05 August 2013

Season 5 Episode 4: The Time of Angels

The Doctor take Amy to a museum where they find a home box with a message for the Doctor on it. When they look at the recordings on the box, they see River Song who gives the Doctor some coordinates. The Doctor pilots the Tardis to River's coordinates and arrives on time to get her out of space. With a little banter between them, River follows the Byzantium with the Tardis and soon the land on Alfava Metraxis where the other ship has crashed. River calls for reinforcement and soon Father Octavian and his men from the church are on the planet as well. They tell the Doctor that a Weeping Angel was on board of the Byzantium and that they have to find and possibly destroy it. Against his will, the Doctor helps them but when he and River leave Amy alone with an image of a Weeping Angel, the image becomes an Angel. Amy manages to freeze the image but something is wrong with her eye. After that, they all enter the labyrinth of the dead but soon some of the soldiers go missing and the Doctor notices that all of the statues are Weeping Angels. Are the able to escape the labyrinth?

I just love the episodes with River Song in them and the banter between her and the Doctor. It's always great to see how they react when they meet each other and now the Doctor knows at least who she is. Here we see that she is a prisoner but the Doctor doesn't know about that yet. River is still a bit of a mystery because we don't know how she is connected to the Doctor. I guess Amy could be correct with her assumption that she is the Doctor's wife. The Weeping Angels are back again in this episode. They are some of my favourite monsters although they are quite scary and seem to be more dangerous than the ones we saw in "Blink". Here they kill people and don't just send them back in time to feed of their energy. The last few moments of this episode are a huge cliffhanger when the Angels close in on the Doctor and the others and we just don't know what's going to happen next. Well, we will see in the next episode.

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