14 October 2013

Season 5 Episode 11: The Lodger

Through a mysterious force the Tardis can't land and Amy is trapped inside it. The Doctor tries everything to find the source of this force and comes across a strange house. He becomes the new lodger of Craig Owens and tries to behave human but he's not very good at it. Meanwhile, people go up to the upper floor of the house but they never come back. Every time that happens there is a sort of time loop and Amy feels the forces inside the Tardis. The Doctor manages to fit into Craig's life and Craig starts to get jealous because Sophie, his friend whom he is in love with, seems to fancy the Doctor. When Craig wants the Doctor to leave, the Time Lord shows him what he is and why he is there and suddenly Craig understands why the man is so strange. Sophie is lured up the stairs as well and she shall be tested as a pilot for the spaceship that hides up there. When the Doctor enters, the ship thinks it has found the perfect pilot and tries to force the Doctor to help it. Can Craig save the planet before it explodes?

I like the character of Craig. He's a bit like a big Teddy bear and you just want to hug him all the time or slap him because he doesn't tell Sophie that he loves her. The Doctor seems to be quite fond of him too and it's just great to see their interaction. I guess Matt Smith has loved the football scenes where he was allowed to play again. It's also an interesting story with the Tardis not able to land and the Doctor has to rely on his intelligence and solve the problem without the technical gadgets he normally uses. The scene where he talks to the cat is also great and just typically for Eleven. We don't see a lot of Amy in this episode but I don't mind that. From time to time you just need an episode where the Doctor can act alone and the companion is more in the background. I enjoyed watching this episode and the moments between Craig and the Doctor are always fun.

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