29 April 2013

Series 7 Episode 10: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

The Doctor allows Clara to pilot the Tardis but suddenly they are pulled on board of a salvage ship. There is an explosion and the Doctor is thrown out of the Tardis. When he wakes up again, he is surrounded by the salvage crew but Clara is still inside the Tardis. The Doctor promises the men that they can have the engine when they help him to save Clara, though when they are inside his ship he forces them by turning on the self-destruction. Clara wanders through the endless corridors of the Tardis but there is something that chases her. She hides inside the library and finds a book about the Time War in which she reads the Doctor's name. After a while she ends up in an echo of the control room where the Tardis tries to keep her save. The Doctor and two of the salvage crew are also chased by these strange creatures and end up in another echo version of the control room. There the Doctor can hear Clara and he is able to bring her into the echo room he is in and save her from the burned creature. Together they venture into the centre of the Tardis and the Doctor tells Clara that there is a rupture in time and images from the past leak through. She forces him to tell her what these creatures are which are inside the ship and he has to tell her that they are their future selves. They move on but the heart of the Tardis is already exploded. Is there a way to save all of them?

This was definitely another episode with a lot of action in it and it was the first one where we could see something of the inside of the Tardis. It was so cool to see the swimming pool although I would have liked to see more than a glimpse of it. The library was just beautiful and Clara read the name of the Doctor in the book of the Time War. Unfortunately she can't remember it because the Doctor has turned back the time to save the Tardis from exploding. I still wonder how much she remembers of it because it seems that some things aren't forgotten. There are so many mind blowing moments when time collides in the Tardis and there are past, present and future in one place. The guys from the salvage crew where alright for the story but I didn't like the characters very much. Maybe that was just the intention of the writer, I don't know. All in all, this was a good episode and I especially liked to see something of the inside of the Tardis. It has helped to develop the relationship between the Doctor and Clara and I think he is happy that she isn't afraid to travel with him but he still has to find out who she is.

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