13 August 2014

Quotes from "Prisoner of the Judoon"

Sarah Jane: Humans don't matter, under the articles of the Shadow Proclamation we barely exist; too primitive.
Clyde: You know a planet could start to get a complex.

Clyde: So what was that? A meteor or a comet or something really cool, please tell me it was something cool.
Luke: A body entering the Earth's atmosphere generates temperatures in excess of 1600 degrees centigrade. No way was it something cool, Clyde.
Clyde: Yeah, yeah, still got a long way to go with that humour thing, my young padawan.

Tybo: (regarding Androvax) Prisoner was secured. I do not answer to humans.
Sarah Jane: You crashed and let some creature that has already destroyed 12 planets loose on our world. I think you answer to all of us, Captain Tybo.

Rani: Think! What would Luke do?
Clyde: I don't know. I get by on good looks and one liners. I'm not supposed to understand all this techie stuff.
Rani: Yeah, I know you're the cool one but cool isn't much help right now.

(Haresh tries to pick the lock on a door)
Gita: Haresh my love, don't take this the wrong way, but you're more like Jamie Oliver then James Bond.
Haresh: What's that supposed to mean?
Gita: Well, you're more suited to piccalilli then picking locks, aren't you?

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