27 May 2013

Series Seven Part Two

I have to say I really liked the second part of series seven but now we have to wait sooo long for the 50th special. I guess I have to spend this time with re-watching of some of the older episodes.
Well, back to series seven. I can't really say which episode was my favourite because I liked most of them equally. The only episode I didn't like very much was "The Rings of Akhaten". It was a brilliant looking episode but I just thought that there wasn't enough story behind it.
The interactions of Clara and the Doctor are great, although it would be nice to get to know her a bit better. We know a lot about her past and how she behaves but maybe the character needs just a little more depth. Otherwise I'm really happy with her as a companion.
Matt was again brilliant as the Doctor and I hope he will play the role for at least one series more.
What I don't understand is all the Steven Moffat hate on the net. I think he is great as the showrunner of Doctor Who. If you don't like the episodes anymore then stop watching and don't try to ruin the experience for everybody else. Maybe that's one of the reasons Steven left Twitter.
But enough of that. The second half of the seventh series was great to watch and ended with a hell of a cliffhanger for the 50th anniversary special.

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