29 August 2012

Quotes from "The Vampires of Venice"

Seems like I forgot the quotes from "The Vampires of Venice". Well, here they are.

The Doctor: Rory! That's a relief. Thought I burst out of the wrong cake... again. That reminds me, there's a girl sitting outside in a bikini. Can someone let her in and give her a jumper? Lucy, lovely girl. Diabetic.

The Doctor: We need to talk about your fiancée. She tried to kiss me. Tell you what, though, you're a lucky man. She's a great kisser. Funny how you can say something in your head, and it sounds fine.

The Doctor: Ah, you've got to love Venice. So many people did. Byron, Napoleon, Casanova. Oh that reminds me. 1580, that's all right Casanova doesn't get born for 145 years. Don't want to run into him. I owe him a chicken.
Rory: You owe Casanova a chicken?
The Doctor: Long story. We had a bet.

The Doctor: Tell me the whole plan! (the vampires advance) One day that'll work...

Rory: What's there between you and Amy? You said she kissed you!
The Doctor: Now? You want to do this now?!
Rory: I have a right to know. I'm getting married in 430 years!

The Doctor: The clouds are thick.
Rory: Good thing I brought this, then. (pulls out a small flashlight)
The Doctor: (pulls out a bigger light) Ultraviolet. Portable sunlight.
Rory: Yours is bigger than mine.
The Doctor: Let's not go there.

(to the Doctor)
Rory: You know what's dangerous about you? It's not that you make people take risks, it's that you make them want to impress you. You make it so they don't want to let you down. You have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves when you're around.

Rosanna: Where are you from?
The Doctor: Gallifrey.
Rosanna: You should be in a museum. Or in a mausoleum.

Rosanna: I need an answer, Doctor. A partnership. Any which way you choose.
The Doctor: I don't think that's such a good idea, do you? I'm a Time Lord. You're a big fish. Think of the children.

The Doctor: I will tear down the house of Calviera stone by stone. Take your hands off me, Carlo. And you know why? You didn't know Isabella's name. You didn't know Isabella's name.

Rory: You can't repopulate somewhere with just women. You need blokes.
Amy: She's got blokes in the canal. She said she has 10,000 husbands waiting for her in the water.
The Doctor: Only the male offspring survived the journey here. She's got 10,000 children swimming around the canals, waiting for Mum to make them some compatible girlfriends. Ehhh. I mean, I've been around a bit, but really, that's, that's... ehh.

The Doctor: The people upstairs are pretty noisy.
Guido: There aren't any people upstairs.
The Doctor: I knew you were going to say that. Did anybody else know he was going to say that?

Rory: You stink of fish.
Francesco: Well, I'm hardly going to smell of cheese and biscuits.

The Doctor: Rosanna!
Rosanna: One city to save an entire species. Was that so much to ask?
The Doctor: I told you, you can't go back and change time. You mourn, and you live. I know, Rosanna. I did it.
Rosanna: Tell me, Doctor. Can your conscience carry the weight of another dead race? Remember us. Dream of us.

Amy: Hey, look at this. Got my spaceship, got my boys. My work here is done.
Rory: We are not her boys.
The Doctor: Yeah, we are.
Rory: Yeah, we are.

27 August 2012

Series 3 Episode 8: Human Nature

John Smith is a schoolteacher in 1913 but he dreams of a strange man called the Doctor. What he doesn't know is, that this isn't a dream but that he's really the Doctor, a Time Lord. He turned himself into a human when he and Martha were chased by aliens. The only one who knows who he really is, is Martha who works at the school. John Smith falls in love with the nurse and Martha doesn't know what to do about it when the aliens arrive. Martha wants to turn John Smith back into the Doctor but the watch is missing and he doesn't want to believe that he's not the man he thinks he is. The Family of Blood needs the Doctor to save their lives and so they threaten Martha and Joan. Whom will John Smith choose?

I think this is a brilliant episode because the Doctor is so different as John Smith than as himself. He still has dreams about his real life and we see a picture of Rose and know that she's still in his thoughts. That's a bit sad for Martha because she's in love with him but he hardly notices her most of the time. She's still the companion which the Doctor really appreciates when she's gone. The actor who play the Family of Blood are really brilliant and I think especially Son of mine is very creepy with this strange smile. I've read the book "Human Nature" as well and that's quite different than this episode but I like both. A great first part of this two-parter and something totally different after the last episode in space.

22 August 2012

Quotes from "Amy's Choice"

The Doctor: You've swallowed a planet!
Amy: I'm pregnant.
The Doctor: You're huge!
Amy: Yeah, I'm pregnant!
The Doctor: Look at you: when worlds collide!
Amy: Doctor, I'm pregnant.
The Doctor: Oh, look at you both. Five years later, and you haven't changed a bit! Apart from age, and size...
Amy: Oh, it's good to see you, Doctor.
The Doctor: Are you pregnant?

The Doctor: Well I wanted to see how you were. You know me, I don't just abandon people when they leave the TARDIS. It's Time Lords for life. You don't get rid of your old pal the Doctor so easily.
Amy: You came here by mistake, didn't you?
The Doctor: Yeah, a bit of a mistake, but look, what a result! Look at this... (motions to Amy's stomach) ...bench, what a nice bench. What will they think of next?

Amy: And you had a nightmare about... us. What happened to us in the nightmare?
The Doctor: It was a bit similar in some aspects.
Rory: Which aspects?
The Doctor: Well... all of it.
Amy: You had the same dream.
The Doctor: Basically.
Rory: You said it was a nightmare.
The Doctor: Did I say nightmare? No, more of a really good... mare.

Amy: Shall I run and get the (TARDIS) manual?
The Doctor: You can't. I threw it into a supernova.
Amy: You threw the manual into a supernova? Why?
The Doctor: Because I disagreed with it. Stop talking to me when I'm cross!

The Doctor: I told you, trust nothing we see or hear or feel. Look around you, examine everything. Look for all the details that don't ring true.
Rory: Okay, well, we're in a spaceship that's bigger on the inside than the outside.
Amy: With a bowtie-wearing alien.
Rory: So maybe "what rings true" isn't so simple.

The Doctor: You said everyone here lives to their 90s. There's something that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick.

The Doctor: Amy, why don't you take a guess at what... that is.
Amy: Umm, Dream Lord. He creates dreams.
The Doctor: Dreams, delusions, cheap tricks.
Dream Lord: And what about the gooseberry here? Does he get a guess?
Rory: Uhh, listen, mate. If anyone's the gooseberry around here, it's the Doctor.
Dream Lord: Well, there's a delusion I'm not responsible for.

The Doctor: Where did you pick up this cheap cabaret act?
Dream Lord: Me? Oh, you're on shaky ground.
The Doctor: Am I?
Dream Lord: If you had any more tawdry quirks, you could open a tawdry quirk shop. The madcap vehicle, the cockamamie hair, the clothes designed by a first-year fashion student... I'm surprised you haven't got a little purple space dog, just to ram home what an intergalactic wag you are.

Dream Lord: Now then, the prognosis is this: if you die in the dream, you wake up in reality, healthy recovery in next to no time. Ask me what happens if you die in reality.
Rory: What happens?
Dream Lord: You die, stupid. That's why it's called "reality."

The Doctor: Now, we all know there's an elephant in the room.
Amy: I have to be this size; I'm having a baby!
The Doctor: No, no. The hormones seem real, but no. Is anyone going to mention Rory's ponytail? (to Amy) You hold him down, I'll cut it off?
Rory: This from the man in the bow-tie?
The Doctor: Bow-ties are cool.

Dream Lord: Let's all jump under a bus and wake up in the TARDIS. You first.
The Doctor: Leave her alone.
Dream Lord: Do that again. I love it when he does that. Tall, dark hero. "Leave her alone!"
Rory: Just leave her.
Dream Lord: Yes, you're not quite so impressive.

Dream Lord: Love's a red-head, our naughty Doctor. Has he told you about Elizabeth the First? Well, she thought she was the first.

Amy: Put these on. Both of you.
Rory: Oh. A poncho. The biggest crime against fashion since lederhosen.
Amy: Ah. Here we go. Amy's Boys. The Poncho Boys. If we're going to die, let's die looking like a Peruvian folk band.

Dream Lord: (talking about the Doctor) Poor Amy. He always leaves you, doesn't he? Alone in the dark, never apologises...
Amy: He doesn't have to.
Dream Lord: That's good, because he never will.

Amy: (after Rory dies) Save him. You save everyone, you always do, that's what you do.
The Doctor: Not always. I'm sorry.
Amy: Then what is the point of you?

20 August 2012

Series 3 Episode 7: 42

Martha and the Doctor land on a spaceship but they soon find out, that the ship is on it's way into a sun and they are stuck because they can't reach the Tardis anymore. There are only 42 minutes left to restart the engines of the ship but there seems to be something else on board that is not human. After a lock-down Martha helps to get to the front of the ship which isn't so easy because the doors are locked with passwords. She calls her mother to help her a couple of times but when the alien reaches her, she is locked into an escape pod. The Doctor can save her but now the alien is inside of him and he doesn't know how long he can resist. Will the ship fall into the sun or is the Doctor able to come up with a plan?

I think this is another great episode for Martha because this time she has to save the Doctor and not the other way round. It's a bit scary to see that the Doctor can be possessed by another alien lifeform, I just didn't think that would be possible. The episode has an interesting story and it feels a bit like 24 because they only have 42 minutes to save themselves. So, it's an episode in real time. The Doctor seems to like spacesuits because he is wearing one in this episode again but it suits him. I love the modificated phone every companion has and I would like to have one of these myself. Would be cool when you could phone everywhere and don't have to pay for it. :) 42 is a great episode with interesting aliens and a quite simple resolution for the problem but also some deaths that could have been prevented.

19 August 2012

Don't slow down (video)

I think this is a brilliant video of Donna and Ten. You have to watch it. It's from seduff.

17 August 2012

Who shirts

I had a look at the new Doctor Who t-shirts on Redbubble and found these. I hope you like them.

15 August 2012

Quotes from "Flesh and Stone"

It's time for the quotes from the second part of the Weeping Angel two-parter in series 5.

Amy: Okay, so we've basically run up the inside of a chimney, yeah? So what if the gravity fails?
The Doctor: I've thought about that.
Amy: And?
The Doctor: And we'll all plunge to our deaths. See? I thought about it.

Angel Bob: Hello, Doctor? Angel Bob here, sir.
The Doctor: Ah, there you are, Angel Bob. How's life? Sorry, bad subject.

The Doctor: It's nice in here. Consoles, comfy chairs, a forest. How's things with you?
Angel Bob: The Angels are feasting, sir. Soon we'll be able to absorb enough power to consume this vessel. This world and all the stars, and worlds beyond.
The Doctor: Well, we've got comfy chairs, did I mention?
Angel Bob: We have no need of comfy chairs.
The Doctor: I made him say "comfy chairs."

Amy: So what's wrong with me?
River Song: Nothing, you're fine.
The Doctor: Everything, you're dying.
River Song: Doctor!
The Doctor: Yes, you're right. If we lie to her, she'll get all better!

Octavian: Doctor, we're too exposed here. We have to move on.
The Doctor: We're too exposed everywhere, and Amy can't move. And anyway, that's not the plan.
River Song: There's a plan?
The Doctor: I don't know yet, I haven't finished talking. Right, Father, you and your clerics are going to stay here and look after Amy. If anything happens to her, I'm hold every single one of you personally responsible, twice. River, you and me, we're going to go find the primary flight deck, which is... a quarter of a mile straight ahead. And from there we're going to stabilize the wreckage, stop the Angels and cure Amy.
River Song: How?
The Doctor: I'll do a thing.
River Song: What thing?
The Doctor: I don't know, it's a thing in progress. Respect the thing.

The Doctor: I'll be back for you as soon as I can.
Amy: You always say that.
The Doctor: I always come back.

The Doctor: Amy, you need to start trusting me. It's never been more important.
Amy: But you don't always tell me the truth.
The Doctor: If I always told you the truth, I wouldn't need you to trust me.

Octavian: We have to move, or the Angels could be here any second!
The Doctor: Never mind the Angels, there're worse things than Angels.
(an Angel grabs Octavian)
Octavian: I beg to differ, sir.

The Doctor: River Song, I could bloody kiss you!
River Song: Oh well, maybe when you're older.

(to the Doctor)
River Song: You, me, handcuffs... must it always end this way?

River Song: You'll see me again quite soon. When the Pandorica opens.
The Doctor: The Pandorica? Ha. That's a fairytale.
River Song: Haha, Doctor, aren't we all? I'll see you there.
The Doctor: I'll look forward to it.
River Song: I remember it well.

The Doctor: Can I trust you, River Song?
River Song: If you like. But where's the fun in that?

The Doctor: Amy, listen to me. I am 907 years old. Do you know what that means?
Amy: It's been a while?
The Doctor: Ye... no, no, no! I'm nine hundred and seven, and look at me. I don't get older, I just change. You get older, I don't, and this can't ever work!
Amy: Oh, you are sweet, Doctor. But I wasn't really suggesting anything quite so... long-term.

13 August 2012

Series 3 Episode 6: The Lazarus Experiment

The Doctor brings Martha home after their travels and wants to leave but then he hears that Professor Lazarus wants to change humanity and stays. Martha's sister works for Lazarus now and so the Doctor and Martha can watch the big experiment. First everything seems normal but then the capsule with Lazarus inside it has a malfunction and the Doctor shuts it down, so it won't explode. Lazarus comes out and is several years younger than before but everyone finds out soon that he starts to change into a monster. Can the Doctor save everybody before another human dies? He soon finds out that it's not so easy to kill Lazarus and they meet for the final showdown in a place of many memories.

This episode is a stand-alone story after the Dalek two-parter but that doesn't mean that it's bad. We meet Martha's family again and you can see that her mother doesn't like the Doctor. This storyline will be important at the end of series 3 but we don't know in which way yet. Mark Gatiss is just brilliant as Professor Lazarus in this episode. He's both a great writer and actor and the good quality of this episode is partly because of him. Martha and the Doctor are a real team now and at the end of the episode she even gets a Tardis key, which makes her a true companion. I also like Martha's sister Tish who will play a role later too. We still have a lot to look forward to in this series.

12 August 2012

08 August 2012

Quotes from "The Time of Angels"

Here are quotes from the first episode of the Weeping Angel two-parter in series 5, which includes River Song as well.

The Doctor: The writing, the graffiti, all High Gallifreyan. The lost language of the Time Lords. There were days, there were many days, these words could burn stars and raise up empires. And topple gods.
Amy: What does this say?
The Doctor: "Hello, Sweetie."

Amy: Where'd you learn how to fly the TARDIS?
River Song: Oh, I had lessons from the very best.
The Doctor: Well, yeah...
River Song: It's a shame you were busy that day.

Amy: Aren't you going to introduce us?
Doctor: Amy Pond, Professor River Song.
River Song: I'm going to be a professor some day, am I? How exciting! (laughs) Spoilers!

River Song: Doctor. Can you sonic me? I need to boost the signal so we can use it as a beacon.
Amy: Ooh, Doctor. You soniced her.

The Doctor: You're still here. What part of wait in the TARDIS until I tell you it's safe was so confusing?
Amy: Oh, are you mister grumpy face today?
The Doctor: A Weeping Angel, Amy, is the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life form evolution has ever produced, and right now one of them is trapped inside that wreckage. And I'm supposed to climb in after it with a screwdriver and a torch, and assuming I survive the radiation long enough, assuming the whole ship doesn't just explode in my face, do something incredibly clever which I haven't actually thought of yet. That's my day, that's what I'm up to. Any questions?

(after rescuing Amy)
The Doctor: River, hug Amy.
Amy: Why?
The Doctor: Because I'm busy.

Octavian: An Angel on the loose amongst stone statues. Much harder then I prayed for.
River Song: Like looking for a needle in a haystack.
The Doctor: An Angel that looks like hay. A hay-like needle. Of death. A hay-like needle of death in a haystack of, er, statues. No, yours was fine.

Amy: So, what's a "Maze of the Dead"?
River Song: Ah, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's just a labyrinth with dead people buried in the walls. Okay, that was fairly bad.

Amy: So, what's he like? In the future, I mean. 'Cause you know him in the future, don't you?
River Song: The Doctor? Well, the Doctor's... the Doctor.
Amy: Oh. Well, that's, um... very helpful. Mind if I write that down?

Amy: Isn't there a chance this lot's just gonna collapse? There's a whole ship up there.
River Song: Incredible builders, the Aplans.
The Doctor: Had dinner with their chief architect once. Two heads are better then one.
Amy: What, you mean you helped him?
The Doctor: Uh, no. I mean he had two heads.

The Doctor: Tell me, how did you escape?
Angel Bob: I didn't escape, sir. The Angel killed me, too.
The Doctor: What do you mean, the Angel killed you, too?
Angel Bob: Snapped my neck, sir. Wasn't as painless as I expected, but it was pretty quick, so that was something.
The Doctor: If you're dead, how can I be talking to you?
Angel Bob: You're not talking to me, sir. The Angel has no voice. It stripped my cerebral cortex from my body and reanimated a version of my consciousness to communicate with you. Sorry about the confusion.

Amy: I don't need you to die for me, Doctor. Do I look that clingy?

The Doctor: Didn't anyone ever tell you, there's one thing you never put in a trap if you're smart? If you value your continued existence. If you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there's one thing you never, ever put in a trap.
Angel Bob: And what would be that be, sir?
The Doctor: Me.

06 August 2012

Series 3 Episode 5: Evolution of the Daleks

A new Empire of the Daleks rises when the manage to make a human Dalek. Soon the Doctor finds out that the human Dalek is more like a human because he has the same feelings and now knows what he has done wrong all the time. He tries to change the plan to turn human bodies into Daleks with the help of the Doctor but the other Daleks hinder him. So the Doctor and his friends race up to the top of the Empire State Building where the Doctor tries to get rid of the Dalekanium before the lightning strikes. He's not able to do it and soon meets the Daleks for a final show down. The human Dalek is a slave now and gets killed but the other Daleks didn't expect the human hulls to have a bit of Time Lord in them. Except for one, all Daleks are killed and history can take it's way.

This second part was a brilliant way to conclude this two-parter and the door for a return of the Daleks is still open. In this episode you can see that the Daleks will never really change who they are and that they'll always be an enemy of the Doctor. It's so nice that the Doctor was able to save Laszlo in the end although he still looks like half a pig. Many people died again because of the Daleks and many more will die in the future but for this point in time, the Doctor has saved everyone again. Martha becomes more his companion than in the episodes before and she's really a help in this fight against the Daleks. Most of the times Dalek episodes are great in Doctor Who.

05 August 2012

Tenth Doctor and Sarah Jane (video)

Today I have a beautiful tribute video of the Tenth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith for you. It's quite sad but I hope you like it. It's from Shanna.

03 August 2012

01 August 2012

Quotes from "Victory of the Daleks"

More quotes from series five this Wednesday and this time they are from the episode "Victory of the Daleks".

Churchill: We are waging total war, Doctor. Day after day, the Luftwaffe pound this great city like an iron fist!
The Doctor: Wait 'til the Daleks get started.
Churchill: Men, women and children slaughtered. Families torn apart. Wren's churches in flame.
The Doctor: Yeah? Try the Earth in flames!

Churchill: If Hitler invaded Hell, I would give a favourable reference to the Devil.

The Doctor: What does hate look like, Amy?
Amy: Hate?
The Doctor: It looks like a Dalek. And I'm going to prove it.

Dalek: Would you care for some tea?

The Doctor: You are everything I despise. The worst thing in all creation. I've defeated you time and time again, I've defeated you. I've sent you back into the void. I've saved the whole of reality from you. I am the Doctor and you are the Daleks!

Supreme Dalek: We are the paradigm of a new Dalek race: Scientist, Strategist, Drone, Eternal, and the Supreme!
The Doctor: Which would be you, I'm guessing. Well, you know: nice paint-job, I'd be feeling pretty swish if I looked like you. Pretty Su... pre... me.

The Doctor: Either you turn off your clever machine, or I'll blow you and your new paradigm into eternity.
Supreme Dalek: And yourself.
The Doctor: Occupational hazard.
Blue Dalek: Scan reveals nothing! TARDIS self-destruct device non-existent!
The Doctor: All right, it's a Jammie Dodger. But I was promised tea!

Supreme Dalek: Call off the attack, or we will destroy the Earth.
The Doctor: I'm not stupid, mate. You've just played your last card.
Supreme Dalek: Bracewell is a bomb.
The Doctor: You're bluffing. Deception is second nature to you. There isn't a sincere bone in your body. There isn't a bone in your body.

The Doctor: Ah no, this is my best chance to get rid of the Daleks. I can rid the whole universe of you once... and for all.
Supreme Dalek: Then, do it! But we will shatter the planet below. The Earth will die screaming!
The Doctor: Yeah, and if I let you go... you'll be stronger than ever... a new race of Daleks.
Supreme Dalek: Then choose, Doctor: Destroy the Daleks or save the Earth!

Amy: So, you have enemies, then?
The Doctor: Everyone's got enemies.
Amy: Yeah, but mine's the woman outside Budgens with the mental jack russell. You've got like, you know, arch enemies.
The Doctor: Suppose so.
Amy: And here's me thinking we'd just be running through time, being daft and fixing stuff. But no, it's dangerous.
The Doctor: Yup, very. Is that a problem?
Amy: I'm still here, aren't I?