16 October 2013

Quotes from "Children of Earth (2)"

PC Andy: If she's anti-terrorist, I would not mind being Uncle Terrorist.

Johnson: Now do you believe (Gwen's) a terrorist?
PC Andy: She shot your wheels. What kind of terrorist shoots your wheels?
Johnson: A clever one.

Soldier: We're looking for Ianto Jones!
Johnny Davies: You're not going to find him in my bed, will you? I'm a married man.

John Frobisher: Sir, sir. I just, um... I just, um, wanted to say how grateful I am, sir.
Brian Green: What for?
John Frobisher: Well, I know that I"m something of a middle man in these affairs, but I just wanted to thank you for trusting me with the responsibility.
Brian Green: All I've done is put you on the front line. That's what the front line's for, John. First to fall. 

Gwen: You sure he's going to London?
Rhys: I don't question how you defend the world against extraterrestrial infiltration, don't you question my knowledge of the hauling industry, right?

Rhys: How are you, love?
Gwen: My best friend's belly had a bomb go off in it last night. Someone's been trying to kill us ever since. I'm travelling at 70 miles an hour on top of a bed of potatoes and I think I'm going to be sick.

Rhiannon Davies: Seriously, how'd you get in that state?
Ianto: A bomb. It was meant for me and the people I work with.
Rhiannon Davies: My God, why?
Ianto: I don't know.
Rhiannon Davies: What sort of civil servants are you?
Ianto: Unappreciated ones.

(to Gwen)
Colonel Camara: You don't look like an undertaker. If more undertakers looked like you, there'd be more of a demand for bereavement.

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