31 December 2014

Quotes from "Robot of Sherwood" (Part 1)

The Doctor: Old-fashioned heroes only exist in old-fashioned storybooks, Clara.
Clara: What about you?
The Doctor: Me?
Clara: Yeah, you. You stop bad things happening every minute of every day. That sounds pretty heroic to me.
The Doctor: Just passing the time.

Robin Hood: Well, don't you know all property is theft to Robin Hood?
The Doctor: You're not serious.
Robin Hood: I am many things but never that. Robin Hood laughs in the face of all.
The Doctor: And do people ever punch you in the face when you do that?
Robin Hood: Not as yet.
The Doctor: Lucky I'm here then, isn't it?

The Doctor: That is not Robin Hood.
Robin Hood: Well, then, who, sir, is about to relieve you of your magic box?
The Doctor: Nobody, sir. Not in this universe or the next.
Robin Hood: Well, then, draw your sword and prove your words.
The Doctor: I have no sword. I don't need a sword. Because I am the Doctor. This is my spoon. En garde! 

Friar Tuck: Whoa! What are you doing?
The Doctor: This isn't a real sandal.
Friar Tuck: Yes it is.
The Doctor: (sniffs it) Oh, yes it is.

Alan-a-Dale: Ow!
The Doctor: Sorry sorry sorry. Blood analysis. Oh. All those diseases. If you were real, you'd be dead in six months.
Alan-a-Dale: I am real.
The Doctor: Bye.

Clara: How can you be so sure he's not the real thing?
The Doctor: Because he can't be.
Clara: When did you stop believing in everything?
The Doctor: When did you start believing in impossible heroes?
Clara: Don't you know?

Clara: What are you up to?
The Doctor: Quickest way to find out anybody's plan. Get yourself captured.

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