29 July 2013

Season 5 Episode 3: Victory of the Daleks

The Doctor got a call from Winston Churchill and now he and Amy are in the middle of World War II. Churchill is quite optimistic to win the war because he has a secret weapon up his sleeves. Proud, he presents his ironsides to the Doctor but he identifies them as Daleks as soon as he sees them. He tries to convince Churchill that the Daleks are evil but first he has success. Only when the Daleks show their real faces everyone believes him. But then it is nearly too late because the Daleks got what they wanted from the Doctor. A way to bring back their race and rule again. Now the Doctor tries everything to stop them but the supreme Daleks are born and he has to decide if he wants to save the Earth or stops them. Which decision will he make?

This is the first time that the Eleventh Doctor encounters the Daleks and there are some really tough decisions he has to make. We can see here that Amy plays a bigger role as his companion because she really helps him out in some moments, especially in the end. I love how they work together and how they start to form a bond. This season is more about Amy and the Doctor and you almost think that she has forgotten all about her fiancé and her wedding. Well, that still makes this a great episode and I really enjoy watching the actor who plays Winston Churchill. He does a brilliant job and I love this little banter between Winston and the Doctor about the Tardis key. So, all in all I would say "Victory of the Daleks" is a good episode but there are others that are a tick better than this one. In the end, you are left with the question why Amy didn't know the Daleks and what everything has to do with the crack that appears again. And what are the plans of the Daleks now?

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