20 August 2014

Quotes from "The Mad Woman in the Attic"

Clyde: Oh no, I seem to have left a really important book at Rani's house. (Pause) You're not gonna ask what book?
Luke: There isn't one. It's a trick to see if there's a clue over there.
Clyde: Lukey boy, you're learning.

Sarah Jane: I knew I should have brought Luke, he moans less than you.
Clyde: Yeah, I run faster though.

Sarah Jane: I'm sorry.
Rani: What for?
Sarah Jane: Maybe you were right to tell Sam. I spent so many years alone, I still find it difficult to trust people, but you know, they're not all out to get us and sometimes I forget that. Sometimes visitors to this world just need a friend.

K-9: Greetings, Mr Smith
Mr Smith: K-9, it's good to see you, will you be staying here now?
K-9: Affirmative
Mr Smith: (sarcastically) Oh, good.

Clyde: Sarah Jane's got this metal dog and he's trapped in this space void dimension thing stopping Earth being sucked up by a black hole.
Ship: That is rather...improbable.
Clyde: It's brilliant.
Sarah Jane: (on the phone) K-9 I'm in a spaceship under a beach on the south coast.
Sam: Yeah improbable's the word.

Sarah Jane: Mr Smith I need you
Mr Smith: Yes, Sarah Jane?
Sarah Jane: Oh well actually for once it's not you I need, I need K-9
Mr Smith: Your robot dog.
Sarah Jane: That's the one, patch me through Mr Smith.

(facing the mirror)
Rani: I'm going to end up like that, an old woman, alone. I could feel it I was
Old Rani: so lonely. I saw this, I saw this future, my future and I told myself I
Rani: won't let that happen!
Old Rani: Whatever I do I won't become
Rani: like that. I'm not going to be alone.
Old Rani: But it happened.
Adam: How?
Old Rani: Because of what I did.

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