30 April 2014

Quotes from "Eye of the Gorgon"

Sister Helena: I'd shut up if I were you, or the Abbess will show you her idea of solving a problem like Maria.

Clyde: Listen Luke, when weirdo nuns turns up on your doorstep asking about freaky glowing alien gizmo's, one thing you never do... is tell them you've got one.

Sarah Jane: So, no obvious reason for the home to be haunted by a nun, then?
Mr. Smith: I assume that by haunting you mean the projection of energies imprinted on psychic assimilating matter?
Sarah Jane: Obviously.
Clyde: Come again?
Sarah Jane: Events get recorded on their surroundings, then under certain circumstances they get played back.

Bea: You're the boy in the window.
Luke: My name's Luke, we were visiting Mrs. Randall. She says this place is haunted by a nun, have you seen her?
Bea: Yes I have, and she's no ghost. There's something different about you, oh don't be afraid it's all right I've seen alie..ahh, unusual people before. Perhaps you can help me.

Maria: She was lucky to have Edgar, wasn't she?
Sarah Jane: I suppose she was.
Maria: Don't you ever wish you had found someone special to share it all with?
Sarah Jane: Oh, I think I have. For the second time.

Sister Helena: We will be at peace everlasting! And you shall be our Queen. To receive the Gorgon, do not look into its eyes, Miss Smith. To do so will turn you to stone.
Sarah Jane: I'd rather be a lump of granite than bow down to that thing!

Alan: Pity really. I think I'd look good as one of those Greek statues. (He posses like The Thinker)
Maria: I prefer you the way you are.

Luke: (after surveying a garden of statues) It's killed all these people and put them on show like trophies.
Clyde: Or a warning, and I'm taking it. Let's get out of here.

23 April 2014

Quotes from "Revenge of the Slitheen"

Blakeman: You're afraid. A Slitheen girl your age would do it. Wouldn't think twice. But all the fight's gone out of you. You just stand there shaking in your shoes. That's why we survive. That's why you're losers. All of you on this rubbish planet. That's why we win! (Maria throws vinegar over him)
Blakeman: (He groans) Oops! (He explodes covering Clyde and Maria in green goo) 
Clyde Langer: Oh great!
Maria Jackson: I did it I exploded the headmaster.

Luke: Sarah Jane I've done something really stupid. A really bad social mistake. I told the Slitheen how to destroy the world.

16 April 2014

Quotes from "Invasion of the Bane"

Sarah Jane: Maria, there's two kinds of people in this world: people who panic and....then there's us. Got it?
Maria: Got it.

Mrs. Wormwood: (to Sarah Jane) In the language of your young ones, bring...it...on.

Mrs. Wormwood: Until we meet again...Ms. Smith.

Sarah Jane: I saw amazing things, out there in space...but there is strangeness to be found, wherever you turn. Life on Earth can be an adventure too...you just need to know where to look.

Maria: How would you know if you were going mad?
Alan: Ask you mother, she's the expert.
Maria: I'm gonna tell her you said that!

The Archetype (Luke): Hello, Maria, hello screaming girl.

Sarah Jane: I met this man, a very special man, called the Doctor. And years ago, we travelled together.
Maria: In space?
Sarah Jane: Space and time. Then it came to an end. Suddenly, I was back to a normal life. Electric bills, burst pipes, bus tickets...and rain.
Kelsey: She's gone completely loop-the-loop!
Sarah Jane: There, y'see? Who could I talk to about it? For years I tried to forget! And then I met him again, the Doctor...but we had both changed, but it was funny because we were still both the same. I learned, that I could carry on here on Earth, doing what we always did.

Maria: I never asked...have you got a boyfriend or...?
Sarah Jane: Well, there was only ever one man for me, and after him...nothing compared.

Sarah Jane: (to Maria) When I was your age, I used to think "Oh, when I'm grown up, I'll know what I want, I'll be sorted." But you never really know what you want. You never feel grown up, not really. You never sort it all out...so I thought, I could handle life on my own. But after today...I don't want to!

09 April 2014

Quotes from "The Time of the Doctor"

Tasha Lem: Once, there was a planet much like any other. And unimportant. This planet sent the universe a message. A bell tolling among the stars, ringing out to all the dark corners of creation. And everybody came to see. Although no one understood the message, everyone who heard it found themselves afraid. Except one man. The man who stayed for Christmas.

Clara: Emergency. You're my boyfriend.
The Doctor: Ding dong, okay, brilliant. I may be a bit... rusty in some areas but I will glance at the manual.
Clara: No, no, you're not actually my boyfriend.
The Doctor: Oh, that was quick. It's a roller coaster, this phone call.

Clara: So I may have... accidentally invented a boyfriend.
The Doctor: Yeah, I did that once. And there's no easy way to get rid of an android.

Linda: How's the turkey doing?
Clara: Great, yeah, yeah, it's doing great. Well, dead and decapitated but that's Christmas when you're a turkey. Ha.

The Doctor: Okay, homing in on the mysterious message. Ooh, yes, I like that. "the mysterious message."
Clara: You shaved your head.
The Doctor: Yep. Clever plan to get us past the shield.
Clara: You got bored one night, didn't you?
The Doctor: Yeah, tiny bit bored.

The Doctor: And she's back. (kisses Tasha) Never could resist a row.
Tasha Lem: Kiss me when I ask.
The Doctor: Well, you'd better ask nicely.
Tasha Lem: In your dreams.

Clara: You can fly the TARDIS.
Tasha Lem: Flying the TARDIS was always easy. It was flying the Doctor I never quite mastered.

The Doctor: Are you Barnable?
Young Man: No, Doctor.
The Doctor: It's okay, Barnable, don't worry. I have got a plan. Off you pop. (once he leaves) I haven't got a plan. The people love it when I say that.

Clara: You've been asking the question, and it's time someone told you you've been getting it wrong. His name... his name is the Doctor. All the name he needs and everything you need to know about him. And if you love him, and you should, help him. Help him.

Dalek: The rules of regeneration are broken! You have expended all your lives!
The Doctor: Sorry? What did you say? Did you mention the rules? Now, listen. Bit of advice. Tell me the truth if you think you know it, lay down the law if you're feeling brave. But, Daleks, never ever tell me the rules!

The Doctor: Ooh, it just disappears, doesn't it? Everything you are, gone in a moment like breath on a mirror. Any moment now, he's a-comin'.
Clara: Who's coming?
The Doctor: The Doctor.
Clara: You... you are the Doctor.
The Doctor: Yep. And I always will be. But times change, and so must I.

The Doctor: We all change when you think about it. We're all different people, all through our lives. And that's okay, that's good, you got to keep moving so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this, not one day. I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me.

The New Doctor: Kidneys! I’ve got new kidneys! I don't like the colour.
Clara: Of your kidneys? (the TARDIS shakes) What's happening?
The New Doctor: We're probably crashing! Oh!
Clara: Into what?
The New Doctor: Stay calm. Just one question. Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?

Happy Birthday, Neve!

Happy Birthday, Neve McIntosh!

02 April 2014

Quotes from "The Day of the Doctor" (Part 2)

The War Doctor: Oh, the pointing again. They're screwdrivers, what are you going to do, assemble a cabinet at them?
The Eleventh Doctor: It's a, a, timey-wimey thing.
The War Doctor: Timey-wimey what? "Timey-wimey"?
The Tenth Doctor: I've--I've no idea where he picks that stuff up.

The War Doctor: Are you capable of speaking without flapping your hands out?
The Eleventh Doctor: Yes. (flaps his hands) No. I demand to be incarcerated in the Tower immediately with my co-conspirators, Sand Shoes and Granddad.
The War Doctor: "Granddad"?
The Tenth Doctor: They're not sand shoes.
The War Doctor: Yes, they are.

Kate Stewart: No one can know we have this, even our allies.
Clara: Why not?
Kate Stewart: Think about it. Americans with the ability to rewrite history. You've seen their movies.

The War Doctor: I don't know who you are. Either of you. I haven't got the faintest idea.
Rose Tyler: They're you. They're what you become if you destroy Gallifrey. The man who regrets and the man who forgets. The Moment is coming. The Moment is me, you have to decide.

(as Elizabeth I kisses the Tenth Doctor) 
The War Doctor: Is there a lot of this in the future?
The Eleventh Doctor: It does start to happen, yeah.

(in the TARDIS) 
The Eleventh Doctor: Look. The round things.
The Tenth Doctor: I love the round things.
The Eleventh Doctor: What are the round things?
The Tenth Doctor: No idea.

(seeing the new TARDIS interior) 
The Tenth Doctor: Oh, you've redecorated. I don't like it.
The Eleventh Doctor: Oh. Oh, yeah, you never do.

Rose Tyler: You've seen the men you will become.
The War Doctor: Those men... extraordinary.
Rose Tyler: They were you.
The War Doctor: No. They are the Doctor.
Rose Tyler: You're the Doctor, too.
The War Doctor: No. Great men are forged in fire. it is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame. Whatever the cost.
Rose Tyler: You know the sound the TARDIS makes? That wheezing groaning? That sound brings hope wherever it goes.
The War Doctor: Yes. Yes, I like to think it does.
Rose Tyler: To anyone who hears it. Anyone, however lost. Even you.

The Eleventh Doctor: There isn't another way, there never was. Either I destroy my own people or let the universe burn.
Clara: Look at you. The three of you, the warrior, the hero... and you.
The Eleventh Doctor: And what am I?
Clara: Have you really forgotten?
The Eleventh Doctor: Yes. Maybe, yes.
Clara: We've got enough warriors. Any old idiot can be a hero.
The Eleventh Doctor: Then what do I do?
Clara: What you've always done. Be a doctor. You told me the name you chose was a promise. What was the promise?
The Tenth Doctor: Never cruel or cowardly.
The War Doctor: Never give up. Never give in.

The General: Do it, Doctor. Just do it. Do it.
The Eleventh Doctor: Okay. Gentlemen, we're ready. Geronimo!
The Tenth Doctor: Allon-sy!
The War Doctor: For god's sake. Gallifrey stands!

The War Doctor: I don't suppose we'll ever know if we actually succeeded. But at worse, we failed doing the right thing. As opposed to succeeding in doing the wrong.
Clara: Life and soul, you are.

(starting to regenerate)
The War Doctor: Yes, of course. Suppose it makes sense. Wearing a bit thin. I hope the ears are a bit less inconspicuous this time.

The Eleventh Doctor: I could be a curator. I'd be great at curating, I'd be the Great Curator. I could retire and do that. I could retire and be the curator of this place.

The Curator: And now you must excuse me. Oh, you have a lot to do.
The Eleventh Doctor: Do I?
The Curator: Umm.
The Eleventh Doctor: Is that what I'm supposed to do now? Go looking for Gallifrey?
The Curator: It's entirely up to you. Your choice, eh? I can only tell you what I would do. If I were you, oh, if I were you... Perhaps I was you, of course. Or perhaps, you are me.
The Eleventh Doctor: Yes.
The Curator: Congratulations.
The Eleventh Doctor: Thank you very much.
The Curator: Or perhaps it doesn't matter either way. Who knows? Who knows.

The Eleventh Doctor: Clara sometimes asks me if I dream. Of course I dream, I tell her. Everybody dreams. "But what do you dream about?" she'll ask. "Same thing everybody dreams about," I tell her. I dream about where I'm going. She always laughs at that. "But you're not going anywhere, you're wandering about." That's not true, not anymore. I have a new destination. My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone's. It's taken me so many years, so many lifetimes. But at last I know where I'm going. Where I've always been going. Home. The long way around.