28 May 2014

Quotes from "The Last Sontaran"

Kaagh: But you interest me, female. You know my kind.
Sarah Jane: Oh, very well, Commander Kaagh. I met your people a long time ago and some time of yet. I can tell you that the Sontaran Empire is going to be around for another 10,000 years. Unfortunately, there will still be no end to your war with the Rutan Host, but knowing Sontarans, that's probably the way you like it, isn't it?

(Sarah Jane finds Luke and Clyde playing a battle game on Mr. Smith) 
Sarah Jane: What's going on?
Luke: It's our history project for the weekend. On Monday, Clyde and I have to demonstrate different battle strategies of Bonaparte and Wellington at Waterloo.
Clyde: I wanted to do the Battle of Hoth but Mrs. Pittman reckons that Star Wars isn't historically accurate or something like that.

Sarah Jane: I've always loved the night sky. As a child, I would lie in bed gazing out of my window and fall asleep counting the stars. Then dream about what might be out there. But I never dreamt that one day I would find out. How could I possibly have imagined everything that I would see? Everything that we would see.
Maria: The Bane, Slitheen, the Gorgon, the Trickster. When I moved into Bannerman Road, I thought creatures like that were just stories. It's amazing, Sarah Jane.
Sarah Jane: And there's still so much more to discover.

Sarah Jane: I thought I told you two to stay out of the woods.
Clyde: I know but did you really think we would?
Sarah Jane: Of course not. That's why I'm so angry with myself.

Clyde: (while walking through a forest) I hate woods. The city is civilization. This is the land that time forgot. 

Mr Smith: If every aerial phenomenon reported as a UFO was in fact an alien spacecraft I assure you Earth would be at the centre of a solar gridlock backing up to the outer rings of Saturn.

Chrissie: (upon overhearing Mr Smith) A roleplaying game?
Alan: It's an internet thing, only some of it's in the real world now we're looking for clues, solving puzzles. 

Alan: Mr Smith...Mr Smith, I need you.

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