10 September 2014

Quotes from "Mona Lisa's Revenge"

Rani: (regarding the Mona Lisa's "theft") There's something freaky about this.
Clyde: Oh, here we go. Just because something shady happens, it doesn't mean there's aliens behind it. When my bike got nicked, do you think it was ET the ASBO, cycling home?

Haresh: Morning, 11-T.
Rani: Someone's in trouble; That's dad's serious face.
Clyde: Yeah, like he's got any other sort!

Sarah Jane: (readies the Sonic Lipstick) Sonic scarlet, my favourite shade.

Mr. Harding: Ever since man first drew on cave walls, all any artist ever wanted to do was to breathe life into what they creation. Can't you appreciate the wonder of what has happened today?
Clyde: Can't you appreciate that she's nuts?
Mona Lisa: Standing right here, boys.

Harding: (regarding The Abomination) The story goes that it was painted by Giuseppe di Cattivo, known in fifteenth century Florence as an artist of nightmares.
Clyde: So he didn't paint fluffy lambs and bunny rabbits, then?

Mr. Harding: I've been a fool.
Mona Lisa: I could have told you that any day!

Sarah Jane: (about the Mona Lisa) A living consciousness, trapped in oil. I almost feel sorry for her.
Rani: Almost?
Sarah Jane: Well, you can go off someone after they've trapped you in a painting.

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