30 December 2013

Christmas Special: The Time of the Doctor

Clara phones the Doctor because she needs a date for her family Christmas dinner. When he's finally there, Clara asks him to help her with the turkey and they go off in the Tardis. The Doctor is interested in a planet from which a signal is sent through the whole universe and all the foes of the Doctor are there. His old friend Tasha Lem brings him and Clara down onto the planet and they arrive in a town called Christmas. They soon find out, that the signal comes from the Time Lords and the Doctor only has to speak his name and they would come back. The only thing is, that he can't bring them back because the planet the Doctor is on is Trenzalore and the Time War would break out again. The Doctor sends Clara away to keep her save and guards the planet for centuries. When his end is near, Tasha brings Clara back and she begs the Time Lords to help the Doctor. Will they do what she's asking for?

This was another brilliant Doctor Who Christmas episode and I liked how Steven Moffat explained so many loose story ends concerning the silence, the Time Lords and the crack in the wall. Although this episode has many funny moments like the one with the turkey or when the Doctor suddenly has no hair anymore but it's also very sad. For me it had a sad touch all the time because it's the last episode of the Eleventh Doctor and it kind of broke your heart to see him age like this. The Doctor gave us the explanation about his regenerations and that he doesn't have one left, so this is his last face. Luckily Clara's speech meant something to the Time Lords and we have still more episodes to come. All in all, this was a great Christmas episode, although some of the ones before were more Christmassy than this one. Really worth to watch.

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