17 June 2013

Only Human by Gareth Roberts

"Only Human" features the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness.
The Ninth Doctor travels with Rose and Jack to modern-day London to investigate a time disturbance. There they find a Neanderthal Man and try to bring him back into his time. When this doesn't work, the Doctor and Rose travel back in time, while Jack tries his best to integrate Das, the Neanderthal Man, into the community of London. The Doctor and Rose discover strange humans from the future who are now living in the past. They are there for an experiment and watch the first steps of humanity but these people don't seem very human anymore. The people from Osterberg don't have real feelings anymore because they suppress their feelings with drugs. Soon, the Doctor finds out that people go missing and that there is a strange monster down in the caves of Osterberg. Is he able to save the people around him?

I don't know why but I was a bit disappointed by this book. Maybe this is because I don't really feel a connection to the Ninth Doctor at the moment. The story was interesting and I liked the idea of the different humans all meeting each other in the past but there was somehow some excitement missing. It's nice to have Jack in this book as well and he was so typically himself and it was fun to read how he "trained" Das to fit into modern-day London. The book has many funny moments especially when the different humans come together and the monsters were kind of human too this time. When I think of them though, they are a bit scary and I'm glad that the Doctor managed to kill most of them.
"Only Human" is a good read, I just think a bit more excitement would have been nice.

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