25 February 2015

Quotes from "Mummy on the Orient Express"

The Doctor: Your train awaits, my lady.
Clara: Wonderful.
The Doctor: The baggage car. Thanks for lying.

The Doctor: You're doing it again.
Clara: Doing what?
The Doctor: The smile.
Clara: Yeah, I'm smiling.
The Doctor: Yes, the sad smile. It's a smile, but you're sad. It's confusing, it's like two emotions at once. It's like you're malfunctioning.
Clara: Sorry.

The Doctor: And there's that smile again.I don't even know how you keep track.
Clara: I really thought I hated you, you know.
The Doctor: Well, thank God you kept that to yourself.

Captain Quell: So, what are you a doctor of?
The Doctor: Now, there's a question that's never asked often enough. Let's say... intestinal parasites.

The Doctor: It might be nothing. Old ladies die all the time. It's practically their job description.

Perkins: Perkins. Chief engineer.
The Doctor: The Doctor. Nosy parker.

Maisie: Do you know what you're doing?
Clara: Nope. But I do need to be slightly more skilled than a high-heeled shoe.

Maisie: Life would be so much simpler if you liked the right people. People you're supposed to like. But then I guess there'd be no fairy tales.

Professor Moorhouse: I don't know what you want me to tell you!
The Doctor: Listen to me. You can see this thing, we can't. Tell us what you can see. Even the smallest detail might help us save the next one.
Professor Moorhouse: The next one? You mean, you can't save me?
The Doctor: Well, that is implied, isn't it? Yes, this is probably the end for you. But make it count! Details, please.

Perkins: A man just died in front of us. Can we not just have a moment?
The Doctor: No, no, no. We can't do that. We can't mourn. People with guns to their heads, they cannot mourn. We do not have time to mourn.

Perkins: You know, Doctor, I can't tell if you're a genius or just incredibly arrogant.
The Doctor: Well, on a good day I'm both.

The Doctor: You, sir, are a genius! This explains everything. Apart from what it is and how it's doing it. Sorry, I jumped the gun with the "you're a genius, it explains everything" remark.

The Doctor: I'm so pleased to finally see you. I'm the Doctor and I will be your victim for this evening. Are you my mummy?

The Doctor: Sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones. But you still have to choose.

18 February 2015

Quotes from "Kill the Moon"

Clara: We have a terrible decision to make. It's an uncertain decision, and we don't have a lot of time. The man who normally helps--he's gone. Maybe he's not coming back. In fact, I really don't think he is. We're on our own... 

The Doctor: Because I don't like people being sick in my TARDIS. No being sick, no hanky-panky.
Clara: Doctor!
The Doctor: Sorry, that's the rules.

Clara: Doctor, this is dangerous now.
The Doctor: It was dangerous before. Everything's dangerous if you want it to be. Eating chips is dangerous. Crossing the road. It's no way to live your life. Tell her, you're supposed to be teaching her.

The Doctor: Clara, there are some moments in time that I simply can't see. Little eye-blinks. They don't look the same as other things. They're not clear. They're fuzzy. They're gray. Little moments in which big things are decided. And this is one of them.

Clara: Doctor, what is it?
The Doctor: I think that it's unique. I think that's... the only one of its kind in the universe. I think that is... utterly beautiful. 

Clara: Tell me what you knew, Doctor, or else I’ll smack you so hard you’ll regenerate.

Clara: You walk our earth, Doctor, you breathe our air. You make us your friend and that is your moon, too, and you can damn well help us when we need it.
The Doctor: I was helping.
Clara: What? By clearing off?
The Doctor: Yes.
Clara: Well, clear off! Go on, you can clear off, get back in your lonely... your lonely, bloody TARDIS and you don't come back.

11 February 2015

Quotes from "The Caretaker" (Part 2)

The Doctor: Oh, listen, there's the bell, off you go. Haven't you got shoplifting to do?
Courtney Woods: I'm going to tell the Headmaster.
The Doctor: Oh, yes, well, fine. Cut along, you're running out of time.
Courtney Woods: For what?
The Doctor: Everything. Human beings have incredibly short life spans. Frankly, you should all be in a permanent state of panic. Tick tock, tick tock.
Courtney Woods: You're weird.
The Doctor: Yes, I am. What about you?
Courtney Woods: I'm a disruptive influence.
The Doctor: Good to meet you.
Courtney Woods: And you.
The Doctor: Now get lost.
Courtney Woods: Okay.

The Doctor: Now, I imagine you've many questions. Fire away, I won't answer any of them.

The Doctor: Why do I keep you around?
Clara: Because the alternative would be developing a conscience of your own.

Clara: You're invisible. Oh, my God, that's incredible!
The Doctor: Correct. I am invisible and I am incredible.

The Doctor: I'll see you tomorrow. We'll go somewhere nice. Ancient Egypt. Crocodilopolis. They worship a big crocodile there, so the name is a useful coincidence.

Danny: How stupid do you think I am?
The Doctor: I'm willing to put a number on it.

Danny: He's...your dad. Your space dad.
The Doctor: Oh...genius. That is really, really brilliant reasoning. How can you think I'm her dad when we both look exactly the same age?
Clara: We do not look the same age.
The Doctor: I was being kind.

Danny: One thing, Clara. I'm a soldier, guilty as charged. You see him? He's an officer.
The Doctor: I am not an officer!
Danny: I'm the one who carries you out of the fire. He's the one who lights it.
The Doctor: Out. Now.
Danny: Right away, sir? Straight now?
The Doctor: Yes.
Danny: Am I dismissed?
The Doctor: Yes, you are!
Danny: That's him. Look at him, right now. That's who he is.

Danny: You're using her like a decoy?
The Doctor: No, not like a decoy. As a decoy. Don't they teach you anything at stupid school?
Danny: Well, is there anything I can do?
The Doctor: Yes, yes, and this is very, very important. Leave us alone!

04 February 2015

Quotes from "The Caretaker" (Part 1)

Clara: There's no way out of this. We're gonna die here.
The Doctor: Pass me the vibrocutters.
Clara: They're in my pocket.
The Doctor: Come on, then, pass it to me.
Clara: In my other jacket. At home.
The Doctor: Why have you got two jackets? Is one of them faulty?
Clara: Look, I don't have the vibrocutters. If I had the vibrocutters, I wouldn't be able to pass you the vibrocutters. We're going to starve to death out here.
The Doctor: Of course we won't starve. The sand piranhas will get us long before that.

Clara: So, where we off to?
The Doctor: Clara, you... look lovely today. Have you had a wash?
Clara: Why you being nice?
The Doctor: Because it works on you.

Clara: You're being mysterious, and do you know what that means?
The Doctor: I'm a man of mystery.
Clara: Hmm. It means that you are a very clever man making the mistake, common to very clever people, of assuming that everybody else is stupid. Where are you going?
The Doctor: Undercover. Deep cover.
Clara: Can you do deep cover?
The Doctor: What do you mean?
Clara: Have you seen you?
The Doctor: Of course I can do deep cover!
Clara: Where? The Magic Circle?

Clara: You cannot pass yourself off as a real person among actual people.
The Doctor: I lived among otters once for a month. Well, I sulked. River and I, we had this big fight...
Clara: Human beings are not otters!
The Doctor: Exactly, it'll be even easier.

The Doctor: Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice in 1796.
Clara: This is Mr Smith, the temporary caretaker, and he's a bit confused.
The Doctor: Not in 1797, because she didn't have the time. She was so busy...
Clara: Oh, I suppose she was your bezzie mate, was she? And you went on holidays together and then you got kidnapped by Boggons from space and then you all formed a band and met Buddy Holly.
The Doctor: No, I read the book. There's a bio in the back.

The Doctor: Can't you read?
Courtney Woods: Course I can read. Read what?
The Doctor: The door. It says, "Keep Out."
Courtney Woods: No, it says, "Go Away Humans."
The Doctor: Oh, so it does. Never lose your temper in the middle of a door sign.