Now the Master thinks he has won the war but the Doctor reveals to him that Martha wasn't travelling the world to find a weapon but to tell the story of the Doctor. Is that the way to save the world?

The year that never was is a great idea in my opinion, although there have been some rewrites of time in the Doctor Who universe before and after this episode. It's a brilliant final part for this three-parter and a great series finale for series 3. Martha is really the saver of the world because without her the Doctor couldn't have won the war against the Master. I think it's sad to see that she leaves him now but she has to stay with her family after everything that had happened. Martha is one of the companions who leave because she wants to and not because she is left behind or killed or something like this. The Doctor had finally found another Time Lord who is gone now too. This is definitely a hard episode for the Doctor because he is left alone by all of his companions. I love the moment when they reveal that jack is the face of Boe though. Really brilliant.

04 November 2012

Truning Tables (videos)

This is a Rose & The Doctor video, which was made by xdarkwizardcatcher09. I hope you like it.