03 December 2014

Quotes from "The Man Who Never Was"

Sarah: (On K-9) What's he doing up there?
Luke: He's backing up the Bodleian Library. The whole lot. He wouldn't come back with me.
Mr Smith: Oh, good. Ness me, what a terrible shame.

(Luke returns home and goes to his bedroom but finds it now Sky's Room) 
Luke: Oh. Right, yeah. Not my room any more.

Lionel Carson: I pulled rank. To impress my grandchildren, I think. I've met the great Mister Serf. I leave the technical stuff to you young people. I can't abide computers. Nothing wrong with a typewriter, says I.
Sky: What's a typewriter?
Lionel Carson: Goodness me. Make me feel even more old-fashioned, why don't you?

Mr Smith: (Deceivering a message) Grab Harrison's P E N. Full stop.
Clyde: Never been so glad to see a full stop.

(Sky is typing the words for Serf to say)
Luke: Remember, he's American.
Joseph Serf: Yee-haw! As I woke up, put my grits on the griddle, I thought, gee, what a cotton picking day to launch a new computer.
Luke: What? What? You've been watching Toy Story again.

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