15 July 2013

Season 5 Episode 1: The Eleventh Hour

After his regeneration the Eleventh Doctor crashes with his Tardis in a garden. There he meets Amelia Pond, who has a scary crack in her wall. It seems like prisoner zero has escaped through the crack but the Doctor is able to close it. When he wants to investigate a strange door in Amelia's house, he gets distracted by noises from the Tardis and flies away with it after he has promised Amelia that he will be back in five minutes. The Doctor returns to the house with a rebuilding Tardis but he has been away twelve years and Amelia is now a grown woman and calls herself Amy. Together they find out that prisoner zero has been in the house all the time and now they try to catch him. Rory, Amy's boyfriend, tells them that he has seen coma patients all over the village and when an alien ship arrives the Doctor tries everything to help them detect the prisoner, which isn't that easy. When the aliens can't find the prisoner, they threaten to destroy the whole planet. With help from Amy and Rory, the Doctor is able to catch the alien. He gets a signal from the Tardis that she is ready and takes her for a ride but will he come back for Amy?

I think this episode is a great start for Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor because it has so much action in it and it's just fun to watch how the Doctor tries to find himself and at the same time tries to save the earth from the aliens who want to destroy it. The scenes with little Amelia at the beginning are just brilliant when they sit in the kitchen and the Doctor tries to find out what his favourite food is. I just love the interaction between them and it's nice to see little Amelia again from time to time. Amy is just brilliant when she tries to convince the Doctor that she's a police woman but she's a kissogram instead. In this episode, Rory seems to be a bit dumb but I'm glad that that changes later. The scene where we see all the other incarnations of the Doctor is brilliant and a great reminder who has been there before. "The Eleventh Hour" is a great beginning for a new series and a great start for the Matt Smith era.

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