12 June 2013

Quotes from "Out of Time"

(arriving at a grocery store's automatic doors) 
Diane Holmes: How did it do that?
Ianto: It's automatic. It knows you're there.
Diane Holmes: But how?
Ianto: There are wave bouncing detectors which emit high frequency radio waves and then look for reflections...
Diane Holmes: Bananas!
Ianto: Of course, bananas are far more interesting.

John Ellis: Look at all this. We’d just come rationing in ’53.
Ianto: Yeah, sorry. We are a consumer society.
John Ellis: It’s bloody fantastic! 

(finding a gentleman's magazine) 
Ianto: Welcome to the world of scantily-clad celebrities.
John Ellis: But, there could be children around here.
Ianto: She's a children's TV presenter.

Owen: I've, uh, I've been reading up on you. England to Australia in four days, 1952, that is impressive.
Diane Holmes: Yeah, terrible wind across the Bengal Bay.
Owen: Something you ate?

Diane Holmes: So what other strides have women made?
Owen: Well, under "strange but true", how about this? You don’t have to have sex to have kids any more.
Diane Holmes: What? How come?
Owen: Get yourself inseminated with a sort of syringe. Cheery little process. Seriously, men donate sperm anonymously. A little shuffle into a pot at a sperm bank. And they say romance is dead.
Diane Holmes: Oh, come on, I wasn’t born yesterday.
Owen: No, but for a bird who's going on 90, you look pretty hot.

Diane Holmes: Do you have a girlfriend?
Owen: No.
Diane Holmes: So who do all those beauty products belong to?
Owen: Uh, me, actually.
Diane Holmes: No?
Owen: Oi, real men can moisturise too, you know.

Owen: I always thought the '50s were uptight, sexually repressed, you know.
Diane Holmes: You didn't invent it, you know.

Jack: There's no puzzle to solve, no enemy to fight, just three lost people who've somehow become our responsibility.

(Jack stops John from killing himself)
Jack: You can’t just throw it away, not without trying!
John Ellis: I’m not as strong as you! You don’t understand.
Jack: I do. I was born in the future. Lived in your past. My time has gone, too.
John Ellis: Why are you doing this? Speaking to me in bloody riddles, keeping me here when my wife is dead, my son is a shell...
Jack: John, you’re still young. You can get work, make friends, start a family.
John Ellis: I did all that, Jack. Years ago. When I was meant to.

Jack: I can’t leave you here.
John Ellis: Then we’ll wait. The sun will rise, we’ll have some breakfast, take a walk...
Jack: Yes. A new day.
John Ellis: And I’ll suffer it all and smile and wag my tail. And then, as soon as your back is turned, I’ll make sure I do it properly. Because I want to die.
Jack: You don’t get reunited, John. It just goes black.
John Ellis: How do you know?
Jack: I died once.
John Ellis: Who are you?
Jack: A man, like you, out of his time, alone and scared.
John Ellis: How do you cope?
Jack: It’s just bearable. It has to be. I don’t have a choice.
John Ellis: But I do. If you want to help me, then let me go with some dignity. Don’t condemn me to live. 

Owen: I don't know if I can do this anymore. This isn't how it works for me. I've slept with enough women, I've done the fuck buddies thing. This is not it. I can't concentrate. All I see is you. All I can think about is what you're wearing, what you're thinking, what your... what your face looks like when you come. It's been, what, a week? And, uh... it's like, I don’t know, when I'm not with you, erm, I'm out of focus. How have you done this to me? I'm scared. I'm fucking scared.
Diane Holmes: I love you, too.

Diane Holmes: The thing about love is that you’re always at its mercy.

Owen: I’ll come with you.
Diane Holmes: I fly solo, Owen. I go faster and further than others.
Owen: You have no idea how this Rift works. You could end up anywhere.
Diane Holmes: That’s the beauty of it.
Owen: It’s too dangerous!
Diane Holmes: It’s what I do.

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