10 June 2013

Special: The Waters of Mars

The Doctor travels alone to Mars to have a look at the red planet. Then he sees a base of the humans and is forced to enter it by a robot. Inside, he soon recognises the people who live there and when he asks for the exact date, the Doctor knows that he shouldn't been there. He is at a fixed point in time and he can't do anything to help the people. When some of the crew are turned into a kind of water monster, the Doctor helps Adelaide to investigate. They soon find out that nobody should touch the water and that the flood had been dormant in the glacier beneath the station. Adelaide and her crew pack their things and try to leave the station but more of them are turned into monsters. The Doctor leaves them there to die and he can listen to their cries when the rocket is destroyed and they have no way to escape. Just then, the Doctor decides that it's enough and that he doesn't care about the rules of time anymore. He returns to the base and saves the rest of the living humans but will there be a happy ending?

This special is my least favourite one of the Tenth Doctor specials after series 4. Maybe that's because I don't like how he changes into this arrogant being, who thinks most humans aren't important. He thinks, he is like a god and that no one can stop him. That's a Doctor I don't really like and I hope we won't see him like that again any time soon. In the end he finds back to himself although at a great cost and we now know that his end is near. Back to the episode then. I liked the monsters or the flood how they were called. When they looked at you with their blue eyes and water pouring out of their pores, they were quite scary. The story was alright but not as good as some of the other ones before. The idea that a human was setting time right instead of the Doctor was interesting. The mentioning of the Ice Warriors was also a nice bit in the episode and it made a connection with the pre 2005 episodes of Doctor Who. All in all, "The Waters of Mars" is a scary and interesting episode but there have been other ones that were better.

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