24 June 2013

Special: The End of Time, Part One

The Doctor has delayed his visit to the Ood and now wonders why they have advanced so fast. The Ood tell him that the Master will return to Earth but there something much worse returning in his wake. After hearing that, the Doctor races back to Earth but he is too late to stop the resurrection of the Master. Meanwhile, Wilfred is searching for the Doctor and gets help from some of his friends. They find him while he hunts the Master, who is a homeless now. The Doctor and Wilfred start to talk and Wilfred begs the Doctor to talk to Donna who is just outside the café. When the Doctor says he can't do it or she'll die, Wilfred is sad but then the Doctor suddenly tells him that he will die soon and that he has to stop the Master. They part and the Doctor searches the Master. He finds him and the Master lets him hear the drums in his head before he gets kidnapped. Together with Wilfred the Doctor follows the trail of the Master but what does he want with the medical arc?

"The End of Time" is the first part of the Tenth Doctor's final moments. The episode has many funny but also many heartbreaking moments. It's so sad to see the feelings on the Doctor's face when he watches Donna from afar but he can't talk to her and when he tells Wilfred that he will die soon. This is just heartbreaking and makes it even harder to think about the imminent regeneration of the Doctor. On the other hand, it's brilliant that they have brought the Master back as the last foe of Ten. Their relationship is always one that lies somewhere between hate and love because they know each other so well. It's quite creepy when the Master takes over the human race and you can see this insane guy dressed in different clothes all over the world. That's something that you wouldn't want to happen in reality. Having Wilfred as a companion in this episode is so lovely because he brings so much fun into this dark episode and the Doctor needs someone like him by his side in his last days. Oh, and with a cliffhanger like this, you just can't wait for the next part to happen.

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