19 August 2013

Season 5 Episode 6: The Vampires of Venice

The Doctor tells Rory that Amy has tried to seduce him, which makes Rory quite angry but then the Doctor takes him and Amy back in time to Venice. Shortly after their arrival, they witness a strange scene with a man who searches for his daughter in a bunch of pale girls. Interested, the Doctor runs off and starts to investigate what happens in Venice. Amy wants to help by going into the school but Rory is against it. As it is the only chance to find out what is going on, Rory can't say anything anymore and Amy goes into the school of Rosanna Calvierri. She opens a trap door for Rory and the Doctor but is taken to an underground room shortly afterwards by Rosanna and the girls. They want to turn her into one of them and now Amy know that they aren't facing vampires but aliens. Rosanna starts the transformation of Venice into a world under the ocean to give her family a new home. Can the Doctor stop her and save the people of Venice?

This is the first episode in which Rory travels with Amy and the Doctor and Amy isn't very happy about it first. Rory as addition in the Tardis brings some new conflicts with him because there is this connection between Amy and the Doctor and the fact that Amy and Rory are engaged. This leads to some great moments in this episode especially when the Doctor comes out of Rory's cake instead of a stripper. Rory also gives the Doctor some things to think about when he tells him that he makes people dangerous to themselves because they want to impress the Doctor. The story with the vampires is interesting but maybe not one of the best in the history of Doctor Who. It gives us some interesting facts about the cracks and it mentions the Silence again. "The Vampires of Venice" is a fun story with creepy alien fish and some tiles for the big puzzle.

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