22 April 2013

Series 7 Episode 9: Hide

The Doctor and Clara are travelling to Caliburn House to find out more about the ghost who dwells there. Alec Palmer and Emma Grayling try to find out more about the ghost too and they have been able to take some pictures of the "Witch in the Well". Emma has psychic abilities and so she is able to feel that the ghost is afraid. The Doctor and Clara look around the house and they somehow feel watched. Clara notices that the ghost is always in the same position in every picture and so the Doctor borrows Alec's camera to travel to different times in the history of the spot where Caliburn House is built. When he and Clara come back he has a series of pictures, which show that the ghost is a person that is trapped in a pocket universe. With Emma's help, the Doctor is able to open a wormhole and save Hila from the pocket universe but then the connection breaks and he is trapped with the monster. Clara can convince the Tardis to help her save the Doctor and she is able to get him out of there. But there is still something nagging at the Doctor. Is the monster really evil?

The setting of this episode was really spooky and it felt like one of the old ghost movies you can watch on TV sometimes. There is the huge manor in a thunderstorm and you have a ghost and a strange monster. Everything a good horror story needs but when you throw in the Doctor it also has many funny moments. I kind of like it that the Tardis has an issue with Clara and doesn't like her as much as she liked Amy and Rory. Maybe that'll change over time but right now it's a funny little side story. I think the explanation that the ghost isn't really a ghost but a time traveller in a pocket universe is quite interesting. This episodes is one of the few where the Doctor is really afraid and I don't know what he would have done without Clara. That shows again that the Doctor can't solve every mystery on his own and sometimes needs help too. I wouldn't have thought that the Doctor just came to the manor to ask Emma if there is something strange with Clara. He is not really happy with her answer and I can't say if it was really the truth or not. I guess we'll find out soon enough. This was a good episode, maybe not the most brilliant one, but a really good and spooky Doctor Who episode.

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