04 December 2013

Quotes from "Escape to L.A."

Gwen: Wow, look at the horizon. We've reached the edge of America.
Jack: It's been decades since I've seen the Pacific. Must be about 70 years.
Esther: Are you kidding me, you say things like that?
Jack: Oh-ho-ho. I wonder.

Landlord: I don't suppose it's any good asking who you are.
Jack: We're traveling circus folk.
Rex: Yeah, and he's the clown.
Gwen: I'm the bearded woman but I've shaved.
Jack: Yeah, you missed a bit.

Landlord: By the way, if you get hungry, there's a cafe on the corner that does a guava jalapeno cheese tart that's just fabulous. Laters.
Rex: Fabulous? What is it with you? You make everybody around you gay?
Jack: That's the plan.

Gwen: No, you know what Torchwood's like. It's terrible. I mean, we're living in this... shed thing. And there's no electricity, there's no water, it's dark and cold and damp.
Rhys: I thought it was boiling hot in Los Angeles all year round.
Gwen: Yeah, well, they lied, Rhys, they lied.

Gwen: Anyway, so how's my little girl?
Rhys: Don't call me that, Gwen.
Gwen: You're very funny.

Jack: George Eliot wrote this chapter in Middlemarch. She said that if you take a piece of metal with random scratches written all over and hold a flame up to the metal, the scratches look like they're forming patterns, circling around the light. And that's Oswald. He's blazing away, and patterns are starting to revolve around him and all we have to do is keep watching.

Jilly Kitzinger: Listen, clear the schedule. It is Oswald 24-7 from here on out. Dr. Juarez!
Dr. Vera Juarez: This is disgusting.
Jilly Kitzinger: I know!

Gwen: Who the hell are you?
The Gentleman: Names aren't important right now.
Gwen: Oh, great, he's cryptic.

The Gentleman: It's got to be said Miracle Day has hardly been advantageous for those in my line of work-- the day the killing stopped. But I can't tell you, Jack, how wonderful it is, how truly wonderful it is to meet somebody who's mortal. It's my holy grail.
Gwen: If he's the only one that can die, then it's in your interest to keep him alive.
The Gentleman: That's exactly what I'm doing. Haven't you noticed the absence of killing?

Gwen: He was just about to tell us.
Rex: Thanks? Anybody? Thanks?
Gwen: And you shot him in the throat!
Rex: Well, dead is dead.

Jack: Thanks again for saving my ass yesterday.
Rex: I was saving her ass. You were just gravy.

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