14 August 2013

Quotes from "Reset"

Jack: Suddenly, in an underground mortuary on a wet night in Cardiff, I hear the song of a nightingale. (Martha Jones enters) Miss Martha Jones.

Jack: Dr Jones is from UNIT.
Gwen: Oh, I'm sorry, sorry. I get a bit confused. Which one's UNIT?
Jack: Intelligence, military, cute red caps. The acceptable face of intelligence gathering on aliens. We're more ad hoc, but better looking.

Jack: me on, Martha. Be honest. You just came all this way to see me.
Martha: Still struggling to conquer your shyness, Jack?

Martha: God, I am so glad to see you, Jack.
Jack: See, you did come all this way to see me. It's the jaw line, once seen, always yearned for.

Jack: So do you think you can get me one of those red caps for personal use? I'm thinking Ianto might look good in it.

Gwen: Um, so... you know Jack pretty well, then?
Martha: Oh, we were only together for a few days, but it was pretty intense.
Gwen: You mean...
Martha: Oh, God, no, no! No! Not that sort of intense! No, nothing like that. Why, are you and him...
Gwen: No! No! Not at all!
Martha: We must be the only two people on the planet.
Gwen: I know. What are we doing wrong?

Owen: So you and Jack go back a long way?
Martha: Forward and back, really.

Jack: I'd rely on Martha if the world was ending. In fact I did.

(discussing Jack) 
Martha: So am I right in thinking that you and he...
Ianto: We... dabble.
Martha: Yeah?
Ianto: Yeah.
Martha: So, what's his dabbling like?
Ianto: Innovative.
Martha: Really?
Ianto: Bordering on the avant garde.

Tosh: Ianto, what have you done with Billy Davis's body?
Ianto: Um, I was just about to dispose of it. Why?
Tosh: I thought of a way we can use him to get us into the Pharm. (shows Ianto her plan) Clever, huh?
Ianto: Oh, you are warped on the inside. How do you think of these things?
Tosh: I'll take that as a compliment.

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