24 September 2014

Quotes from "The Nightmare Man"

Slitheen: You think you can stop me with a bucket?
Clyde: A bucket full of vinegar! (throws the vinegar at him) 
Slitheen: Ohhh.... bum! (explodes) 

Clyde: (about Luke) I don't get why he wants to go to Uni anyway. We've got K9 and Mr. Smith. He can learn everything from them.
Rani: He's got to meet new people, do new things. Don't you want to see the world?
Clyde: I've seen it. From space.

Nightmare Man: Children of earth, I demand you sleep. And you dream. And you fear... You will fear me.
Sarah Jane: Come on, come and sit down. And I'll tell you all about my brilliant son.
Nightmare Man: No.
Sarah Jane: His name's Luke Smith. And he's going to live, happily ever after
Nightmare Man: Noooooo!

K9: Goodbye, Mr. Smith.
Mr. Smith: Goodbye, K9.
K9: You were... adequate company.
Mr. Smith: You could always contact me, if you need to.
K9: I knew you would miss me.
Mr. Smith: Goodbye, K9.

K9: (Trying to contact Luke) I regret I have insufficient power.
Mr. Smith: Perhaps I could help. If I were to connect to K9, I could boost his energy levels.
Sarah Jane: What would you ought to need, Mr. Smith? I've stuff here from planets across the universe. Mind control devices, alien implants... Just tell me what you need.
Mr. Smith: ...I need a USB lead, Sarah Jane.

Nightmare Man: (watches Rani sleep) What sweet dreams... soon change that!

Clyde: Wherever you go, whatever you do, don't forget about me. I'm still your best mate, remember?
Luke: Super alien brain, remember? I never forget anything.

17 September 2014

Quotes from "The Gift"

Rani: That Rakweed plant could be really incredible. It could feed thousands!
Clyde: But I bet it'll still taste like salad. Like the world needs more salad.
Rani: Do you know what cynical means?
Clyde: It's what I call being realistic. 

Dave: Sarah Jane Smith. How predictable.
Sarah Jane: I prefer reliable.

Sarah Jane: If the Slitheen are back, it could mean chaos on a global scale.
Luke: What do you think they're after?
Sarah Jane: Same as always, I imagine to convert the Earth into cash.

Clyde: K9, can you link to Mr. Smith?
K9: Possible, if required. However, contact with that computer interferes with this unit's synaptic circuits.
Clyde: You mean he gets on your nerves?
K9: Affirmative

Sarah Jane: You're as bad as the Slitheen.
Tree: Don't insult us! We're much worse!
Leef: They don't have our class, our vision, our good looks!

Rani: You're really gonna go through with it, aren't you? Cheating on the test. You've got no morals, have you?
Clyde: And that's why you love me.
Rani: Dream on, Clyde. Dream on.

10 September 2014

Quotes from "Mona Lisa's Revenge"

Rani: (regarding the Mona Lisa's "theft") There's something freaky about this.
Clyde: Oh, here we go. Just because something shady happens, it doesn't mean there's aliens behind it. When my bike got nicked, do you think it was ET the ASBO, cycling home?

Haresh: Morning, 11-T.
Rani: Someone's in trouble; That's dad's serious face.
Clyde: Yeah, like he's got any other sort!

Sarah Jane: (readies the Sonic Lipstick) Sonic scarlet, my favourite shade.

Mr. Harding: Ever since man first drew on cave walls, all any artist ever wanted to do was to breathe life into what they creation. Can't you appreciate the wonder of what has happened today?
Clyde: Can't you appreciate that she's nuts?
Mona Lisa: Standing right here, boys.

Harding: (regarding The Abomination) The story goes that it was painted by Giuseppe di Cattivo, known in fifteenth century Florence as an artist of nightmares.
Clyde: So he didn't paint fluffy lambs and bunny rabbits, then?

Mr. Harding: I've been a fool.
Mona Lisa: I could have told you that any day!

Sarah Jane: (about the Mona Lisa) A living consciousness, trapped in oil. I almost feel sorry for her.
Rani: Almost?
Sarah Jane: Well, you can go off someone after they've trapped you in a painting.

03 September 2014

Quotes from "The Eternity Trap"

Toby: That's better professor. The camera doesn't do you any favours.
Professor Rivers: I heard that.

Clyde: Hey mum, just bunking down for the night in the old haunted house. We haven't seen any ghosts yet. I reckon they're on skeleton staff. We've already had dinner: We had ghoulash!

Erasmus: I'm Erasmus Darkening, Lord of magic.
Sarah Jane: You really shouldn't believe your own press, you know. Maybe people believed in magic when you were conning Lord Marchwood, that you could make gold from lead but not anymore.

Rani: How do you distract a ghost?
Clyde: You find him a pretty... ghoulfriend?

02 September 2014

Season 8

Hey guys!

Have you seen the first two episodes of season 8?
I've seen them but I didn't have time to write reviews yet. Hopefully I'll manage to write them soon.

So, how do you like Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor?
I think I feel a bit like Clara, that I have to get used to him but I like him a little bit more every time I see him. :)