24 September 2014

Quotes from "The Nightmare Man"

Slitheen: You think you can stop me with a bucket?
Clyde: A bucket full of vinegar! (throws the vinegar at him) 
Slitheen: Ohhh.... bum! (explodes) 

Clyde: (about Luke) I don't get why he wants to go to Uni anyway. We've got K9 and Mr. Smith. He can learn everything from them.
Rani: He's got to meet new people, do new things. Don't you want to see the world?
Clyde: I've seen it. From space.

Nightmare Man: Children of earth, I demand you sleep. And you dream. And you fear... You will fear me.
Sarah Jane: Come on, come and sit down. And I'll tell you all about my brilliant son.
Nightmare Man: No.
Sarah Jane: His name's Luke Smith. And he's going to live, happily ever after
Nightmare Man: Noooooo!

K9: Goodbye, Mr. Smith.
Mr. Smith: Goodbye, K9.
K9: You were... adequate company.
Mr. Smith: You could always contact me, if you need to.
K9: I knew you would miss me.
Mr. Smith: Goodbye, K9.

K9: (Trying to contact Luke) I regret I have insufficient power.
Mr. Smith: Perhaps I could help. If I were to connect to K9, I could boost his energy levels.
Sarah Jane: What would you ought to need, Mr. Smith? I've stuff here from planets across the universe. Mind control devices, alien implants... Just tell me what you need.
Mr. Smith: ...I need a USB lead, Sarah Jane.

Nightmare Man: (watches Rani sleep) What sweet dreams... soon change that!

Clyde: Wherever you go, whatever you do, don't forget about me. I'm still your best mate, remember?
Luke: Super alien brain, remember? I never forget anything.

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