27 February 2013

Quotes from "Asylum of the Daleks"

Darla: First there were the Daleks. And then there was a man who fought them. And then in time, he died. There are a few, of course, who believe this man somehow survived. And that one day, he will return. For both our sakes, dearest Hannah, we must hope these stories are true.

Darla: They say you can help.
The Doctor: Do they? I wish they'd stop.

Rory: So how much trouble are we in?
The Doctor: How much trouble, Mr. Pond? Out of ten... eleven.

Amy: Where are we? Spaceship, right?
The Doctor: Not just any spaceship. The Parliament of the Daleks. Be brave.
Amy: What do we do?
The Doctor: Make them remember you.

The Doctor: It's never made any sense to me.
Dalek Prime Minister: Why not?
The Doctor: Because you'd just kill them.
Dalek Prime Minister: It is offensive to us to extinguish such divine hatred.
The Doctor: Offensive?
Dalek Prime Minister: Does it surprise you to know that Daleks have a concept of beauty?
The Doctor: I thought you'd run out of ways to make me sick. But hello again. You think hatred is beautiful?
Dalek Prime Minister: Perhaps that is why we have never been able to kill you.

Darla: The gravity beam will convey you close to the source of the transmission. You must find a way to deactivate the force field from there.
The Doctor: You're going to fire me at a planet, that's your plan? I get fired at a planet and expected to fix it.
Rory: In fairness, that is slightly your MO.
The Doctor: Don't be fair to the Daleks when they're firing me at a planet.

The Doctor: What is wrong with my chin?
Oswin: Careful, dear, you'll put someone's eye out.

Oswin: So, anyway, I'm Oswin. What do I call you?
Rory: Uh, I can't remember. Uhh... Rory.
Oswin: Lovely name, Rory. A boy I fancied was called Rory.
Rory: Okay.
Oswin: Actually, she was called Nina. I was going through a phase. Just flirting to keep you cheerful.

Oswin: Okay, you're safe for now. Pop your shirt off, quick as you like.
Rory: Why?
Oswin: Does there have to be a reason?

Oswin: Do you know how you make someone into a Dalek? Subtract love, add anger. Doesn't she seem a bit too angry to you?
Amy: Well, somebody's never been to Scotland.

The Doctor: You know what really gets me about you, Oswin? The soufflés. Where do you get milk for the soufflés? Seriously, is no one else wondering about that?
Rory: No. Frankly, no. Twice.

Oswin: Why do the Daleks call you "The Predator"?
The Doctor: I'm not a predator. Just a man with a plan.
Oswin: You've got a plan?
Rory: We're all ears.
Amy: There's a nose joke going there if someone wants to pick that one off.
The Doctor: In no particular order, we need to neutralize the Daleks in this asylum, rescue Oswin from the wreckage, escape from this planet, and fix Amy and Rory's marriage.
Amy: Okay, I'm counting three lost causes. Anyone else?

The Doctor: As soon as the force field is down, the Daleks will attack. If it gets too explodey-wodey in here, you go without me, okay?
Rory: And leave you to die?
The Doctor: Oh, don't worry about me. You're the one beaming up to a Dalek ship to get exterminated.
Rory: Fair point. Love this plan.

25 February 2013

Series 4 Episode 12: The Stolen Earth

Donna and the Doctor land on Earth but everything seems to be perfectly normal. Suddenly there is something like an earthquake and when the Doctor looks outside the doors of the Tardis, the Earth is gone. It has been moved to a place unknown to the Doctor. To find it again, he seeks out the Shadow Proclamation with Donna to ask for help. Meanwhile on Earth, the people are terrified because there are suddenly strange planets in the sky and they don't know why. UNIT, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Smith try to find out what has happened when their darkest fears come back in form of the Daleks. Martha tries to call the Doctor but he doesn't respond and when the Daleks attack she manages to return to the UK with an experimental teleportation device. Harriet Jones brings Sarah Jane, Torchwood and Martha together and together they try to call the Doctor with the sub-wave network. The Doctor and Donna have received useful information at the Shadow Proclamation and are now in the Medusa Cascade but there is no trace of the missing planets. When the Doctor gets a call, he is able to link to the signal which brings him into the same time with the missing planets. Will he and his friends be able to defeat the Daleks?

I really think this is a great opener for the series finale. It just has such a mean cliffhanger that you have to watch the next episode when you want to know what happens. It's great that all of the companions of the Doctor fight together to defeat the Daleks and you wouldn't have expected that this would happen. That was a big surprise when they all appeared one after the other and there is even Harriet Jones one of my favourite characters although this is her last appearance on Doctor Who. The Daleks are always a good enemy for a series finale and with the return of Davros, the creator of the Daleks is back again. With the Earth under attack, the companions ready to fight for their lives and the tragic meeting of Rose and the Doctor, the story just begins. There will definitely be some great surprises in the last episode of series 4.

24 February 2013

20 February 2013

Happy Birthday, Anjli!

Happy Birthday, Anjli Mohindra!

Quotes from "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe"

The Doctor: I can't see! I'm blind!
Madge Arwell: Oh, no, love, no. I think you've just got your helmet on backwards. How did you manage that?
The Doctor: I got dressed in a hurry.

The Doctor: I just need to find the, uh... the key.
Madge Arwell: Ooh, do you want me to do it with a pin? I'm good with a pin.
The Doctor: Multidimensional, triple-encoded temporal interface. Not really susceptible to pointy things.
Madge Arwell: Got it.
The Doctor: Okay. Suddenly, the last 900 years of time travel seem a bit less secure.

The Doctor: Right, then. May I take your cases?
Madge Arwell: Thank you.
Lily Arwell: Thank you.
Cyril Arwell: Thank you.
The Doctor: Lovely. Would you mind carrying them for me? I need to show you around.

Madge Arwell: Are you the new caretaker?
The Doctor: Usually called "The Doctor." Or "The Caretaker." Or "get off this planet." Though, strictly speaking, that probably isn't a name.

The Doctor: Mum's bedroom. Grown-up. Your basic boring. Lily and Cyril's room. I'm going to be honest--masterpiece! The ultimate bedroom. Sciency wiency workbench, a jungle, a maze, a window disguised as a mirror, a mirror disguised as a window, a selection of torches for midnight feasts and secret reading, zen garden, mysterious cupboard zone of tranquility, rubber wall, dream tank, exact model of the rest of the house--not quite to scale, apologizes--dolls with comical expressions .The Magna Carta, a football, Cluedo!, a yellow ball.
Cyril Arwell: Where are the beds?
The Doctor: Well, I couldn't fit everything in. There had to be sacrifices. Anyway, who needs beds when you've got... hammocks! I know.
Cyril Arwell: How do you get on?
The Doctor: Watch and learn, kid. (throws himself in, misses)
Madge Arwell: For god's sake.
The Doctor: That hammock has developed a fault.

Madge Arwell: I don't know why I keep shouting at them.
The Doctor: Because every time you see them happy, you remember how sad they're going to be. And it breaks your heart. Because what's the point in them being happy now if they're going to be sad later? The answer is, of course, because they are going to be sad later.

Lily Arwell: Well, what are you doing?
The Doctor: Rewiring.
Lily Arwell: Why would you rewire a wardrobe?
The Doctor: Have you seen the way I dress?

Ven-Garr: Sorry, sir, she's wearing wool, sir. Natural fabrics, they interfere with...
Droxil: Please say we can tell the difference between wool and sidearms.
Ven-Garr: We can tell the difference, sir.
Droxil: Can we?
Ven-Garr: Not always, sir, no.

Billis: Sir, I think she's a time traveler.
Droxil: And we're sure it's not her cardigan?

Droxil: Ma'am, please stop crying. I can't interrogate you while you're crying. This is a military engagement! There's no crying in military engagements!

Billis: Um, sir, uh, with regret. I'm going to have to lower my gun.
Droxil: Why?
Billis: She is a crying, unarmed, female civilian. I'm thinking of the visual.
Droxil: Nobody's looking.
Billis: Doesn't mean there's no visual.
Droxil: That's exactly what "nobody's looking" means. It means there's no visual!

The Doctor: Happy crying. Humany wumany.

Reg Arwell: What the hell was that?
Madge Arwell: Just the caretaker returning to the Time Vortex. It's a lovely place. I've been there myself. Shall we go downstairs?

Amy: So, you’re not dead.
The Doctor: And a Happy New Year!

18 February 2013

Series 4 Episode 11: Turn Left

Donna and the Doctor visit a planet with a Chinese market where a woman tells Donna her future. Although it seems that she is more interested in Donna's past and suddenly a strange creature jumps onto Donna's back and changes everything. When Donna turns right instead of left and takes the job as a secretary in a copy shop the world changes around her. At Christmas, the star in the sky is destroyed but a man called the Doctor is killed and from there on everything goes wrong. The defenders of the Earth die one after the other, while they try to save the people on Earth from alien attacks. Every time an event like this happens a strange blonde woman appears in Donna's life and she seems to know her. When the darkness comes and the stars go out, Donna decides to help her and travels back in time to stop her younger self from turning right at the crossing. Only then she sees that there is only one possibility to change the fate of the world. Will she be able to save the world and give the Doctor the message of the mysterious woman?

"Turn Left" is the first part of the big finale of series four. Compared to the episode "Midnight" this is a Doctor-light episode where we don't see much of the Doctor but everything is about Donna and her decisions in life. I think this is a great episode and it shows what Donna means for the Doctor and how she has changed his life. Without her, he wouldn't have survived the attack of the Racnoss and the Earth would be in big trouble without him. The Doctor doesn't feel so important sometimes because he is just one man but the things he does change many lifes. It is strange that Donna feels so worthless but she is really one of the most important persons on Earth because one of her decisions has changed everything. It's really good to see Rose again and the next two episodes will be big.

13 February 2013

Quotes from "The Wedding of River Song"

The Doctor: I need to know about the Silence.
Dorium Maldovar: They're a religious order of great power and discretion. The sentinels of history, as they like to call themselves.
The Doctor: And they want me dead?
Dorium Maldovar: Oh, not really. They just don't want you to remain alive.
The Doctor: That's okay then. I was a bit worried for a minute there.

Dorium Maldovar: What's the point in delaying? How long have you delayed already?
The Doctor: I've been knocking about, a bit of a farewell tour. Things to do, people to see. There's always more. I can imagine a new color, save the dodo, join the Beatles. I have got a time machine, Dorium, it's all still going on. For me it never stops. Liz the First is still waiting in a glade to elope with me. I can help Rose Tyler with her homework. I can go on all Jack's stag parties in one night.
Dorium Maldovar: Time catches up with us all, Doctor.
The Doctor: Well it has never laid a glove on me!

The Doctor: Amy and Rory. The Last Centurion and the Girl Who Waited. However dark it got, I'd turn around and there'd they be. If it's time to go, remember what you're leaving. Remember the best. My friends have always been the best of me.

The Doctor: Okay, you can turn around now. How do I look?
Amy: Cool.
The Doctor: Really?
Amy: No.

The Doctor: And you've got an office on a train. That is so cool. Can I have an office? Never had an office before, or a train, or a train slash office.
Amy: God, I've missed you!
The Doctor: Okay, hugging and missing now.

The Doctor: Love what you've done with the Pyramids. How'd you arrange all this?
River Song: Hallucinogenic lipstick. Works wonders on President Kennedy. And Cleopatra was a real pushover.
The Doctor: I always thought so.
River Song: She mentioned you.
The Doctor: What'd she say?
River Song: "Put down that gun."
The Doctor: Did you?
River Song: Eventually.
Madame Kovarian: All that flirting. Do I have to watch this?

River Song: There were so many theories about you and I, you know.
The Doctor: Idle gossip.
River Song: Archaeology.
The Doctor: Same thing.

The Silent: Rory Williams, the man who dies and dies again. Die one last time, and know she will never come back for you. 

Amy: You and I should get a drink sometime.
Rory: Okay.
Amy: And married.
Rory: Fine.

Dorium Maldovar: So many secrets, Doctor. I'll help you keep them, of course.
The Doctor: Well, you're not exactly going anywhere, now are you?
Dorium Maldovar: But you're a fool nonetheless. It's all still waiting for you. The Fields of Trenzalore. The Fall of the Eleventh. And the Question.
The Doctor: Goodbye, Dorium.
Dorium Maldovar: The First Question. The question that must never be answered. Hidden in plain sight. The question you've been running from all your life. "Doctor Who?" "Doctor Who?" "Doctor Who?"!

11 February 2013

Series 4 Episode 10: Midnight

The Doctor and Donna are on the planet Midnight. Donna just wants to relax, so the Doctor takes the tour to the Sapphire Waterfalls on his own. On the four hour drive he gets to know the people he is travelling with a bit better but suddenly everything changes when their wagon stops. When the Doctor talks to the driver, he can't really find a reason why and then suddenly the knocking starts. There is no known living thing on the planet that can survive the radiation but suddenly something gets into one of the passengers and takes over her body. The being starts to copy everyone and the Doctor knows that it's learning to speak. While the other passengers want to kill the being, the Doctor tries everything to stop them. Soon the others think that the being jumped over into the body of the Doctor and then they want to throw him out of the wagon. The hostess is the only one who sees that the strange being is still inside the woman and not the Doctor and she gives her life to save the others.

This is one of the companion light episodes where we don't see a lot of Donna but more of the Doctor. In my eyes, that's an interesting change from time to time because we can watch the Doctor interact with other people in the absence of his companion. The behaviour of the people reflects how real people would react to something they don't know, something they are afraid of. Not all people would react this way but there are enough who would ad I think this episode shows us a bit about ourselves. The acting is really brilliant, especially when the Doctor and the being speak at exactly the same time. It's also interesting that everything happens in such a small space which leads to more extreme reaction from the people. The ending is quite sad when the hostess saves everyone and nobody has known her name. This episode was something for in between the River Song episodes and the big finale of series 4.

10 February 2013

06 February 2013

Quotes from "Closing Time"

The Doctor: Oh, you've redecorated. I don't like it.
Craig Owens: It's a different house. We moved.
The Doctor: Yes, that's it.
Craig Owens: Doctor, what are you doing here?
The Doctor: Social call. Thought about time I'd try one out.

Craig Owens: I can't cope on my own with him. I can't... he just cries all the time. I mean, do they have off switches?
The Doctor: Human beings. No, I've checked.
Craig Owens: No, babies.
The Doctor: Same difference.

The Doctor: So what did you call him? Will I blush?
Craig Owens: No, we didn't call him "The Doctor."
The Doctor: No, I didn't think you would.
Craig Owens: He's called Alfie. What are you doing here, anyway?
The Doctor: Yes, he doesn't like Alfie. Personally he prefers to be called "Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All."
Craig Owens: Sorry, what?
The Doctor: That's what he calls himself.
Craig Owens: And how'd you know that?
The Doctor: I speak Baby.
Craig Owens: Of course you do.

The Doctor: Craig!
Craig Owens: What the hell are you doing here?
The Doctor: Oh, I'm the Doctor, I work in a shop now. Here to help. Look, they gave me a badge with my name on, in case I forget who I am. Very thoughtful, as that does happen.

The Doctor: You look awful.
Craig Owens: (about his baby son) I haven't slept, have I? I still can't stop him crying. I even tried singing to him last night.
The Doctor: Yeah, he did mention that... he thought you were crying, too.

The Doctor: Craig, take Alfie and go home.
Craig Owens: No.
The Doctor: No?
Craig Owens: No. I remember from last time, people got killed. People that didn't know you. I know where it's safest for me and Alfie, and that's right next to you.
The Doctor: Is that so?
Craig Owens: Yeah, you always win, you always survive.
The Doctor: Those were the days.

Craig Owens: Where am I investigating?
The Doctor: Well, look around. Ask questions. People like it when you're with a baby. Babies are sweet. People talk to you. That's why I usually take a human with me.
Craig Owens: So I'm your baby?
The Doctor: You're my baby.

Craig Owens: Doctor, listen to me. If the Cybermen are here, then we're not safe. We've got to go. We got to go back to base.
The Doctor: We've got a base? When did we get a base?

Craig Owens: I'm going down to the shop. We're out of milk. You know what to do if he cries.
The Doctor: No!
Craig Owens: Me neither!

The Doctor: (to the baby) Your dad's trying his best, you know. Yes, I know it's not his fault he doesn't have mammary glands. No, neither do I.

Craig Owens: The Cybermen. They blew up. I blew 'em up with love!
The Doctor: No, that's impossible. And also grossly sentimental and over-simplistic. You destroyed them because of the deeply-ingrained hereditary human trait to protect one's own genes, which in turn triggered a... uh... uh... yeah. Love.

04 February 2013

Series 4 Episode 9: Forest of the Dead

The Doctor, River and her team are chased through the library by the shadows and they don't know if they will be able to escape them. One after the other becomes the victim of an attack of the Vashta Nerada. Meanwhile, Donna is trapped in a virtual world and can't remember the Doctor. There she has a husband and children but something about this world is strange. When she talks to the ghost of Miss Evangelista, she sees that nothing is real but she doesn't want to give up her family. The Doctor has discovered how the Vashta Nerada came into the library and he can't believe that he hasn't thought of it before. When he and the others reach the data core of the library, he is a bit shocked to see that it's the conciousness of a little girl that controls everything. The self-destruction is turned on suddenly and nobody can turn it off. Will the Doctor find a solution to save everybody?

The Vashta Nerada are a great enemy for the Doctor and he really needs some time to find out how they came into the library. I like that he still tries to talk to them even though they kill everyone in mere seconds when they can reach them. He is just not someone who can kill easily and I think that's a good character trait. The story line with Donna is interesting as well. She somehow knows that something is wrong but she doesn't want to believe it because she is happy with her family and doesn't want to loose them. You somehow knew that the little girl had something to do with the library but I wouldn't have thought that she controlled it or that it is her home. The scene between the Doctor and River is so heartbreaking although he doesn't know her yet, there is this connection and I'm glad that he was able to save her in the end. I think this episode brings the story to a good end.

01 February 2013