26 June 2013

Quotes from "Captain Jack Harkness"

Tosh: My grandfather’s eighty-eighth birthday today.
Jack: I thought you’d gone to all this trouble for me.
Tosh: Eighty eight is a joyous year for the Japanese. I’m off to London to watch grown men throw rice.
Jack: You can get that in the Balti after stop-tap.

Tosh: Why does that man have your name? I'm lost enough here without you holding back on me!
Jack: It's not my name. It's his. I took his. But I didn't realise he was...so hot!
Tosh: Jack?
Jack: I know too much.
Tosh: Then share.
Jack: You wouldn't want that, trust me.

Jack: I went to war when I was a boy. I was with my best friend. We got caught crossing the border over enemy lines. They tortured him, not me, because he was weaker. They made me watch him die. And they let me go.
Original Jack: Who were they?
Jack: The worst possible creatures you can imagine. I persuaded him to join up. I said it would be an adventure. He hadn't lived.
Original Jack: Have any of us?

Jack: (about Captain Harkness) Tomorrow’s their last training exercise. Just another day. They go out on a sortie and are surprised by two formations of Messerschmitts. He destroys three of the enemy. His men listen to his whoops of joy over the radio. Then it all goes quiet. He can’t bail out because his whole plane is on fire. But his men all make it back to safety.

Owen: Good job you're a crap shot.
Ianto: I was aiming for your shoulder.

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