13 May 2013

Series 7 Episode 12: Nightmare in Silver

The Doctor takes Clara, Artie and Angie to Hedgewick's World of Wonders, the biggest amusement park in the world. There is only one problem. The park is closed and there haven't been visitors for quite a while. Mr Webley shows them around and the Doctor is alarmed when it is revealed that there's a Cyberman on this planet. It looks like an empty shell but the Doctor doesn't want to leave until he finds out more about these strange insect that are running around on the planet. While he investigates, Angie runs off and meets the soldiers who are also living on this world. With the others away the seemingly empty Cyberman transforms Artie and Mr Webley and another one kidnaps Angie right in front of Clara and the Doctor. Clara is now in charge of the soldiers and together with them and Porridge they try to find a save place in the amusement park. The Doctor is able to find Angie and Artie but then he is also upgraded and he fights to get the control of his body back. He and Mr Clever agree that they play a game of chess and whoever wins will be the winner of the Doctor's body and mind. While Clara battles the Cybermen in the real world the Doctor tries to get the cyberware out of his head. Will both of them succeed and can they stop the Cybermen from spreading across the galaxy?

I really liked this episode and the upgraded Cybermen were creepier than the ones we saw the last time. It was weird to see them move that fast or that they could separate parts of their bodies from the rest. I think Neil Gaiman managed to make the Cybermen scary again and I really hope we don't see them again very soon. I was really glad that I've watched this episode in the middle of the day and not at night. Another thing I really liked was the struggle of the Doctor with the cyberware in his head. In my opinion, Matt Smith managed to show this battle going on in the Doctor's head in an amazing way and these scene show that he's a brilliant actor. Clara had a bit more to do in this episode and I liked how she handled the soldiers and the situation around her. It's interesting that she only trusts the Doctor to a certain degree and that's quite a difference to some of the former companions of the Doctor. After this episode she knows a bit more about the reasons why the Doctor is so fascinated by her and I really hope we will get a good solution to the riddle who Clara is in the next episode which will be the last of the series. A really exciting episode and I cross my fingers that the next episode will be even better.

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