Pompeii, Italy: The Tenth Doctor and Donna arrive in Pompeii before the eruption but will they warn the people or not? (DW S4E2 "The Fires of Pompeii")

Stonehenge: The Eleventh Doctor's enemies gather around Stonehenge while the Pandorica opens. (DW S5E12 "The Pandorica Opens")

London: Rani meets Queen Jane and is her a friend during her last days. (SJA S4E9/10 "Lost in Time")

Venice: The Doctor brings Amy and Rory on a romantic trip to Venice but who are the strange girls who don't like sunlight? (DW S5E6 "The Vampires of Venice")

London: The Tenth Doctor and Martha have to help William Shakespeare who is influenced by witch-like aliens. (DW S3E2 "The Shakespeare Code")

Ashen Hill Manor: What happened with Lord Marchwood and his children? (SJA S3E7/8 "The Eternity Trap")

The Fancy, Earth; parallel universe: The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory follow a distress signal and land on a pirate ship that is in danger of a siren. (DW S6E3 "The Curse of the Black Spot")

Paris: The Tenth Doctor meets the young Madame Pompadour and finds a monster under her bed. (DW S2E4 "The Girl in the Fireplace")

Paris: The Tenth Doctor kisses Madame Pompadour. (DW S2E4 "The Girl in the Fireplace")

Versaille: Madame Pompadour flirts with the king and dances with the Doctor after they talked with the clock-work droid. (DW S2E4 "The Girl in the Fireplace")

Versaille: Rose warns Madame Pompadour that more droids will come. (DW S2E4 "The Girl in the Fireplace")

Versaille: The Doctor can defeat the droids and Madame Pompadour shows him the way back through time. (DW S2E4 "The Girl in the Fireplace")

Cardiff: Mary takes a soldier into the forest but then there is a bright light and he shoots her. (TW S1E7 "Greeks Bearing Gifts")

London: It's Christmas and Cybermen are in Victorian England. When the Tenth Doctor arrives to investigate he soon meets another Doctor and they join forces to save London. (DW S4 Special "The Next Doctor")

Mercy, Nevada: The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory land in a Wild West town, which is under a siege and they can't leave the town until they hand over the "alien doctor". (DW S7E3 "A Town called Mercy")

Scotland: Rose and the Tenth Doctor meet Queen Victoria and have an encounter with a werewolf. (DW S2E2 "Tooth and Claw")

Manor: Sarah Jane has to find a key and see why a house is haunted. (SJA S4E9/10 "Lost in Time")

Auvers-sur-Oise: The Eleventh Doctor and Amy travel into the past when the Doctor notices a monster in one of van Gogh's pictures. (DW S5E10 "Vincent and the Doctor")

London: The Eleventh Doctor has lost Amy and Rory and now hides in Victorian London. Can Clara Oswald and the strange case of the Snowmen bring him back to adventuring? (DW S7 Special "The Snowmen")

Cardiff: The Ninth Doctor and Rose meet Charles Dickens. (DW S1E3 "The Unquiet Dead")

Cardiff: Jack becomes an agent of Torchwood. (TW S2E12 "Fragments")

England: The Tenth Doctor transforms into a human to hide from aliens who are hunting him but they arrive soon and he has no memory of them. (DW S3E8 "Human Nature")
War breaks out while the aliens hunt for the Doctor. Will he stay a human or will he save the people he loves? (DW S3E9 "The Family of Blood")

London; Dalek ship: The Eleventh Doctor gets a call from Winston Churchill, who needs the Doctor's assistance. When they arrive, Amy and the Doctor are faced with Daleks but they don't seem to know the Doctor. (DW S5E3 "Victory of the Daleks")

Cardiff: Tommy Brockless is in a hospital and two people of Torchwood take him with them to keep him save. (S2E3 "To the Last Man")

Hull: The Weeping Angel send Sally's friend Kathy back in time. (DW S3E10 "Blink")

Eddison Manor, England: The Tenth Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie and help her to defeat giant bees. (DW S4E7 "The Unicorn and the Wasp")

New York City: Jack is in a relationship with Angelo but will it end well? (TW S4E7 "Immortal Sins")

Manhattan, New York: Homeless people vanish from the street and strange things happen at the Empire State building. What is behind this? (DW S3E4 "Daleks in Manhattan")
The Daleks have created a Dalek/human hybrid and want to start a new empire on earth. What will the Tenth Doctor and Martha do? (DW S3E5 "Evolution of the Daleks")

Berlin: The Tardis is hijacked by Mels and lands in the time of WW2. Mels regenerates into River who tries to kill the Eleventh Doctor. Can Amy and Rory help him? (DW S6E8 "Let's kill Hitler")
Manhattan, New York: Amy and the Eleventh Doctor try to save Rory from the Weeping Angels but can the Doctor save his friends. (DW S7E5 "The Angels Take Manhattan")

London: The Ninth Doctor and Rose land in war time London where they meet Captain Jack Harkness and try to find out what is behind the child with the gas mask. (DW S1E9/10 "The Empty Child" + "The Doctor Dances")
Dorset: The Eleventh Doctor plays a caretaker and his Christmas present brings Madge and her children into a strange wintry world. (DW S6 Special "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe")
South English Coast: Clyde is confronted with invading Germans and has to take the object he is looking for from them. (SJA S4E9/10 "Lost in Time")
Cardiff: Jack and Tosh are stranded in the past where they meet the real Captain Jack Harkness. (TW S1E12 "Captain Jack Harkness")

Foxgrove, Hertfordshire: Sarah Jane meets her parents who save the world. (SJA S2E9/10 "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith")

London: The Wire wants to take over earth through the television and the Tenth Doctor and Rose need to find a way to avert that. (DW S2E7 "The Idiot's Lantern")

London: The Tenth Doctor and Martha are stuck in London without the Tardis because the Weeping Angels have sent them there. Will they find back? (DW S3E10 "Blink")
Florida: The Eleventh Doctor, Amy, Rory and River try to find out what happened to the future version of the Doctor. (DW S6E1 "The Impossible Astronaut")
How can he Eleventh Doctor, River, Amy and Rory fight an alien race that everybody forgets when they turn away? (DW S6E2 "Day of the Moon")

London: Elton Pope sees the Doctor for the first time. (DW S2E10 "Love & Monsters")

Firebird, North Pole: A strange creature is on board of a Soviet submarine during the Cold War. The Eleventh Doctor tries to stop an outbreak of war with the Ice Warriors. (DW S7E8 "Cold War")

London: Rose saves her father and changes the timeline with horrible consequences and then it is her father who saves her. (DW S1E8 "Father's Day")

Leadworth: The Eleventh Doctor meets Amelia Pond for the first time and closes the crack in her wall. (DW S5E1 "The Eleventh Hour")
London: The Eleventh Doctor is locked in the Pandorica and the cracks swallow everything. Can the believe of a girl save the world? (DW S5E15 "The Big Bang")

Cardiff: Jack becomes the leader of Torchwood Three. (TW S2E12 "Fragments")

21st century
London: It's the year of the invasion with small cubes and the Eleventh Doctor doesn't know what to do. (DW S7E4 "The Power of Three")

Secret Prison: Jack releases Tosh from a UNIT prison and she starts to work for Torchwood. (TW S2E12 "Fragments")

London: The Ninth Doctor meets Rose for the first time and fights the Autons. (DW S1E1 "Rose")
Elton Pope is there as well. (DW S2E10 "Love & Monsters")
Hospital, Graveyard: Owen looses his fiancée to an alien and he decides to join Torchwood as a medic after he has a fight with Jack. (TW S2E12 "Fragments")

London: The Ninth Doctor and Rose watch a spaceship crash in the Thames and defeat the Slitheen. (DW S1E4/5 "Aliens of London" + "World War Three")
Cardiff: The Ninth Doctor, Rose and Jack are in Cardiff to refuel the Tardis and meet Margaret of the Slitheen again who nearly destroys the city. (DW S1E11 "Boom Town")
London: The Ninth Doctor sends Rose back into her time to save her but she goes back to save him with the help of the Tardis. (DW S1E13 "The Parting of the Ways")
The newly regenerated Tenth Doctor has to save Earth from the Sycorax. (DW S1 Special "The Christmas Invasion")

Cardiff: Gwen Cooper wants to know who is Torchwood when she sees that they can bring a murder victim back to life and talk to him. (TW S1E1 "Everything Changes")
It's Gwens first day with Torchwood and the team is trying to save a girl who is possessed by an alien. (TW S1E2 "Day One")
Gwen is haunted by a vision of a boy when she touches a strange alien artefact. (TW S1E3 "Ghost Machine")
Ianto hides his girlfriend in the Hub who is a half-converted Cyberwoman. Is he able to save her? (TW S1E4 "Cyberwoman")
When Jack encounters some "fairies" from his past who are able to change the weather and kill people, he has to choose who he wants to save. (TW S1E5 "Small Worlds")
Brecon Beacons: Torchwood gets news of several dead people and travels to the small village to find out more about them. The team gets separated but can they solve the mystery? (TW S1E6 "Countrycide")
Cardiff: Mary befriends Tosh and gives her a pendant with which she can hear thoughts but is this a blessing or a curse. (TW S1E7 "Greeks Bearing Gifts")
To solve the mystery of a serial killer, Gwen brings Suzie back to life to help them but what will the others do when Suzie takes Gwen's life energy? (TW S1E8 "They keep killing Suzie")
Cardiff/Aberystwyth: Gwen is the only one who can see a dead man and she tries to find out what has happened. (TW S1E9 "Random Shoes")
Cardiff: A plane from the 1950s comes through the rift and the Torchwood team tries their best to make them feel at home. (TW S1E10 "Out of Time")
Ianto has a tough time to convince Jack that he is able to work for Torchwood Three. (TW S2E12 "Fragments")
Deffry Vale High School, London: The Tenth Doctor wants to know what happens in the school and is there as a teacher. He is surprised when he meets Sarah Jane again and Rose learns what it is like to be a companion. (DW S2E3 "School Reunion")
London, parallel universe: The Cybermen are brought back to life in a parallel version of earth. (DW S2E5 "Rise of the Cybermen")
The Tenth Doctor, Rose and Mickey join the resistance to fight the Cybermen. (DW S2E6 "The Age of Steel")
London: Elton Pope tells the story how he met the Doctor and is looking for information about him. He meets a strange man who wants to know everything about the Doctor. (DW S2E10 "Love & Monsters")
The ghosts of the dead return back to earth but why are they coming back and why is there a connection with Torchwood? The Tenth Doctor and Rose have to find it out. (DW S2E12 "Army of Ghosts")
The Cybermen have taken over earth but the Daleks appear as well. Who will win? (DW S2E13 "Doomsday")
Donna lands in the Tardis when she wants to marry and, together with the Tenth Doctor, she discovers that aliens want to destroy earth to get to a spaceship. (DW S2 Special "The Runaway Bride")
Will Sally Sparrow follow the hints the Doctor has sent her from the past and will she be able to save him and Martha? (DW S3E10 "Blink")

Ealing, London: Sarah Jane meets Maria and they defeat the Bane. Luke becomes Sarah Janes son. (SJA S1E0 "Invasion of the Bane")
Sarah Jane, Maria, Luke and Clyde have to deal with the Slitheen who try to turn off the sun. (SJA S1E1/2 "Revenge of the Slitheen")
Lavender Lawns: Some ghostly nuns turn out to be Gorgons who try to open a portal and want to use Sarah Jane's body for their new leader. (SJA S1E3/4 "Eye of the Gorgon")
Ealing; spaceship: Clyde and Luke play a war game but they soon find out that it is more than a game. (SJA S1E5/6 "Warriors of Kudlak")
London; alternative reality: One day nobody can remember Sarah Jane. Only Maria remembers her and tries to find out what happened. (SJA S1E7/8 "Whatever happened to Sarah Jane?")
Ealing; Hammersmith; Pharos Institute: Sarah Jane is forced to hand Luke over to his parents but how can he have parents when he wasn't born? (SJA S1E9/10 "The Lost Boy")
Alternative London: Donna has never met the Tenth Doctor and horrible things happen on earth. Can she change that? (DW S4E11 "Turn Left")
London; Moon: The Tenth Doctor investigates strange things in a hospital when the hospital is suddenly transported to the moon. Can Martha Jones help him find out what happened? (DW S3E1 "Smith and Jones")
London: The Tenth Doctor brings Martha back to earth but soon the investigate how Professor Lazarus wants to stop ageing. Can they save the day? (DW S3E6 "The Lazarus Experiment")
Sally sees the Doctor on the street and realizes that she gave him the information that he needed to defeat the Angels. She gives him everything and that is how everything started. (DW S3E10 "Blink")
Cardiff: Jack hears the Tardis and jumps on board. (DW S3E11 "Utopia")
London: The Tenth Doctor, Martha and Jack are back on earth and they soon find out that the new Prime Minister Harold Saxon is the Master. Can they stop him? (DW S3E12 "The Sound of Drums")
Cardiff; London: The year that never happened is over and the Doctor brings Jack and Martha home. (DW S3E13 "Last of the Timelords")
Inside the Tardis: The Tenth Doctor has said goodbye to Martha when his and the Tardis of the Fifth Doctor collide. Can they save time and space? (DW S3 Special "Time Crash (Children in Need)")
The Titanic; London: The Tenth Doctor crashes into the spaceship Titanic and has to save the people from the mechanic angels and falling out of the sky. (DW S3 Special "The Voyage of the Damned")
Leadworth: The Eleventh Doctor comes back and finds a grown up Amy. Can ha save her from Prisoner Zero? (DW S5E1 "The Eleventh Hour")
Cardiff: Weevils are disappearing from the streets and Owen goes undercover to find out what happens to them. (TW S1E1 "Combat")
Gwen, Ianto and Owen try everything to bring Jack and Tosh back but will they be able to? (TW S1E12 "Captain Jack Harkness")
The rift is open and different being seep through. Can Jack close the rift and save everyone? (TW S1E13 "End of Days")
Captain John Hart comes to Cardiff and brings many problems in his wake. (TW S2E1 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang")
Sleeper agents appear in Cardiff and Torchwood tries everything to stop them. But what do they want? (TW S2E2 "Sleeper")
It's time again to defrost Tommy Brockless but this time he is needed when ghosts appear in a hospital. (TW S2E3 "To the Last Man")
Cardiff, Merthyr: Rhys finds out what Gwen does to earn her money and they discover the secret of the alien meat. (TW S2E4 "Meat")
Cardiff: An alien being plays with the memories of the Torchwood team. Can love help them? (TW S2E5 "Adam")
After some deaths in Cardiff Jack calls Martha Jones. What are these Mayflies, which can cure all illnesses? (TW S2E6 "Reset")
Jack brings Owen back from the dead but he brought something evil back as well. (TW S2E7 "Dead Man Walking")

Ealing; Buckinghamshire: A Sontaran wants to destroy Earth out of revenge and Maria leaves for America. (SJA S2E1/2 "The Last Sontaran")
Ealing: Children vanish after they have seen a clown and Sarah Jane, Luke and Clyde get help from Rani who moved into the house opposite of Sarah Jane. (SJA S2E3/4 "The Day of the Clown")
Clyde falls under the spell of Martin Trueman who wants to bring something ancient back to Earth. (SJA S2E5/6 "Secrets of the Stars")
London; Washington, DC: Clyde's father turns up again and changes into a Berserker. Rani and Luke get help from Maria. (SJA S2E7/8 "The Mark of the Berserker")
Ealing; alternative Ealing: Sarah Jane is lured into her past by the Trickster and changes reality. (SJA S2E9/10 "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith")
Ealing: Mrs Wormwood returns and tries to use Luke to open a portal. (SJA S2E11/12 "Enemy of the Bane")
A Slitheen appears in the attic and wants revenge. (SJA S2 Special "From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love")
A Judoon has to find his prisoner again who wants to build a ship to escape. Rani and Clyde get grounded on earth. (SJA S3E1/2 "Prisoner of the Judoon")
Ealing; Danemouth: Rani investigates what happened to her friend Sam and goes into a funfair alone but hte others are there to help her. (SJA S3E3/4 "The Mad Woman in the Attic")
Ealing: Sarah Jane meets someone, falls in love and wants to marry him but everything was the plan of the Trickster. The Tenth Doctor comes to save her. (SJA S3E5/6 "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith")
Ashen Hill Manor: Professor Rivers, Sarah Jane, Clyde and Rani try to find out what is behind the ghosts in the manor. (SJA S3E7/8 "The Eternity Trap")
International Gallery, London: Clyde wins a school trip to the museum to see the Mona Lisa but suddenly she is very alive and Sarah Jane is trapped in a picture when she wants to rescue Clyde, Rani and Luke. (SJA S3E9/10 "Mona Lisa's Revenge")
Ealing; Antarctica: Sarah Jane and the gang get a present from the Blathereen but the plant is deadly and Sarah Jane has to fight for Luke's life. (SJA S3E11/12 "The Gift")
Ealing: Luke tells his mother that he wants to take his exams earlier. (SJA S4E1/2 "The Nightmare Man")
Alternative England: The Doctor is helpless against the Master and has to watch the destruction of Earth. Can Martha save humanity? (DW S3E13 "Last of the Timelords")
London: Can Donna find the Tenth Doctor in time to save London from an alien threat? (DW S4E1 "Partners in Crime")
London, Rattigan Acedemy: When people die in their cars because of technology, Martha Jones calls the Doctor for help. (DW S4E4 "The Sontaran Stratagem")
The Doctor tries to find out what kind of gas the Sontarans are using and to keep Martha and Donna out of harms way. (DW S4E5 "The Poison Sky")
London, Cardiff: Earth and 26 other planets are stolen and taken to the Medusa Cascade. Can the joined forces of UNIT, Torchwood, Sarah Jane and Rose call the Doctor for help? (DW S4E12 "The Stolen Earth")
Medusa Cascade: Davros and the Daleks want to destroy the universe. Can the Tenth Doctor and his companions save everyone? (DW S4E13 "Journey's End")
Cardiff: Owen talks to a woman who wants to jump from a building and reflects on the changes of his new form of life. (TW S2E8 "A Day in the Death")
Gwen wants to marry Rhys but shortly before the wedding she is impregnated by an alien. Can they solve this problem before the wedding? (TW S2E9 "Something Borrowed")
Strange creatures come out of an old cinema and Torchwood has to stop them. (TW S2E10 "From Out of the Rain")
A local teenager disappears and Gwen wants to find him but Jack does everything to obstruct her. What is he hiding? (TW S2E11 "Adrift")
Gwen and Rhys are able to save the rest of the team from the collapsed building where they had flashbacks of their life. (TW S2E12 "Fragments")
John Hart returns to Cardiff and takes Jack as a prisoner. Can the rest of Torchwood save the city? (TW S2E13 "Exit Wounds")
Cardiff, London: All children on Earth stop at the same time and start chanting, Torchwood investigates if this has something to do with aliens. (TW S3E1 "Children of Earth: Day One")
Cardiff, London, Ashton Down: Torchwood Three is destroyed and Gwen, Rhys and Ianto are on the run. Can they save the planet? (TW S3E2 "Children of Earth: Day Two")
Cardiff, London: A pillar of fire comes down onto London and the 456 come to take the children. Can the members of Torchwood save their own families? (TW S3E3 "Children of Earth: Day Three")
London: Jack reveals what happened to the children in 1965 he had to hand over to the 456 back then. (TW S3E4 "Children of Earth: Day Four")
Cardiff, London: Gwen tries everything to save the children of Earth and Jack has ta make a decision that will change his world. (TW S3E5 "Children of Earth: Day Five")

Ealing: Luke has nightmares and the Nightmare Man comes out of his dreams. Can Luke face his fears to defeat him? (SJA S4E1/2 "The Nightmare Man")
Androvax is back and wants to steal a ship with his people from the Vault. (SJA S4E3/4 "The Vault of Secrets")
Ealing; UNIT Base 5; Crimson Heart: The Doctor is dead and Sarah Jane and Jo Grant meet at his funeral. They think that something about the Shansheeth is strange and find out that the Eleventh Doctor is very alive. (SJA S4E5/6 "Death of the Doctor")
Ealing: Rani and Clyde wake up one day and everybody is gone. They have to find out what the strange roboters want to save the planet. (SJA S4E7/8 "The Empty Planet")
On Tuesday the 23rd November Sarah Jane, Rani and Clyde are send back into time by the Shopkeeper to find three objects and save the world. (SJA S4E9/10 "Lost in Time")
Ealing; Earth orbit: Ruby appears and can do everything better than Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane vanishes but has she left by choice? (SJA S4E11/12 "Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith")
London, San Helios: A London bus suddenly lands on an alien planet and the Tenth Doctor needs the help of Lady Christina to figure out how he can bring the people back. Time is running out. (DW S4 Special "Planet of the Dead")
Earth, Gallifrey: The Master is back and the Tenth Doctor tries to stop him with the help of Wilfred Mott. (DW S4 Special "The End of Time (1)")
Can the Tenth Doctor save the earth and send the Time Lords back to where they belong to and what will be the price? (DW S4 Special "The End of Time (2)"
Leadworth: Amy accepts Eleven's invitation to travel with him in the brand new Tardis. (DW S5E1 "The Eleventh Hour")
Paris: A visit of the Musée d'Orsay leads to a trip into the future. (DW S5E10 "Vincent and the Doctor")
Colchester: The Tardis is stuck in a materialisation loop with Amy inside and the Eleventh Doctor has to find out the reason. (DW S5E11 "The Lodger")

Utah: An older version of the Eleventh Doctor, Amy, Rory and River meet and the Doctor is killed by someone in a spacesuit. (DW S6E1 "The Impossible Astronaut")
Earth: The Eleventh Doctor is called into a bedroom of a scared child. Can he help George to overcome his fears. (DW S6E9 "Night Terrors")
Colchester: The Eleventh Doctor visits his friend Craig one last time when people start to go missing. Can the Doctor solve the riddle before it's too late? (DW S6E12 "Closing Time")
Alternative Earth: It's time for the Eleventh Doctor to die at Lake Silencio but he didn't expect the love of a woman. (DW S6E13 "The Wedding of River Song")
Jacksonville, KY; Wales; Langley, VA: There comes a day when nobody dies anymore. Rex Matheson searches for answers in old Torchwood files. What will he find? (TW S4E1 "The New World")
Flight between Heathrow and Dallas: Rex Matheson takes Gwen and Jack into custody and puts them on a plane to the USA. (TW S4E2 "Rendition")
Washington DC; Cardiff: Torchwood is on the run but they try to find out what PhiCorp has to do with the miracle. What role does Oswald Danes play? (TW S4E3 "Dead of Night")
Washington DC; Los Angeles; Cardiff: Torchwood follows the traces of PhiCorp to California but they walk into a trap. Oswald and Jilly have to face their own fights. (TW S4E4 "Escape to L.A.")
Cowbridge; San Pedro overflow Camps: Torchwood goes undercover and they soon discover the purpose of the overflow camps and the categories of life. (TW S4E5 "The Categories of Life")
Los Angeles; Cowbridge; San Pedro overflow Camps: Torchwood is separated on different sides of the ocean when Jack tries to get to the heart of the conspiracy. (TW S4E6 "The Middle Men")
Swansea bay; Los Angeles: Gwen drives Jack through America to save her family. Will she sacrifice Jack? (TW S4E7 "Immortal Sins")
Swansea; Nevada; Langley: Jack comes face to face with an old lover who should have died long ago. Can he help them to solve the miracle? (TW S4E8 "End of the Road")
UK; Buenos Aires; Shanghai: Torchwood has to cooperate with Oswald Danes to fight the Three Families. (TW S4E9 "The Gathering")
UK; Buenos Aires; Shanghai: Jack's blood is the key to change the miracle but will they be able to save the world. (TW S4E10 "The Blood Line")

Van Statten Archive, Utah: The Ninth Doctor and Rose discover a Dalek in Van Stattens museum. (DW S1E6 "Dalek")
London: The Tenth Doctor and Rose come to London to watch the Olympic Games but before that, they have to investigate missing children. (DW S2E11 "Fear her")
Manhattan, New York: Amy, Rory and the Eleventh Doctor take a trip to New York. (DW S7E5 "The Angels Take Manhattan")

London: The Eleventh Doctor visits Amy and Rory for Christmas after they haven't seen him for two years. (DW S6 Special "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe")
The Eleventh Doctor finds Clara again because she calls him but can he save her from becoming a bodyless entity in the internet? (DW S7E6 "The Bells of Saint John")

Leadworth: Amy and Rory have a real family life but when the Doctor visits them, strange things happen. Is this real or a dream? (DW S5E7 "Amy's Choice")

Cwmtaff, Wales: The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory land in a small mining village. What have the people woken up deep down in the earth? (DW S5E8 "The Hungry Earth")
Beneath the earth: The Eleventh Doctor comes face to face with the Silurians. Can he save both the Silurians and the humans? (DW S5E9 "Cold Blood")

London: K9 comes into Professor Gryffen's house through a time machine and can't remember where he comes from. London is ruled by the Department. (K9 S1E1 "Regeneration")

Ealing: Rani hadn't expected to live all alone in the future but everything is changed after the visit of Adam. (SJA S3E3/4 "The Mad Woman in the Attic")
Bowie Base One: Strange things happen to the people on Mars who touch the water. Can the Tenth Dotor save them? (DW S4 Special "The Waters of Mars")

22nd century
St. John's Monastery: A solar tsunami brings the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory to a futuristic factory on Earth where they use Gangers for work. What happens when the Gangers start to act on their own? (DW S6E5 "The Rebel Flesh")
The Gangers plan a revolution against the humans and not everything seems to be the way it should. (DW S6E6 "The Almost People")

Silurian Ark: The Eleventh Doctor assembles a gang of people including Amy and Rory and tries to save the dinosaurs on the spaceship before it's blasted from the sky. (DW S7E2 "Dinosaurs in a Spaceship")

27th century
Midnight: While Donna relaxes in a spa, the Tenth Doctor decides to visit the Sapphire Waterfall. Suddenly the bus stops and a strange entity enters the bus. What does it want? (DW S4E10 "Midnight")

Starship UK: The Eleventh Doctor shows Amy where the British people will live in the future but strange things happen on the starship. (DW S5E2 "The Beast Below")

42nd century
Torajii: The Tenth Doctor and Martha land on a spaceship, which falls into a sun and they have only 42 minutes to save everyone. (DW S3E7 "42")

Ood Sphere: The Tenth Doctor takes Donna to her first alien planet but they land in the middle of a war between Ood and humans. (DW S4E3 "Planet of the Ood")

44th century
Ember: Amy and Rory are trapped on a crashing space ship. Can the Eleventh Doctor convince Kazran Sardik to help them? (DW S5 Special "A Christmas Carol")

Krop Tor: Rose and the Tenth Doctor are on a space base. The planet circles around a black hole and something starts to wake up inside the planet. (DW S2E8 "The Impossible Planet")
Can the Doctor defeat the monster deep inside the planet, while the others try to escape? (DW S2E9 "The Satan Pit")

51st century
The Library: The Tenth Doctor and Donna arrive in the Library after the Doctor got a call for help. When they arrive they get the warning to count the shadows. (DW S4E8 "Silence in the Library")
Donna has vanished and the octor tries to bring her back and battle the Vashta Nerada at the same time. Can the mysterious River Song help him? (DW S4E9 "Forest of the Dead")
Alfava Metraxis: The Eleventh Doctor saves River Song and soon helps to capture a Weeping Angel. (DW S5E4 "The Time of Angels")
The Byzantium: The Eleventh Doctor and River are trapped with the Weeping Angels and the crack grows. (DW S5E5 "Flesh and Stone")

Spaceship: The Tenth Doctor, Rose and Mickey find time portals into 18th century France. (DW S2E4 "The Girl in the Fireplace")

52nd century
Demon's Run: Amy has been kidnapped and the Eleventh Doctor and Rory raise an army to save her but River can't help them. (DW S6E7 "A Good Man Goes to War")

Messaline: The Tenth Doctor, Donna and Martha land on a planet with an ongoing war, where the Doctor meets his daughter. (DW S4E6 "The Doctor's Daughter")

200 000
Satellite Five: Rose, Adam and the Ninth Doctor unravel the secrets of the Satellite 5 broadcasting system (DW S1E7 "The Long Game")

200 100
Game Station: The Ninth Doctor, Rose and Jack wake up on the Game Station and have to play in order to survive. (DW S1E12 "Bad Wolf")
The Doctor has to find a way to defeat the Daleks but whom will he sacrifice for victory? (DW S1E13 "The Parting of the Ways")

5 000 000 000
Platform One, above Earth: The Ninth Doctor and Rose see the end of Earth. (DW S1E2 "The End of the World")

5 000 000 023
New New York, New Earth: The Tenth Doctor takes Rose to New Earth but what are the motives of the Sisters of Plentitude and what is Cassandra up to now? (DW S2E1 "New Earth")

5 000 000 053
New New York, New Earth: The Tenth Doctor an Martha return to New Earth to find that people are stuck in traffic on the motorway and that some vanish from time to time. (DW S3E3 "Gridlock")

100 000 000 000 000
Malcassairo: The Tardis lands at the very end of the universe where the last humans try to reach Utopia. It is the last place the Tenth Doctor suspected to see his greatest enemy again. (DW S3E11 "Utopia")

Outside of time/No time mentioned
Bubble universe: The Eleventh Doctor receives a distress signal but soon he, Amy and Rory are stuck because the Tardis is transferred into a person. (DW S6E4 "The Doctor's Wife")
Apalapucia, Two Streams Facility: Amy is trapped in a different time than the Eleventh Doctor and Rory. Will they be able to save her in time? (DW S6E10 "The Girl Who Waited")
Prison ship: The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory land in a strange hotel, that is stalked by a monster. Can the Doctor solve the riddle? (DW S6E11 "The God Complex")
Dalek Asylum: The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory are kidnapped by the Daleks to make the prison for the insane Daleks safe again. (DW S7E1 "Asylum of the Daleks")
Tiaanamat: The Eleventh Doctor takes Clara to the Rings of Akhaten but what has a young girl to do with an old being in a pyramid? (DW S7E7 "The Rings of Akhaten")