02 July 2014

Quotes from "The Mark of the Berserker"

Jacob: I think it's evil.

Rani: Dad can we have Chineese?
Rani's dad: I hate Chineese.
Rani: Please dad.
Rani's dad: Ok we'll have Chineese.

Clyde: It's not a sleepover.
Luke: I don't understand.
Clyde: We're not girls. It's not a sleepover, you're just staying the weekend!
Luke: And I'll be sleeping over at yours! Therefore it's a sleepover!
Clyde: I never know if you're being serious or not.

Clyde: If it wasn't for me, all these people, they wouldn't be here! I've saved them loads of times and they don't know!
Paul: OK... is this some sort of trading card thing?
Clyde: Don't you believe me?
Paul: No, no, I'm not saying that. It's just you and this Luke, the two of you, saving the world.
Clyde: You don't know what we've seen! Slitheen, Sontarans, we've stopped them, all of them.
Paul: You and Luke?
Clyde: You don't believe me, do you? Fine, I'll prove it to you!

(Carla throws Clyde an apron and he gets up to go to the kitchen.) 
Luke: You cook?
Clyde: Yeah, it's Mum's new thing.
Luke: (suprised) You cook?
Carla: Oh, my baby boy's a demon in the kitchen.

Rani: (On Alan) Oh. Just one of Luke's geeky mates
Alan: Geeky. Thanks for that Rani!

Clyde: There's a lot of my dad in me, I saw that today. And I think... I think if it wasn't for you lot, I'd be weaker, like him.
Sarah Jane: And I think you underestimate yourself.

Rani: Maria.
Maria: Hi. Rani, yeah? Luke's told me all about you. How are you finding the whole alien thing?
Rani: Yeah, it's cool. Alright, it's more then that. It's... uber-cool!
Maria: Tell me about it.

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