11 December 2013

Quotes from "The Categories of Life"

Gwen: Yvonne Pallister.
Rhys: Yes indeed, madam. I'm your driver. Might I ask, is there any luggage to pick up?
Gwen: No. The only thing you'll be picking up is me.
Rhys: That'll be a pleasure.
Gwen: I don't think I like the tone of your voice.
Rhys: And what are you going to do about it?
Gwen: Many things. (kisses him)

Gwen: Who's with Anwen?
Rhys: No one. I left her with petrol and a cigarette lighter.

PC Andy: It might be chaos but at least it works.
Gwen: Andy, don't be so thick.
PC Andy: Well, it's nice to have you back.

Gwen: I need to move a patient. It's urgent.
Guard: Then you really need to speak to one of the care workers over there. They can tell you how to process your claim.
Gwen: It's not a claim. I haven't bumped my car. We're talking about my father.

Gwen: Bloody categories. All the things I fought with Torchwood and what stops me? Red tape.
Rhys: We'll find another way, Gwen.
Gwen: Yes, and I'll tell you what it is. We're gonna break in here, we're going to find my father, and we're going to get him out. Tonight.

Vera: So this name, Torchwood. You're like investigators?
Jack: More like freedom fighters.
Vera: That makes you sound like terrorists.

Rex: Look, Torchwood's gone, okay? It's just a name these days. Just kind of works as a codeword to connect us, that's all.
Vera: So am I Torchwood now?
Jack: Welcome aboard.
Vera: Not sure if that's good or bad.

Jack: All I get is a kiss?
Esther: You look after yourself. You're unique. You're Category Jack. So don't you go getting into trouble. 

Colin Maloney: Ah, look at you. You're thin as a twig. Bet you'd snap easily.
Vera: I'm getting there, yeah.

Colin Maloney: This is my first tour but I think we might get some important people wanting to visit, you know?
Dr. Vera Juarez: Hmm.
Colin Maloney: I've got a line on Hilary I'm feeling really good about.
Dr. Vera Juarez: Hilary Clinton?
Colin Maloney: Nah, Hilary Duff.

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