09 July 2014

Quotes from "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith"

Clyde: Someone must have grabbed Sarah Jane. We should make a list of all her enemies.
Rani: Good idea. That should only take about fifteen years.

Luke: (to Sarah Jane) I can see this is what old people call 'making your own entertainment'.

Rani: Sarah Jane.
Sarah Jane: How did you get here?
Rani: Long story.
Barbara Smith: Why did you call her that?
Rani: I did it again.
Barbara Smith: Who are you and why did you call her Sarah Jane?

Mrs. King: What on earth was she wearing? Can that really be the fashion in the Punjab?

Mrs. King: (As Rani enters the village hall in modern attire) Oh. Oh my goodness.
Rani: Yes. Hello. Ethnic person in the 50's. Hi. Listen please it's important. 
Eddie Smith: Not another one.
Rani: I'm looking for Sarah Jane Smith.
Eddie Smith: What? (points to baby in pram) But what do you want her for, she's right there.

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