22 July 2013

Season 5 Episode 2: The Beast Below

The Doctor takes Amy into the future onto spaceship UK. The people of Earth had to flee from the planet because the solar flares have destroyed it and now every country travels on a ship through space. On board, the Doctor notices something strange and sends Amy after a little girl while he climbs down to the engine rooms. On a blocked road Amy finds a strange creature from the bottom of the ship but then she is made unconscious and brought into a voting booth. There, she finds out what the ship is all about but she chooses to forget what she has seen and records a message for herself to stop the Doctor from investigating. Together again, Amy and the Doctor fall into a gigantic mouth, which shows them there is really a beast below the city. Queen Elizabeth the tenth helps them to escape and brings them into her room. Some of her guards bring them into the Tower and there it gets clear that every ten years the Queen chooses to forget what they are doing to the star whale around whom the ship is build. The Doctor wants to kill the whale because that's the only way he sees to end the torturing of the creature but Amy chooses another way. Will she destroy the ship and everyone on board?

I think this is a lovely first travelling episode for Amy and the Doctor and I have to say it's a really cool setting. Who would have thought that a whole country could fit into a huge spaceship? I can imagine why the people choose to forget what they are doing to the star whale but they have never really thought about why the whale came to Earth and that it just wanted to be kind and nothing else. They didn't know and so they tortured him, so he would fly them through space. The decision of the Doctor to kill the whale must be a hard one but I really don't know why he thinks that the only good solution. Maybe he has to find this bit of humanity in him again before he can make other decisions but that's one of the reasons why he always picks up another companion to travel with. The Doctor always wants to solve the secrets behind a person and he somehow needs their human brains and emotions to be a better person. I'm glad that this episode ended well and that Amy is still travelling with the Doctor.

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