21 May 2014

Quotes from "The Lost Boy"

Alan: This is too much to take in.
Sarah Jane: That's the universe, Alan. Once it's chosen to show you some of its secrets, you can't ever turn your back on it; none of us can.

Sarah Jane: The universe is smiling on us tonight.
Alan: Let's hope it always does.

Sarah Jane: Mr. Smith, are you asking me to go back to Pharos and steal one of those headsets?
Mr Smith: It would be of great assistance.

Chief Inspector: (after reading Sarah Jane's U.N.I.T. dossier) Seems you've got powerful friends, Miss Smith.
Sarah Jane: My friends have nothing to do with it, I've done nothing wrong.
Chief Inspector: I know a cover-up when I smell one.
Sarah Jane: Never-the-less, Chief Inspector, I assume your attitude means I'm free to go?
Chief Inspector: You can go, but don't go near that boy again.

Sarah Jane: Luke is gone. Back to his parents where he belongs, and they are his parents, Mr Smith confirmed it. The Bane kidnapped him, did things to him, I got it wrong. Not for the first time.
Maria: I'm really sorry.
Sarah Jane: No, it's for the best, I'm not cut out for being a parent. Children have no place in my life.
Maria: You don't mean that!
Sarah Jane: I told you when we met my life is dangerous. I can't afford to have other people to worry about, they're a distraction, there can be mistakes. These past few months, I've just been lucky. I can't expect that to hold up forever.
Maria: What are you saying?
Sarah Jane: Go home. You tell your dad he was right, he should put the house on the market, and he and you and Clyde should forget all about me and everything you've seen.
Maria: What, how are we going to do that? What happened to never turning your back on the universe?
Sarah Jane: Sometimes you have to. Sometimes it's the only way to survive.

Luke: You're Slitheen? But... you're skinny!
Heidi Slitheen: This new technology's marvellous. I can eat all I want, and still stay a size eight!

Sarah Jane: I have learned that life on Earth can be an adventure, too. You never know what you might find. In all the universe, I never expected to find a family.

Pharos Institute Security System: Intruder, perimeter defences have been armed. Any attempt to escape may result in death. You have been warned.
Sarah Jane: Noted. (deactivates the system with her Sonic Lipstick)

Alan: (After breaking in to Luke's 'parents' house) House-breaking, great. Maybe your Mother was right about you hanging around with Sarah Jane.
Maria: Just keep quiet Dad, and start looking.
Alan: Alright, what are we looking for?
Maria: Anything that'll tells us who they are or what they've done with Luke and Clyde.
Alan: Who they are, or what they've done with Luke... (he opens a door to find a skinsuit hanging from the back) They've skinned someone, they're cannibals!
Maria: They're not cannibals, they're Slitheen.

Mr Smith: What life do you have, alone in your attic?
Sarah Jane: Alone? You think I'm alone? You think I'm defenceless? Well, meet my dog. K9, protect me!
K9: Affirmative, Mistress!

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