08 May 2013

Quotes from "Small Worlds"

Estelle: Jack and I have always disagreed about fairies. I only see the good ones; he only ever sees the bad.
Jack: They’re all bad.
Estelle: No, I refuse to believe that!
Gwen: Well, I suppose one person’s good could be somebody else’s evil.

Jack: She calls them fairies. I don’t.
Gwen: What do you call them?
Jack: They’ve never really had a proper name.
Gwen: How come?
Jack: Something from the dawn of time. How could you possibly put a name to that?
Gwen: Are we talking alien?
Jack: Worse.
Gwen: How come?
Jack: Because they’re part of us, part of our world, yet we know nothing about them. So we pretend to know what they look like. We see them as happy. We imagine they have tiny little wings and are bathed in moonlight.
Gwen: But they’re not?
Jack: No. Think dangerous. Think something you can only half see, like a glimpse, like something out of the corner of your eye with a touch of myth, a touch of the spirit world, a touch of reality, all jumbled together, old moments and memories that are frozen in amongst it. Like debris spinning around a ringed planet, tossing, turning, whirling, backwards and forwards through time. That’s them, we have to find them, before all hell breaks loose.

Ianto: I blame it on the magic mushrooms.
Jack: What you do in private is none of our business.

Jack: I spell out the dangers, you keep looking for explanations.
Gwen: That’s what police work’s all about.
Jack: This isn’t police work.
Gwen: All right, then. Science.
Jack: And it’s not science.
Gwen: I know, you told me. It’s that "corner-of-the-eye" stuff.

Gwen: Why the petals in his mouth?
Jack: Just a bit of fun on their part.
Gwen: You call that fun?
Jack: That’s the way these creatures like to do things. They plays games, they torment, then they kill.
Gwen: Why?
Jack: As a punishment or a warning to others. They protect their own. The Chosen Ones. Somehow children and the spirit world, they go together.
Tosh: So how do we stop them?
Jack: First we have to find out who they want. And we can’t trap them. They have control of the elements. Fire, water, the air that we breathe. They can drag that air right out of our bodies. Sometimes I think they’re part Mara.
Tosh: Mara?
Jack: Kind of malignant wraiths. It’s where the word "nightmare" comes from. They suffocate people in their sleep.

Gwen: It wasn't your dad that was in love with her all those years ago, was it? It was you.
Jack: We'd once made a vow; that we'd be with each other until we died. I need a drink.

Gwen: Where did you and Estelle meet?
Jack: In London. At the Astoria ballroom. A few weeks before Christmas. She was seventeen years old and she was beautiful. I loved her at first sight. But nothing lasted back then. Promises were always being broken. Estelle...to have to die like that...

Lynn: So who are they?
Jasmine: Just friends.
Lynn: You should have invited them to the party.
Jasmine: They don’t like parties.
Lynn: I’m not surprised if they live in trees.
Jasmine: Oh, they don’t always live in trees. They can be anywhere and everywhere. They can even be in this room.

Lynn: Where did you meet these friends? Must’ve met them somewhere.
Jasmine: They said they’ll always look after me. Even through time.

Jasmine: Do you know you're walking in the forest? Well, you are. It looks like a very old forest and it's magical. I want to stay in it.
Jack: You can see this forest?
Jasmine: Yes.
Jack: But it's not here. It's just an illusion, Jasmine. It is. Your friends are just playing a game with you. The real forest can never come back.
Jasmine: Oh, it can. When they take me to it.
Gwen: They told you this? But what about your mother, don't you want to stay with her?
(the fairies arrive) 
Jack: Come on. The child isn't sure.
Jasmine: I am sure! (Jack grabs her) No!
Jack: Leave her alone. Find another Chosen One.
Fairy: Too late. She belongs with us.
Jack: The child belongs here!
Fairy: No! She lives forever.

Jack: Suppose we make her stay with us.
Jasmine: Then lots more people will die.
Gwen: They tell you that?
Jasmine: They promised.
Fairies: Come away, oh human child.
Jasmine: Next time, they'll kill everybody at my school, like they killed Roy. And that man. And your friend.
Gwen: How do you know these things?
Jasmine: If they want to, they can make great storms, wild seas, they can turn the world to ice, kill every living thing. Let me go!
Jack: The child won’t be harmed?
Gwen: Jack, you can’t...
Jack: Answer me! She won’t be harmed?
Fairy: We told you. She lives forever.
Jasmine: Dead world. Is that what you want?
Jack: What good is that to you? There will be no more Chosen Ones.
Jasmine: They’ll find us, back in time.
Jack: Take her.

Fairies: Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild. With a fairy, hand in hand, For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.

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