08 July 2013

Confidential and Commentary

I have to say that I really enjoy the Doctor Who Confidential episodes, that come as extras in the DVD boxes. They are only cut-downs and not the whole Confidential episodes but I enjoy them nonetheless. I've never seen the whole episodes but maybe there's a chance that I will some day.
The look behind the scenes of a TV show is always interesting because I like to know how they bring this monster to life or how it's possible to do a stunt like this. For some people this takes away the magic behind the episode but I really like to know how it's done.

The other thing I enjoy listening to are the Commentaries for some of the episodes. I haven't listened to all of them but it's fun to hear from the actors or director what happened during filming and if it was cold in one scene and so on. This gives you a bit more insight as well and brings you closer to the production.

Well, after this little something I will move on to series 5 next week.

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