17 September 2014

Quotes from "The Gift"

Rani: That Rakweed plant could be really incredible. It could feed thousands!
Clyde: But I bet it'll still taste like salad. Like the world needs more salad.
Rani: Do you know what cynical means?
Clyde: It's what I call being realistic. 

Dave: Sarah Jane Smith. How predictable.
Sarah Jane: I prefer reliable.

Sarah Jane: If the Slitheen are back, it could mean chaos on a global scale.
Luke: What do you think they're after?
Sarah Jane: Same as always, I imagine to convert the Earth into cash.

Clyde: K9, can you link to Mr. Smith?
K9: Possible, if required. However, contact with that computer interferes with this unit's synaptic circuits.
Clyde: You mean he gets on your nerves?
K9: Affirmative

Sarah Jane: You're as bad as the Slitheen.
Tree: Don't insult us! We're much worse!
Leef: They don't have our class, our vision, our good looks!

Rani: You're really gonna go through with it, aren't you? Cheating on the test. You've got no morals, have you?
Clyde: And that's why you love me.
Rani: Dream on, Clyde. Dream on.

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