28 October 2013

Season 5 Episode 12: The Pandorica Opens

Vincent van Gogh has painted a picture that shows an exploding Tardis. River tries everything to contact the Doctor and show him the picture. When they finally meet, it's in a Roman camp in Britain and River is disguised as Cleopatra. Together with River and Amy, the Doctor travels to Stonehenge where he finds the Pandorica. He always thought that it was a fairy tale but now it's standing in front of him and it starts to open. Soon, they notice that Stonehenge is transmitting a message and River finds out that thousands of different alien ships are around Earth. It seems that every race in the universe came together to form an alliance. River tries to bring the Tardis to Stonehenge but she has problems with her and lands in Amy's time. There she finds a book with Amy's favourite stories and also a book with Romans with a picture of Rory in it. Meanwhile in the past, Rory saves Amy from a Cyberman but she doesn't recognise him first. The Doctor wonders how Rory can be there but soon he has other problems because it seems that everything what is happening, is a trap for him.

This episode is quite exciting and we are able to see River again. I don't know, I just love the character of River Song, so I'm always glad to see her again. It's brilliant how many connections to other episodes are made in the first couple of minutes and that the characters reappear. That shows that everything is connected in a way. This episode brings the return of Rory as well, although he isn't human anymore. It's just great to have him back and Amy is able to remember him in the end. They have put so many different alien races into this episode, which I find really amazing. Who would have thought that Daleks, Cybermen and all the others would form an alliance to save the universe but they blame the wrong person for it. I love the little action scenes in this episode when Amy fights the Cyberhead or when River pilots the Tardis. This episode is a great first part of the season 5 finale but it's somehow very depressing because there seems to be no hope that everything will be alright again.

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