28 August 2013

Quotes from "A Day in the Death"

Owen: My name is Dr Owen Harper and this is my life. A life that is full of action and violence and work and wonder. Secrets and sex and love and heartbreak and death. My death. The death I survived. The death I am now living through. Except this isn't living. Every day is the same. I get up. Get ready for work, same as everyone else. The thing is, I'm not the same. I get to work and everyone's doing the same old thing. Babbling away about aliens and weddings. I'm not real. Three days ago, I died. And they think I'm fine, but they're wrong.

Owen: Yeah, I was brought back. Like Jesus really, but without the beard, you know. Shit, I'm never gonna have a beard. Not that I wanted one, you understand, but you know, one day I...

Maggie Hopley: If you are dead, then wh...why are you here. You can't be wanting to jump. You can't die twice.
Owen: Sorry, are you an expert?
Maggie Hopley: Sorry, are you an idiot?
Owen: Yeah, I'm a dead idiot.

Martha Jones: There is no sign of any muscle decay. You're in great shape, as ever.
Owen: No use coming onto me, Jones. I'm a changed man.
Martha Jones: And no stiffening anywhere?
Owen: Well...
Martha Jones: Just answer the question.

Maggie Hopley: So she offers to help you and you push her away. Charming.
Owen: Yeah, hole in the chest. Sorry if I don't follow social niceties any more.
Maggie Hopley: You mean you did before?
Owen: God, you're a pain in the arse, aren't you?

Owen: What exactly do I do when I get there?
Jack: Watch TV, chill.
Owen: Jack, I'm dead. I'm permanently chilled. You know you get to live forever. I get to die forever. It's funny that.

(Owen tries to drown himself without success)
Jack: Thirty six minutes, not bad.
Owen: You were watching?
Jack: Skinny guy in tight jeans runs into water? I was taking pictures.

Owen: Heat sensors. I am literally too cool for school.

Farrington: Okay, stop! Stop, or I'll shoot.
Owen: No, you won't. You're a security guard. That's gun just for show, isn't it? Do you know what a bullet does to a living person? It's not like a knife through butter. No, no, no, no. It rotates, tears into the flesh and the gooey stuff behind. Rips into the organs, ooh, it's not nice. But, anyway, I haven't got any body heat, you must know what that means. You can't kill a dead man.
Farrington: What are you?
Owen: I'm wrong.
Farrington: What are you?
Owen: I'm broken. I'm Dr Owen Harper. And I'm having one hell of a day.

Owen: Martha.
Martha Jones: Owen!
Owen: If it destroys me, they're going to need a new doctor. You've got all the credentials. Medical skills and a cracking arse.

Owen: We all assume that life's gonna be shit, don't we? That it's all just darkness. But you know what? Sometimes it's not.

Owen: Tosh, I'm scared. I'm scared that if I close my eyes, I'll get trapped. In the darkness.
Tosh: I'm here.

Maggie Hopley: What do I do now?
Owen: You've got a choice. If you think that the darkness is too much then go for it. But if there is a chance, just some hope... It could be having a cigarette, or that first sip of hot tea on a cold morning. Or it could be your mates. If there is even a tiny glimmer of light, then don't you think that's worth taking a chance?

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