14 May 2014

Quotes from "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?"

Luke: So, what is the point of skateboarding?
Clyde: With you, there's always got to be a point. It's skateboarding. It's fun. It just is!

Maria: So, Clyde fights Slitheens and Gorgons, and that's ok with you, but a bit of skateboarding, and woah.
Sarah Jane: I know, oh, shame on me! Well, I've changed since I met you lot, I've gone all Mumsy!
Alan: Change for the better if you don't mind me saying, d'you remember that first day we moved in? Talk about frosty.
Sarah Jane: Oh, I was not!
Maria: (apologetically) Yes, you were.

Andrea: Get out of my house!
Maria: This isn't your house, this is some kind of time gone wrong because in my world, the way things should have been, you died.
Andrea: Get out! Enough of this, I'm phoning your Dad, get out!
Maria: Just to let you know, I'm going to sort things out. I'm going to work out how time got changed, I'm going to find Sarah Jane and then I'm going to bring her back, and nothing is going to stop me!

Alan: Right. Aliens, monsters, supercomputers, is anybody going to tell me what's going on? Hm? Come on, I need some answers. Who's going first?

Andrea: You tricked me. You used a child. And now you're destroying the Earth.
Trickster: Chaos is good.
Andrea: Well, I say no. If there's one thing I can do with my life, I can put a stop to you for good. I've changed my mind. I'm taking the deal back!
Trickster: Then you will die!
Andrea: I've been dead for 40 years. (turns her back on the Trickster) Been a good life. (pause) It's my birthday. (Sarah looks sadly at her) 
Andrea: Goodbye, Sarah Jane. I'm going now. And you're free!

(Chrissie watches as Alan is chased down the stairs followed by the Graske) 
Chrissie: Well that's just ridiculous! (goes back in to join the party)
Chrissie: Oh, I'm telling you, my ex-husband and a dwarf in a suit, now I've seen it all.

The Trickster: I will return when the Earth is no more, and I will explore your potential further; in particular, your memories of this 'Doctor'.
Sarah Jane: You leave him alone!
The Trickster: I can use you to find him. Imagine if The Doctor had never existed? What chaos there would be, across the stars.
Sarah Jane: (hysterically) Don't you dare! Don't you dare! Don't you dare!

Sarah Jane: You'd destroy all life on Earth – you don't even care.
The Trickster: I care about you. You are so wonderful, Sarah Jane Smith. Your life was so important, and I found the right moment to snuff it out, with the help of Andrea Yates.

Sarah Jane: I take it this is your domain. Who are you?
Trickster: Nobody. I am nothing
Sarah Jane: Any chance you could be a bit less cryptic?

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