08 April 2013

Series 7 Episode 7: The Rings of Akhaten

The Doctor takes Clara on her first trip in the Tardis and brings her to the Rings of Akhaten. Clara is quite impressed by the alien planet and the many alien beings she meets. When she wanders off, she meets Merry, the queen of years. The young girl is scared because she has to sing a song for the Old God at a festival which happens every 1000 years. Clara reassures her that she won't get the song wrong and the girl leaves with some priests. The Doctor finds Clara again and they both go to the arena to hear Merry sing. Something goes wrong and the girl is taken to the temple by a kind of beam. The Doctor and Clara follow her to the temple ad try to save her but they aren't able to keep the Old God from waking up. Clara takes Merry away but she leaves the Doctor in the temple where he gives his memories to the Old God, so he won't consume the people in this galaxy. His memories aren't enough but when Clara gives the Old God her biggest memory he seems to be satisfied.

I don't know why exactly but somehow I liked the last Doctor Who episode more than this one. The alien planet looked brilliant and the masks were great but somehow the story wasn't that good. I enjoyed it but something was missing that would have given the episode this little bit extra to make it spectacular. Maybe I will change my opinion when I watch the episode again but for now I liked the last episode more. Somehow it was strange that the Tardis didn't translate what the aliens said because she normally does that. I guess we've seen this more through the eyes of Clara this time and she probably hasn't been in the Tardis long enough for the translation to kick in. That's the only possible explanation for me. I wonder if the Doctor will bring Clara home at the end of every episode which would be a bit boring for me I think. Well, I will see what the next episode brings and I guess it'll be better again from what I've seen in the trailer.

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