19 June 2013

Quotes from "Combat"

Owen: Trust me, the bigger the crowd, the more alone I feel.

Jack: You know what they used these warehouses for during World War II? Storing the bodies of dead GIs. Sometimes you can know too much history.

Caller: Don’t interfere in things you don’t understand.
Jack: Oh, I understand this better than you. ‘Cause I know how this is going to end. We’re gonna hunt you down. We’re going to ensure that you’re punished for what happened here. And we’re going to make you surrender that creature that you kidnapped. Is that clear enough?

Gwen: The shittiest part about being a police officer and I can't get away from it. (Owen ignores her) Thank you for your kind words of support.
Owen: What do you want me to say? She'll be all right in the end?
Gwen: "You can always count on Owen, to make you feel better." Tosh mentioned you and Diane. Did you...
Owen: .I didn't want her to go. She went.
Gwen: Why are we still doing this, me and you?
Owen: Fine. Let's not. I was getting bored of your fuck-tricks anyway.
Gwen: You can be such a wanker sometimes Owen, do you know that?
Owen: I do, as a matter of fact!

Jack: In your absence, Toshiko’s had a great idea.
Owen: Well, it had to happen sooner or later.

Tosh: You want to release a Weevil in the middle of Cardiff!
Jack: Not exactly in the middle, a little to the side.

Mark Lynch: You work yourself stupid, get a house, a car, plasma screen. You end up with a workforce, people there specifically to look after your every whim. You’re officially successful, but what does it bring? Nothing. Success has no worth other than itself. Seriously, I could live without all this. It doesn’t define me. 

Mark Lynch: Ask yourself, what’s the point of your life?
Owen: Mark, mate, I only came here for a beer.
Mark Lynch: There’s so much more, if you know where to look.
Owen: Is that right?
Mark Lynch: It’s closer than you think. Something’s coming. Out there, in the darkness, something is coming.

Mark Lynch: (about a Weevil) I think it’s us, Owen. You and me, in a thousand years time. This is what we become when all we have left is our rage.

Owen: Who are these blokes?
Mark Lynch: Same as us. Ordinary blokes just trying to find meaning in a world that doesn’t have anyone.
Owen: You don’t really believe that, do you?
Mark Lynch: We’re the dispossessed now, Owen. All the certainties our fathers had are gone. We’re a generation of no faith. In society, in religion, or in life. All we can do is reduce ourselves to the basics.

Owen: So these guys are paying to put their lives at risk?
Mark Lynch: It's the ultimate extreme sport. Too much disposable income, not enough meaning,. That's us.
Owen: So what about Dan Hodges, Mark?
Mark Lynch: He wouldn't come out. Just stood in the middle of the cage and let it maul him. I think he got in there and he realised he didn't want to live enough. He surrendered. None of us could get to him in time. 
Owen: And still you all come back.
Mark Lynch: Well, what else is there?

Mark Lynch: When you get in there, when you’re up close with it, take a look into its eyes.
Owen: Open the door!
Mark Lynch: It’s like looking into the darkest recesses of your own soul.

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